Rumer Willis And Micah Alberti: She Did It!

Publié le 20 août 2008 par Slarue
The man trap and roofies worked! Why do I feel like Rumer is that cluck in the blue bonnet in the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons who was always screaming "a maaaaannn!" whenever she sees an available dude? Here's Rumer WIllis lovin' it up at LAX with rumored new boyfriend Micah Alberti.

Get this - this might be the dude that Rumer's dumped her current boyfriend for. What? Yeah, there are reports that she's been seeing Ryan Eggold, who is part of the new 90120 cast (the tool in the vest). How timely of her. Can she get me Shannen Doherty's autograph? I love that harpy.

Wait, so men are fighting over her? Seriously? Well, there's someone for everyone. You can have four eyes and one ear and there's still going to be someone out there looking for that kind of action.

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