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Selling Espresso in College

Publié le 08 décembre 2015 par Foothese

Selling Espresso in CollegeIt is pretty difficult to make money while in college studying medicine. However, with determination and focus I successfully completed the course without any student loans. I am proud of myself , deep inside me I know you can do it too. I would like to encourage you to do some business irrespective of whether you're in college, retired, or working. To begin with, I have had entrepreneurial spirit from a tender age and I was a saver from the word go.

I never gave up despite a string of unsuccessful business ventures, and immediately I was enrolled in medicine school I started researching on how to start a coffee shop. Therefore, I delved into reading everything about coffee and spend a great deal of time on espresso maker reviews written by experts. It dawned on me that my capital was so limited, but could start a small coffee shop. What really encouraged me is that even big companies started small and eventually grew into multinationals. The story of coca-cola selling only 9 bottles per day in the beginning blew my mind away.

The next challenge was to find a suitable location for the coffee shop. Luckily, in the neighborhood there was a single business room that was deserted. It's like someone tried to do some business and failed or just moved on. I approached the old landlady popularly known as Amy, and after we agreed on rent I signed the necessary documents. The rest is history... The fact that I had limited money I had to buy a versatile espresso machine that could handle large volumes. Therefore, I went back to read more of the espresso machine reviews.

It can be really challenging to pick the best even after reading espresso maker reviews. In business, you must cut down on cost and maximize profits. At the same time, you must offer value to your customers. This is reason why I had to understand all varieties available on the market and their finer details. I had the choice of stream driven types, automatic, semi-automatic, super automatic, and manual machines. Based on the fact that I was starting a business I went for the most versatile that met my needs.

I considered a number of factors like too before parting me my money; machine aesthetics, grinding and frothing capabilities, capacity, water storage, and many other things in this line. And I am glad I made the right choice. You will make more than enough money if you make perfect espresso and not compromise on quality. You can't believe it that my coffee shop still exist to date-15 years and counting. The coffee shop profits enabled me buy the building -and so no rents. Don't give up, aim at the stars to reach the moon.

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