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Publié le 11 janvier 2009 par Gala
Mes amis, on vien tde m'envoyer cet article en anglais que je ne saurais vous traduire.

Mais j'ai voulu vous le mettre en entier pour montrer l'ampleur du carnage Asiatique particulièrement.

Mais ces images peuvent être rattaché à la planète entière. Car il faut bien savoir que sur les 4 coins du globe il se passe des horreurs du même style.

On ne peut imaginer l'angoissante perversité de l'homme.

De : Moon Warriors
Reposted by~
Moon Warriors

From: Flame
Date: 01 Jan 2009, 23:43

Unfortunately it's time for another bulletin about Asia
And to think I managed to go so long without posting one.
Don't blame me; blame the people who talk shit on the internet
Some of these people can't even spell the names of the nations they're insulting, yet they want you to take them seriously.
But don't; they're full of crap
The Chinese are NOT a nation of Dog killers. Every inch of land is not covered with a fur farm.
It's a minority industry, your country has fur farms too, probably a lot more than China have
And you always deliberately miss out the most important detail:
Most of these Cats and Dogs are not Chinese, or even Asian
They are American, Canadian, and British
Get some good software and enhance the footage
The Cats in the cages have British collars on
They were roaming the streets before a British person took them and exported them
Just a little while ago, the American Fur Trade was caught out exporting the domestic Dogs and Cats that they trap to Asia for slaughter. A very small number of you bulletined about it.
Why is that? Why would you bury information like that, and then say that your motivations for writing only about China are not racially-based?
America, Canada, England, France and Turkey (to name a few) have huge Cat and Dog overpopulation problems (because people living there refuse to spay and neuter), the Western Fur Trade has already callously stated that there is no better way to make use of these "natural resources" than to make clothes out of them
Did you miss the essay released by the Fur Council of Canada stating that video of the Dogs being skinned alive (the one that gets posted around most often) showed practices "up to their standards" and that Animal campaigners "need to accept reality"? Did you?
Those Dogs had their fate sealed when they were caught in a Canadian leg-hold trap
Western countries originally used to consume Dogs, until we realised we could get them to hunt for us
The label-marked origin of the coat (which is a guess/ lie anyway because of how pelts are purchased by designers), does not tell you the origin of the Dogs
And do you know why so much Fur work is done in China and other Asian countries??
Almost every worker has Leukaemia.
People who are living in the towns nearby but have nothing to do with the Fur trade are dying from horrific illnesses because of the emissions and blood/ faeces-filled water
The practices involved in killing Cats and Dogs for clothing are Human Rights violations, which is why Western Fur Trade companies commission the Chinese to do it.
They are not allowed to have these farms in their own countries (this is also why a lot of Leather work is done in India)
I was just reading a statement from an Italian Leather/ Fur producer who has Chinese workers killing the Animals because the things he asks them to do violate their Human Rights, and he cannot demand these things of Italian workers
If anything, these workers are victims
These Western companies want Dog and Cat fur in their ranges but know they will not be able to publicly get away with producing it in their own country.
What to do? Commission China
China is merely a pawn in the Fur Trade's horrific game
Russia demand Cats and Dogs highly.
They know they are Cats and Dogs and they want them in particular
France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark have also all been caught farming Dogs, not just importing the skins
I have seen Greece treat Dogs and Cats far more abhorrently than China
Why are racial slurs not uttered in those situations?
Similar lies confound the Whaling industries.
For example, despite what advocacy organisations who want you to donate money to the campaign say, the entire Japanese nation does NOT support Whaling! Far from it! And once again, why is everything here aimed at Asia? It's American companies who buy the Whale meat (in fact there's even some for sale in my town; that didn't get here by Magik did it now!), and many other countries have Whaling trades
Denmark is just one.
In fact Dolphin slaughter is presented as an entirely Japanese tragedy, when Denmark also kill Dolphins.
I've yet to see an organisation go after Denmark!
