Opération Baylout : les Hacktivistes rentrent dans la danse

Publié le 21 avril 2009 par Olivier Laurelli


Le blackout, le vrai … c’est pour bientôt, des hacktivistes du monde entier sont en train de se liguer contre l’IFPI. Le paquet telecom, la condamnation en première instance de Pirate Bay, l’HADOPI…
Des manifestations numériques pourraient créer de très nombreux embouteillages dans les prochaines heures sur le site de l’IFPI, un premier raid a touché sa cible.
Pour en savoir plus voici les bonnes adresses IRC : #TPB #seedsofliberty


— Un gros raid est prévu entre 10h et 15h le mercredi 22 avril —
Une attaque vient d’être lancée sur
Un réseau d’une centaine de bots hostés chez Siemens est en train de bouriner le login.asp

<+***> I’d take her out to dinner. Then brute force her open ports.
<+F***> I tried a sql injection
<+***> u use forms on a web page
<+***> *****:

* 22:49
Un fuzzer vient d’être codé

my $url = ‘$content_holder$Username=’;
sub generate_random_string

<+***> I edited my grades with SQL injection exploit, it’s win.

<***> DoS ::1


* a*** wins

* 23:17
<***> raid on thursday or friday?

* 23:20
<+***> Real men use hammers and magnets to binary themselves into the channel

* 23:27
<***> So, what cannons you guise using?
<***> I maight just DDoS
<***> perl cannon

* 23:39
function dl_pub {
while true;
rm *liabilities*;
function dl_fake {
while true;

* 23:40
* touché


* 23:48
<***> if u had your own satelite with an internet connection, u cud hack all u want, and no one cud do fuck all about
<***> lol
<***> it would be so much easier
<***> if you just got every noob
<***> **** owns the bot in this room
<***> to become a slave to the botnet
<***> wats teh targert guyz
<***> :<
<***> and then you don’t have to worry about them fucking firing through a proxxy
<***> target is one two seven zero zero one
<***> kay.
<***> damn
* *** has quit
<***> or shooting at 10 threads a second
<***> kay
<***> Jesus stop fuckin christ
<***> anyone posted in tpb forums?
<***> god damn it
<***> oh sheeeet auchtung
<***> Jesus blinds me
<***> they need a heads up, no?
<***> bold im0
<***> lsat time i tried going into tpb’s forums it 404d
<***> last time i tried going into tpb’s forums i shat brix
<***> ***: !
<***> ddos them all

* 00:00
<***> to ifpi guys : i’m naked playing my dick and listening 8bits people mp3s

* 00:06
<***> f are you an admin with anonnet? like they let you use it for bots? because I swear you have powers on here.
<***> i haf no powerz
<***> oh god
<***> With the online faxes. Please explain the process? I really can’t get them to consider the numbers valid

* 00:12
<***> bitch i have 20 oc12s routed thru mozambique i can pump three hundred igmps at u a second

(…) i have over 400 hackers sitting around twiddling their thumbs, waiting on his IP, as soon as we get it, he is: good as dead

* 00:17

* 00:19
<***> DDOS ME
<***> ***: whats ur max upload speed
<***> 4.88
<***> personal army request
<***> mb
<***> i bet you’re requesting someone elses ip
<***> ill packetbomb with my 200mbps
<***> in after PA
<***> we got 38mb up

<***> why are we ddosing
<***> do a whois

<***> At least 600 comps there, all on one network

* 00:27

* 00:29
<***> DDoS and FAX when the following counter hits zero:
<***> * Focus faxes on:
<***> 914-333-7541 (MPAA Anti-Piracy Office)
<***> +46 8 407 09 10 (Monique Wadsted’s Work)

* 00:32
<***> ***: so my zombies are anons
<***> -
<**> sd
<***> sucks.
<***> ***: wine ..
<***> ***: learn hping newfags
<***> ***: wget/ping
<***> ***: *** needs .net
<***> ty guest
<***> code a little spamming shellscript
<***> ok
<***> ***, yep, that’s what my question was about. How do you use wget in an EFFICIENT way ?
<***> ***
<***> wget -r url ? …
<***> wake up bitch
<***> just playing with hping3/scapy enjoy


<***> ***: -r -O /dev/null

* 00:35
— Invasion Francophone sur le channel —-

* 00:43
<***> i found a new vulnerability
<***> in the maqs website
<***> *** we are distributing propaganda for the attack on tomorrow night
<***> what is the vln knightmare01
<***> thug aim
<***> 3 times fast
<***> maqs has over 9000 bandwiches
<***> maqs is the MPAA’s law firm in the trial against tpb
<***> Oh well we’re all over the news now we’re bound to get fresh new recruits for the maq attack
<***> <- their exchange server (on their network : 4 public ips)

* 00:48
<***> D(R?)DOS?
<***> lawl
<***> ***: no
<***> distributed reflection denial of service
<***> whats that
<***> its a pure bandwidth attack
* *** is hosting the template for thursday’s blackfax attack. Grab your copy now at
<***> Forward that onto ***
<***> ! first person to get a timestamped picture of *** tits wins
<***> how exactly do we blackfax?
<***> well….depends…if you have 50 comps with a mimimum bandwidth of say 6MB…you could do it.

* 00:54
<***> and allow you to send faxes for free over the internet
<***> I lurve blackfaxing.
<***> if any1 wants help with preparing for the raid , just PM me
<***> alternatively, use a hardware fax, and loop the black sheet of paper with tape so it loops in the fax forever
<***> when ddosing maqs what url will we be using just or will we ddos the .pdfs?

* 01:05
<***> on the last attack, i wasted close to 650 MiB of my own bandwidth by raeping MAQS’ bandwidth

* 01:13
— On joue à celui qui a la plus grosse ? —


* 01:24
<+***> <== RAEP THAT USING ***
<+***> wget that several times you can EASILY take the site offline.

* 01:27
<+***> while [ 1 ]; do wget -q http://URL-O /dev/null& done;
<+***> That would quite surely work

* 01:32
* *** has changed the topic to: NEW RAID ON MAQS.COM | INFORMATION: | UPDATED | NEWS: | | #fm 4 musics & phrankz

* 01:50
<***> just config the 3 variables, and run ‘perl’
<***> for anyone who wanted that^

Magic Links :

Google lance une OPA sur The Pirate Bay

Defcon upgraded


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