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Boosting your fertility with reflexology

Publié le 25 février 2009 par My Green Glam @mygreenglam

In this post, which I wrote especially for my pals at Fertility Friends, you will learn how to stimulate with reflexology the zones associated with fertility.

Before we start I'd like to remind you of a few category of people who are strongly advised not to use reflexology (and a decent reflexologist should always ask you these questions):

- are you pregnant , especially in the 1st trimester or with a risk pregnancy?

- do you suffer from thrombosis or other serious veinous problems?

- precautions should be used with babies, kids, older patients and people with disease like Aids or cancer or diabetis

Having said this, I don't think you should fall into any of these categories so let's start and enjoy our reflexology session!

The reflex points which I am going to show you will work on the following systems which are all relevant to fertility:

-  the hormonal system, with the reflex point of the pituitary gland and the thyroid

- the pelvis area, to help with blood circulation

- and finally the ovaries, uterus and Fallopian tube areas

Unlike other reflexology points, these points are quite easily found, you can do it yourself or have a friend or partner do it to you, which would be more relaxing. Of course, a full reflexology session would not concentrate only on these points and would enable you to relax as well (and we know we do get stressed TTCing....)

But as I cannot describe a full session online, I will only concentrate here on the areas for fertility.

To start with your feet must be clean and dry (no oil or cream), and your hands nails must be filed short un less you want it to be more a torture than a pleasurable experience!! 

Sit in a comfortable position if doing a self reflexology session, or lie down if you have it done to you.

All the reflexology moves are made with the thumb or index fingers.

We'll allways start our session with the left foot and do all the points before moving on to the right foot.

I apologize as my reflexology charts are in French, but I have hightlighted all the areas in red on them and also gave you the translation, so there should not be a problem for you.

1) Start with the pituitary zone (marked hypophyse on the chart): first press on the point situated in the middle of the big toe, then follow the red arrow by massaging following a clockwise motion from the center to th side,  eventually covering an 180° area. Finish by relaxing the area by massaging it with your thumbs.


2) Continue by massaging all around the big toe, which is the thyroïd area (marked thyroide on the chart); to massage you must use your thumb and make what can be described as a "caterpillar move", by flexing your thumb. Then you go down along the para thyroïd area, which goes from the space between the big toe and 2nd toe to the internal side of the foot. Do it several times then relax it by massaging it with your palms.

3) Then massage the pelvis area situated on the lowest part of the foot, underneath the line marked "sciatique" on the chart. It is easier here to massage it in diagonal then change the diagonal way.


4) Find the ovary area, situated on the internal side of the foot; to find it, trace an imaginary line going from the top of your ankle bone to the angle of your heel, the ovary point is right in the middle of this line. Massage by applying pressure for a few seconds then releasing, and continue like this for a few minutes. This area is generally quite tender... Then relax it by massaging it with your palm. Next massage the zone marked "sciatique" on the chart, along the Achille tendon, going up. This area is also quite useful if you suffer from painful periods or constipation.

5) Now do the same thing on the external side of the foot, where the uterus point is located . Relax the zone like previously.


6) To finish, place one index finger on the uterus point and the other on the ovary oint, then move slowly by using the caterpillar move until the meet on the top of the ankle; do it several times then relax by gently rotating your ankle.

Now, repeat the same moves on your right foot!

Voilà! so did you find this difficult?


- the  stimulation can be tender or slightly painful, this is generally the sign there is an imbalance in the area; the painful sensation should diminish over the sessions.

- to stimulate male fertility the points are exactly the same: the uterus point becomes the prostate point , and the ovary point becomes the testicles area; the Fallopian tubes are the canals in which sperm travels. So you have all the information to treat your man too!

- beside trying to conceive, this reflexology moves are also very useful to regulate the cycles, help with painful periods etc...

If you can find a reflexologist in your area, I recommand you go as it will be much more pleasurable than doing it yourself, and he or she will have a more holistic view of your personal situation.

I am also thinking of doing a video, which would enable you to see more clearly the reflexology moves. If you're interested just give me some feedback!

For the French version click here

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