Why is suffering wished on the Chinese nation as a whole? Why do you celebrate the earthquake which massacred innocent people who have no involvement with the Fur Trade?
Random members of the public cannot walk in, see what happens, and then proceed to be apathetic.
They do not know what is happening.
My nearest slaughterhouse does horrific things, that does not mean every local person has been in there.
Shall we hold every person in my town accountable for the slaughter there? Me included?
Should I be murdered because my home country has a booming Rabbit slaughter trade? Should I be "bombed off da planet" because the country I'm living in homes hunters who rip Foxes to pieces? If not, why not exactly? How am I any different from the average Chinese person?
What of the Asian people who work with Western Animal organisations to produce campaigns? Shall we kill them too?
Differentiate between Asian industry workers, governments, and the general public
Not only is most of the information in bulletins about Asia misrepresented, some of it is an outright lie. Recently I saw a bulletin in which the author had claimed that the included video showed a Dog being roasted in China. I pasted the video URL into YouTube, whereupon the video information swiftly revealed to me that the footage shot was Vietnamese, not Chinese at all.
The person who wrote the bulletin and embedded the video therefore knew that, yet they chose to blame China
China also DOES have laws protecting various (including domestic) Animals, and the penalties for breaking them are severe.
There IS a profound and ever growing Animal Rights movement in China, despite claims to the contrary
Those who know about these industries are fighting them!!
An American did this to this Dog, is this behaviour representative of all Americans?
An American made this rug
This rug is in an American home:
British farmers inflicted this on this "Free-Range" Turkey:
And this on these late-term Calves:
Does every person in the country do this sort of thing?
What about Sarah Palin, is she the classic example of the average American citizen? I expect you'll rush to say no, but if I could not use the above argument to condemn your nation, why can you use your claims to attack Asia??
The ethnicity of the perpetrator is of no relevance
We have to shut these industries down by attacking them directly.
Make sure everyone you know knows what Fur is! The Fur Trade loves all this focus on China, it means you're not out there informing consumers and halting their money supply!! Cats and Dogs are dying around the World because of your country's Fur Council
Not because of ordinary Asian citizens
Here is an excerpt (parts are removed so that the main parts can fit into a bulletin) from one of my articles about the (Worldwide) skin trade.
I hope you find it informative:
"Avoiding Silk, Wool, Down, Leather, Suede, Fur and all Animal-derived clothing
The first thing many people ask is “What's wrong with Silk?”.
Silk worms produce a cocoon.
So that we can take this material for clothing, they are boiled alive.
There is no need for Silk, it's production is not environmentally viable, and natural materials are much better to wear. Just avoid Silk.
In rare cases, Down feathers can just be collected from the ground outside instead of being pulled from live Birds or the floors of farms and slaughterhouses. While the first option arguably does not involve the Birds in any way, wearing them is not Vegan because the feathers were still originally part of a Bird. And of course, you can never be sure where they truly originated from.
There are many problems with Wool. The shearing process itself is unnatural, Sheep evolved Woolly coats for a reason. Many Sheep are now engineered so that they develop an unnaturally thicker coat, granting a bigger Wool yield for the producers, but now normal temperatures are unbearably too hot for them. Sheep used for Wool are eventually slaughtered, many of whom are sent via live export to other countries where even less laws govern their deaths. Many are left to die en-route. Another issue is a practise known as Mulesing, which is controversial. Mulesing involves the hacking off of skin around the anus without anaesthetic, the reason provided for this is that a smooth scar will form and then faeces cannot stick to the Wool.
Others argue that this process is essential because of flystrike, but the Sheep also get flystrike around their necks, and farmers have never hacked off the skin there. The Sheep are now even more vulnerable to flystrike because of their open wounds, and this is when they actually die from it! Some types of Wool are not even obtained by shearing; the Sheep are skinned completely and slaughtered. In summary, real Wool is not worth it.

