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TECHNO: yahoo connected TV widgets

Publié le 12 janvier 2009 par Jean Julien Guyot
TV Widgets give you the best of the Internet in perfect harmony with the simplicity and reliability of your television. They're as rich, varied, and useful as your favorite sites on the Web, reinterpreted for TV. Check out behind-the-scene interviews from popular TV shows, read the blogs on your favorite actors, or catch up on missed episodes. No complexity, no keyboard or mouse. Just lean back and stay connected.
Enjoy Internet content while watching your favorite TV programs.

Interact with content and services that complement your TV viewing with TV Widgets. Press one button on your remote to bring up the TV Widget Dock, select a TV Widget, and view content, designed for your TV screen. Track your favorite sports team, watch financial stocks, share photos with friends and family, go shopping, play games, view movies or web videos while you watch your favorite show.
Personalize your experience with a selection of TV Widgets.
Personalize your viewing experience with TV Widgets from popular online media and Internet services. Select your favorite TV Widget, like eBay®, MySpace®, or CBS Entertainment, from the Widget Gallery, create a Snippet, and save it in the Widget Dock—for quick access to the content you want. By pressing your remote, you can view a friends new status on MySpace, purchase an item on eBay, or see the latest episode of your favorite CBS TV show.
Enabling The Cinematic Internet™.
The Cinematic Internet is Yahoo!s vision for the emerging world of Internet-connected TV—combining the Internets choice, community, and personalization with the power of television. This combination will transform traditional TV into something bigger, better, and more exciting than ever. Yahoo! and our partners are working on rich TV Widgets that will bring the Cinematic Internet to life.
To ensure that the Cinematic Internet is open and powerful, Yahoo!® is working with the biggest brands in consumer entertainment and internet services to create a vibrant ecosystem. Together with Intel®, Yahoo! is making a Widget Development Kit (WDK) available to the industry. This will enable developers and publishers to continuously change and improve what it means to watch TV.

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