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Duplicate Content: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!agree on a common tag

Publié le 16 février 2009 par Jeantauk

search engine agree on conanical tag

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced last week they had agreed to a tag indicating when two or more pages on one site includes identical or similar content , which document is the “canonical”, it means the one that search engine must regard as the most important, the source of information. 

Examples of “duplicate content” of this type:

- Same article available in several sections within the same site.
- Printable version of content.
- Same page acecssible to different urls.
- Etc.

It is therefore sufficient to choose your version “canonical” ( “reference”) of content and add the code in HTML (as well as each version of “duplicate”) the following (in the “<HEAD > “):

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

While replacing, of course, the address “” with the one you want to put forward.

The Google, Microsoft and Yahoo sites!offer examples and FAQs on this subject, please feel free to consult … Of course, this new tag can not solve all the problems of “duplicate content” that search engines must handle, far from it, but it is a first important step for its detection …

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