.. ....
.. ....
More videos from Animals Australia
As well as having devastating environmental consequences and killing people who work at and live around production plants, the Leather industry is quite frankly abhorrent. The raising and transportation of the Animals is harrowing. They are too weak to move or get up, they have to be dragged along. Rope is tied through their nostrils, eyes are rubbed with pepper and even completely gouged out, all in an attempt to get the Animals to finally stand, however they don't even have enough strength to react to this stomach-turning torture. Those still alive fall out of the trucks when they arrive for slaughter.
People seem to have little reaction when they think that this happens to Cows, when in actuality, these days Leather is more likely to come from Cats, Dogs and Foals. Other common Leather Animals are Sheep, Lambs, Goats, Pigs, Zebra, Bison, Water Buffalo, Boars, Kangaroo, Elephants, Eels, Sharks, Dolphins, Seals, Walruses, Frogs, Turtles, Crocodiles, Alligators, Lizards, and Snakes.
All of these creatures go through a different but equally disgusting skinning process; Pythons for example are nailed to a tree before having their skin ripped off. 11, 416 Sharks are butchered every single hour (one hundred million a year), Dogs and Cats are hooked and dragged behind boats as bait, then the Sharks are pulled up, their fins sliced off, then they are dumped back into the sea, unable to swim without fins, and they sink to the bottom to die painfully. You cannot assume that your Leather is Cow because, for some absurd reason, you would prefer that. The fact that business is booming for those who skin the other species shows that the majority of your Leather products are more likely to be those Animals. Adidas, Nike and Reebok in particular are companies that make products using Kangaroo skin. It is best to avoid companies that have real Leather in their ranges. It's not a necessary product and there is nothing acceptable about it's production. None of my shoes or boots (or any of my footwear in fact) are made from Leather, and are much better to wear. Leather is also not just a by-product of the meat industry, there are plants set up for the skins alone, and UK leather producers in particular generate an income of £593,000000.
At the end of the day, Leather is layers and layers of dead skin.
Everything you need to know about the production process of Leather:


