Marilyn Manson Live

Publié le 06 mars 2009 par Canto
marilyn manson live

marilyn manson live

Marilyn Manson Live  : Extract from my work Click here to visit my website with pictures live of Marilyn Manson ” eat me drink me tour”

Eat Me, Drink Me is Marilyn Manson’s sixth studio album, released worldwide on June 5, 2007. Eat Me, Drink Me was recorded in a rented home-recording studio in Hollywood, California by  Marilyn Manson and   Tim Skold. A press-conference with Manson in April 2007 revealed that the album itself was a collaboration strictly between himself and Tim Skold. It was produced by Marilyn Manson and Tim Skold, and mixed by Sean Beavan. It has been stated that there were originally around 20 embryonic songs, all written by Skold, 2 of which (that didn’t make the album) Manson considered complete with lyrics and vocals. Manson stated that he had a difficult time cutting some of them, but felt he had to in order to prevent the album from being “diluted”. This album was also the last to feature Tim Skold’s contributions, having been replaced by Twiggy Ramirez the following January.

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