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Jaeger-LeCoultre Patagonia & Polo Season 2009

Publié le 19 novembre 2008 par Marcmenant

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Eduardo Novillo AstradaArelauquen Polo Club presents its 2009 Patagonia & Polo summer season, in Bariloche, organized by IMG and sporsored by the worldwide renowned watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre and La Martina. This is the third edition of the polo season in Patagonia, which will feature both professional and amateur players in medium goal tournaments, as well as the high goal exhibition and a ladies championship.

The season´s high goal exhibition will have a new rival for the Novillo Astrada brothers, Arelauquen Polo Club hosts and ambassadors. In January 2008 they met Chapa Uno, in the last game of this legendary team. Now, on January 9 2009, La Aguada Arelauquen they will play against Indios Chapaleufu II for the Jaeger-LeCoultre High Goal Exhibition Trophy. La Aguada Arelauquen´s 37 goal lineup are the Novillo Astrada brothers - Javier (9), Eduardo Jr. (9), Miguel (10) and Ignacio (9). The three Heguy brothers - Alberto (9), Ignacio (10) and Eduardo (9), along with Juan Ignacio Merlos (9) are Indios Chapaleufu II, also with 37 goals,Patagonia & Polo 2009 will have two medium goal tournaments: Jaeger-LeCoultre Challenge (January 12 - 18) and Jaeger-LeCoultre Cup (January 27 - February 1). There will be four teams between 15 and 18 goals in the competition, which will feature professional players, patrons and guests who will be playing six chukkers matches in the wonderful polo grounds sorrounded by mountains. Besides, and for the second consecutive year, Arelauquen supports ladies polo and presents the 2nd. Jaeger-LeCoultre, Women Polo Cup, which will be held between January 22 and 24, and will be played by four teams.Lía Salvo, Reverso Squadra lady ambassador will play in this tournament.

Arelauquen Jaeger-LeCoultre Patagonia & Polo 2009
Jaeger-LeCoultre High Goal Exhibition Trophy

La Aguada Arelauquen vs. Indios Chapaleufu II
January 9, 2009
Jaeger-LeCoultre Challenge
January 12 - 18, 2009
II Jaeger-Le Coultre Women Polo Cup
January 22 - 24, 2009
Jaeger-Le Coultre Cup
January 27 - February 1, 2009
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