FUR. A three-letter word that encapsulates so much. One is really not sure where to start when it comes to Fur.
Vile. Despicable. Revolting. Vanity with a seam.
Fur is also ripped from a variety of species. The stereotypical Animals are Mink, Rabbits and Foxes, when again, in reality, close to seventy five per cent of fur is from Dogs and Cats, many of whom are companion Animals stolen from our streets; they have been found still wearing collars.

Skin it, Kill it, Wear it
(Yes, I did deliberately re-order the title of the Channel 4 programme!)
The killing of any species is unacceptable, yet we have been conditioned to think otherwise. Fur is “gathered” in a variety of ways.
Traps are set in wildlife habitats in the grass, snow and underwater.
The Leg Hold Trap: this is the main trap used in Canada and North America, despite the fact that 80% of the populations are opposed to it. It does what it says in the title, trap the Animals by their legs. It can and does frequently all go horribly wrong however; inquisitive Animals have the trap snap shut across their faces with the jaws across their nostrils and eyes. Animals can be left like this for a very long time, many die of starvation or the cold, bleed to death, drown, or are eventually found by trappers. These traps catch: Bobcats, Lynxes, Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, Beavers, Muskrats, Mink, Otters, Cats, Dogs, Eagles, Badgers, Owls, Deer, Ducks, Jays, Porcupines, Flying Squirrels, Rabbits and others, some (including Endangered Species) are written off as “non-target” but die anyway.
Trappers say the traps are painless, but one contradicted themselves in the next sentence by saying “[it] hurts like hell when you snap one shut on yourself”
“Padded” Trap: better known as the Propaganda Trap, has a very thin piece of synthetic material stuck onto the steel jaws, making absolutely no difference to the feel of the trap (if you argue otherwise then please do a comparison demonstration with your limbs). Traps are also reffered to in misleading terms such as “modified”, “offset” and “laminated”. An offset trap just has a gap of 3/16” when closed, while the laminated trap just has thicker steel jaws.
Conibear Trap: is supposed to kill instantly, just so long as you enter at the right angle, speed and size, which of course, most Animals don't do. Trappers refer to this instrument as the “body gripper”, rather acknowledging that the Animals don't die. Dogs very often get trapped by their faces in this wide-bodied trap.
Trappers are not required to return to Conibears at any time; the Animals suffer unspeakably with a horrible death as their only way out
Snares: literally wire loops that tighten on the Animals' body parts (particularly necks) as they struggle. More often than not they suffocate horribly in panic, but some manage to stay alive until the trapper returns.
Pole snares hold multiple wires, hanging small Animals like Squirrels
Cat in America trapped for fur
Note: This photograph is black and white because the author has made it so for effect, not because of it's age
Cat killed by trap
Dog caught in trap
Paw severed by trap
Cat (illegally) rescued from trap
Click here to view a 3D Interactive trap
Don't forget: many “non-target” Animals also suffer, such as Deer.
It takes twenty-four minutes for a Beaver to drown in an underwater trap
Live hunting and skinning:
Seal hunts are an example of this; occurring in Namibia, Norway, Russia, Greenland and Canada, the Animals are attacked with weapons like hakapiks, often their skulls are smashed. They are then skinned (alive more often than not) on the terrain surface, and discarded while their skins are taken.
Many Animals are also raised inside high-fenced fur farms. People argue that this is fine because they have never known anything else. By that logic, I should be able to take your newborn child and keep them in a box in the attic.
Being as they've never known anything else, it's not cruel, right?
Animals are kept in cramped cages with bare wire floors; these cut into and damage their paws, which were designed for the natural terrain outside. Faeces falls through the bottom either to the Animals in the cages below or to the floor to remain in piles, the vapours from which flow upwards constantly. Many Animals are kept in cages outside or in areas without a roof; this is a deliberate act to make their thicker Winter coat come through, as the Animals cannot move elsewhere and shelter. All of the Animals go for months until death without veterinary treatment for standard fur farm injuries including eye swellings and infections, open wounds and broken bones protruding from the skin. Many are also left with the rotting bodies of their babies and cage mates.
Farmers argue that this is better for Mink than their natural free lives out in the wild, because Mink are solitary Animals.
What they don't mention is, those solitary Mink have 20 square kilometres of territory each out in the wild, in a cage they have only 90x30 centimetres.
Those cages are also in rows, so they have other Mink on either side, above and/ or below them, causing intense anxiety, which leads to activities like spinning themselves around, causing mental illnesses. That's just an Animal Psychology fact. Mink who are free in the wild also swim through 250 miles of water a day, which is why their fur is so gorgeous in the first place. It is of absolutely no relevance how “vicious” an Animal is in the wild; if a creature's personality is validation for their death, a good 80% of the human race should have been wiped out by now.
Skinning and Death:
Gassing is known as the “kinder method”. This is a false analogy. Animals are thrown into a chamber or box, usually in groups, and the gas is pumped in. On a Channel 4 program about the Fur Trade, it was remarked that the gassing was a “quiet death” and therefore presumed to be painless. The only thing to be concluded is that a soundproof box was used, because Animals scream very loudly when they're gassed. Head down to an Animal shelter and you'll hear for yourself. Gassing attacks the lungs, causes vomiting and diarrhoea, and affects brain function, causing disorientation and panic. Gassing is also highly ineffective, especially on pregnant Animals who take twice as long to become unconscious via multiple gassings. Gassing also very rarely works; the majority of poisoned Animals wake up while they are being skinned. Other death methods include vaginal and anal electrocution, and some Animals are shot in the groin.
The much more common method of stealing the fur is, unfortunately, skinning the Animals alive. As ludicrous as it sounds, there is a lot of evidence for this. Smaller Animals, for example around the size of a Raccoon Dog (not actually a Raccoon but a breed of Dog), are hung up by their feet and skinned from the tail upwards. They squeak and wriggle during the process, but surprisingly their coat remains undamaged. Larger Wolf/ Dog sized Animals have their necks stood on to lessen their supply of oxygen, making them weaker, but not dead. Skinning commences from around the ankles upwards, Dogs who kick out are stood on top of for longer until they have less strength. When their skins have been taken, they are thrown onto a pile of their peers' bodies, with only their eyelashes intact, and will live for another fifteen agonising minutes.
It takes 150-200 Animals to make one coat.
Two hundred die just like this for one coat.
There are not adequate words for the pain or the pointlessness.
Rather ironically, those fur-wearing attention whores like to carry around little Dogs.
There are no excuses for these atrocities
“Don't some people need to wear Animal skin because of the conditions they live in?”
You are not one of those people.
Those people do not operate from an industry, the industry coats do not go to them, they take what they need in accordance to what their life depends on and they never get vain about it. It is also the 21st Century, we can provide these people with alternatives that don't require anybody to die.
“What about vintage fur/ leather? No new Animals die”
What a revolting idea. The Animals still went through the skinning process and died. No amount of passing time can forget. The item (for lack of a better word) will never cease to be a large carcass. Hell, why don't I just dig up some Holocaust victims and make jewellery out of their remains, they've been dead for ages(!). I could take your skin, but don't worry, you'll be in the wardrobe for ten years before I wear you.
There will also be an abundance of new skins being sold as “vintage”, in the same way that real fur is currently sold as “faux” or “imitation” (test yours).
Vintage fur should be given to disadvantaged children
“We can't bring the animals used to make fur coats back, but we can send a strong message that only people truly struggling to survive the elements have any excuse for wearing fur”
Here the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade expose myths about the production and processing of Animal skins and answer most questions:

