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Chinese New Year in Paris

Publié le 27 janvier 2009 par Oneglobe

Since January 26 2009 we live in the year of the Ox as the Chinese calendar says. We suggest to get something from that wisdom because 1 billion people can't be wrong!
The Feng Shui specialist from Purdew & Associes learn us that the year of the Ox is feminine and associated with the right brain hemisphere: intuition, creation, healing, return to the earth , stabilise the foundations and reorganise. Clean out, recycle or sell off surplus.
Earth is the dominating element, stomach and spleen are the Earth organs, in charge of our digestion and transform our food into Qi, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine.
My advice: eat balanced, preferably warm and without stress or worries, reduce dairy and drink warm water with cold meals.
You can celebrate the Chinese New year in Paris here:
Saturday January 31 info: Mairie 3e
starting at 10:00 : Costumes and make-up workshop for kids
Association Pierre Ducerf. 29, rue Michel Le Comte, Paris 3e. Tel:
14:30 : Start of the Dragon Parade from Hôtel de Ville, Paris 4e
Sunday February 1 (info: Mairie 13e)
13:30 - Start of the Parade av. d'Ivry, the follows av. de Choisy, place d'Italie, av. d'Italie, rue de Tolbiac, av de Choisy, boulevard Massena then back to av. d'Ivry.

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