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PUB: Stop creeping save lives

Publié le 21 octobre 2008 par Jean Julien Guyot

Le site est pas mal fait avec des vidéos de caméras de surveillance. Il mise sur la peur de l'accident.

Creepers think it’s ok to go a little bit over the legal speed limit, but they’re wrong. Stop Creeping!

Speeding is South Australia’s number one road safety priority and is estimated to be a factor in more than 50% of crashes. Speeding does not occur in isolation and is often also a factor when a crash occurs as a result of alcohol or drug use, driving unrestrained or inattentive driving. Creepers cause the majority of speed related casualty crashes, with these primarily occurring in 50 and 60 zones.

The latest Speeding campaign focuses on low level speeding and has labelled people that think that it’s ok to go a bit over the legal speed limit as “Creepers”. Creepers do not speed excessively but habitually creep over the limit and think it’s ok. But they’re wrong!

The campaign is aimed at road users aged 16-39, particularly males in both regional and metro areas. In 2007, males accounted for 90% of driver fatalities and 63% of drivers who were seriously injured. Males were almost three times more likely to receive an expiation notice for speeding than females.

Stop Creeping over the Speed limit.

Find out more information on creeping and the location of today's speed cameras

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