Like the look of Fur? STOP SHAVING!!
Lies of the Skin Trade
All fur trim and coat labelling is a lie; skins are bought at warehouses on behalf of manufacturers/ designers. Their species is not listed and they are not segregated according to where they originate from, to quote a warehouse employee: “Here is a pile of two thousand female skins. It could be two thousand different farmers”.
The fur trade has continually lied about the farming and skinning of living creatures. They laughably claim that they have contact with a random indigenous individual, and when he kills to eat, they take the skin. First of all, not every meal this person eats is going to be Animal-based, and it takes 150-200 or more Animals to produce one item, so they sure aren't producing coats very often.
They're also not at all respecting of indigenous people if they're stealing the fur from them, and their industry also destroys the homes and livelihoods of those for whom real fur really is a life and death issue. When you point out the sheer illogicality of their claims, they link to a completely irrelevant anti-PeTA site or something insulting someone else, despite the fact it in no way refutes any argument you give them or is even related to or justifying of the Fur Trade.
Shocking domestic Dog test results from the Western Fur Trade
American Fur companies have been caught shipping the domestic Dogs and Cats that they trap to Asia for slaughter; these Animals return to their Western country of origin as a Leather or Fur item.
This scraggly, cheap-looking hood, with no mention of fur on the label, was taken for DNA testing by a concerned activist, revealing it to be Dog fur
Fur is NOT green
It takes more than fifteen times the energy to produce a real Fur item than it does a fake one. Fur items, because they are literally dead, rot in the rain and in buyers' closets. To prevent this happening for as long as possible, dangerous preserving chemicals are added to the pieces. There are even expensively-run “Fur Vaults”, supposedly keeping the “garments” at the right humidity (45 – 55%) and temperature (40° – 50°) because normal wardrobes cannot, which are certainly not “Green”.
Fur dressing alone requires: sorting, soaking/washing, fleshing/turning, tanning, extraction/wringing, drying, kicking, cleaning, plucking/shearing/trimming, shaving/buffing, drying, and finishing; all stages of Fur production involve a similar number of environmentally costly processes! The environmentally friendly-sounding terms that fur companies use remain unregulated to this day. Animal fur is NEITHER a “fabric” nor a “material”. Fur farms pollute waterways and the surrounding environment - and are even regularly fined for this – and dispose of Fur farm waste using illegal methods; this has been noted particularly in Great Britain, where skinned Animal carcasses are found in landfill sites.
"The fur business is dying. The old trappers are dead. The young generations are well educated. A lot of natives are professionals now. They are lawyers. They are doctors. They are in the computers... Are they going to trap a handful of fur that doesn't even pay the gas on your snowmobile? It's only logical. I wouldn't do it" (84-year-old one time Fur Auction Owner, Ted Pappas, CBC Radio, Jan.
10, 2005)
"Hunters and trappers have forgotten why wildlife management began in the first place. It began to control hunters and trappers. Hunters and trappers ‘solved' the problem because they WERE the problem.
Limits were put on how many animals they could kill because otherwise they would have killed every living thing into extinction" (John Harrigan, hunter)
Some people cannot see what role the skin trade plays in harming society compared to that which the other Animal industries do (meat, egg and dairy industry poisons consumers, vivisection industry sells dangerous drugs in response, etcetera). As well as polluting waterways and coating their products with dangerous toxins, along with killing and exploiting impoverished nations, the Fur Trade also, although completely irrelevantly, staunchly endorses Vivisection throughout it's websites, despite it's numerous and deadly flaws, sending more and more gullible people to a premature, painful, treatment-induced death.

Animals. They can't live without their skins.
We can.
Love, Flame♥

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