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BioBuddy Hankerson - bass,guitar,vocals
Buddy Hankerson is best
known as a member of the
funk groups Aurra,
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame,
and Young and Company.
He's also known for co-writing
the million seller
"I like What You're Doing To Me"
by Young and Company and
"Weak At The Knees" by
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame,
which has been sampled by
Jay-Z,jermaine Dupree, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, The Game featuring 50 Cents and Faith Evans just to name a few.
Buddy Hankerson, born in
Savannah, Ga 1961. and raised
in East Orange N.J. started
playing the electric bass
at the age of 14. In 1971 Buddy "10 yrs old"started
out as a dancer performing
shows with his older two
brothers and younger sister
called the Hankerson four. In 1975 Buddy played upright
bass for Vernon L. Davie,
Jr. High School, renamed
Cicely Tyson, Jr. High School,
Music Director: Mr. Preston Williams. In 1976 Buddy was a member
of the East Orange High School
Jazz Band, Marching Band and
String Orchestra. Music
Director: Mr. Vernon Ross.
This is the year that Buddy met
Billy Young in a band they were
in called Flashflood.
1977 through 1979 Buddy began
recording steadily with Slave
leader and Producer Steve
Washington at the House of
Music in West Orange, NJ.
Most of the material could not
fit on one album in those days
so Steve decided to create a
spin off group named Aurra.In 1979 Aurra released its
first album on Salsoul Records.
Buddy, Curt Jones, Steve Arrington,
Charles Carter, and Starlena Young performed as Aurra for the
first time at the Garage in
NYC in the summer of 1979.
In 1980 Buddy and Billy Young
signed with Brunswick Records
as Young and Company.
Buddy, Billy, and Mike Young
produced and wrote the single
"I like What You're Doing to Me"
Which sold over a million
records later that year.
Young and Company appeared on
Moon Man in Baltimore, Md.
They also toured Europe and
appeared on BBCTV. Between 1980 and1981
Young and Company
released full-length album
on Brunswick Records.
They also continued to
tour in the United States.
In 1982 Steve Arrington,
who Buddy recorded with
during the Slave and Aurra
days, asked Buddy to join
his new group Steve Arrington's
Hall of Fame. Buddy accepted
and recorded with the new group.
The first single "Way Out" was
released by Konglather Records
in the summer of 1982.
In 1983 Steve Arrington's
Hall Of Fame released its
first full-length album, entitled
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
Vol. One on Atlantic Records.
Later that year they toured
with the legendary Marvin Gaye,
George Clinton and the
P-Funk all-stars, Bootsy,
James Mtume, Kool and the Gang,
Luther Vandross and Roger Troutman
and Zapp just to name a few.
During the winter of 1983
Steve Arrington's Hall Of Fame
completed their second album
entitled "Positive Power."
Their last performance as a
band was in early 1984 at
the University Of Delaware.
In 1984 Buddy and a few
members from Hall Of Fame
signed with Columbia Records
and released one record entitled "Guarantee"
under the name Legion.
In 1985 and 1986 after the
Steve Arrington's Hall of Fame
experience, Buddy put a few
records out with Young and
Company. During this time
Buddy met and recorded with
legendary jazz organist Big
John Patton and jazz drummer
Richard Pierson.
Between 1987 and 1992 Buddy
recorded three albums with
Steve Arrington, released on
various labels. Buddy also
toured with James Mtume
and Colonel Abrams.
In 1994 Buddy played bass
with legendary jazz drummer
Chico Hamilton and his group
Euphoria on their European tour.
He also started working with
Phil Fields who played keboards
and wrote songs with
Mtume and Aurra.The project
was called Urban Warriors,
which included Lenny
Covington on drums.
1995 Buddy put together his
first solo effort "Funky Bud"
consisting of musicians and
friends, Lenny Covington,
Ted Stilles, Edwin Ponce
and vocalist Michelle Swan.
The album entitled
"Funky Bud Vol. One"
was released on
JPMC Records in 1996.
1997 Buddy wanted to
put something together
that would encompass
all of his musical experiences.
He named it the
Buddy Hank Band and started
at the beginning with songs
that he had recorded years
earlier. Although the instrumental
tracks were recorded in 1991
Buddy felt they needed to be
given life, so he completed the
vocals in 1997. With the help of
his friend guitarist Tomo who
co-produced and mixed the final
touches of the CD
entitled "Funkin In The Ghetto"
was released on
Muba Records in 1998.
Between 1998 and 2003 the
Buddy hank Band was busy
performing at various clubs
in New Jersey and NYC.
They also were recording
in the studio working on tracks
for their new CD.
In 2004 Buddy performs
with Slave as bassist and lead
vocals at events sponsored by
98.7 Kiss FM NYC.
Buddy meets legendary
Actor/Activists Mr.Ozzy Davis Jr.,
and his wife Mrs.Ruby Dee,
and Cicely Tyson at the
African American Burial Ground
ceremony held at lower Manhattan.
Buddy was there performing with
jazz flutist Bobbie Humphry.
In November the BHB released
their new CD entitled
"Document My Life"on
Muba Records.
In 2005 Buddy Hank Band
performs and are interviewed
by Joe Kelly of "Upper
Room With Joe Kelly" radio
show. BHB performs their
first show of the year at CB's
313 Gallery in NYC.
Buddy and Lenny Covington
records CD with the
Harlem Boys Choir.
BHB "Document My Life"
receives airplay in USA and
Europe on various radio stations

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