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Combat Mission Shock Force : patch 1.20

Publié le 25 août 2009 par Cyberstratege

CMSF Marines

Battllefront a mis en ligne une nouvelle et conséquente mise à jour pour Combat Mission Shock Force et le module Marines. Ce patch nécessite que le jeu soit au préalable en version 1.10 ou 1.11 (voyez ci-après pour le changelog complet). Pour plus de détails et les liens pour télécharger le fichier, voyez sur cette page du site officiel (si vous avez le module Marines, voyez par ici).


Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.20 Patch
August 8th, 2009
This v1.20 requires that you have a working copy of Combat Mission Shock Force (purchased directly from already installed on your computer AND already patched up to v1.10 (or v1.11).
If you have a copy of Combat Mission Shock Force with the Marines Module OR the newly released British Forces Module, then DO NOT INSTALL THIS PATCH. If you have the Marines Module only, then you will need the "CMSF+Marines v1.20 Patch". If you have the British Forces Module, you do not need to apply any patch as your version will already be updated to this v1.20 level.
If you have a copy of Combat Mission Shock Force that was purchased from Paradox Interactive or Gamersgate, then you will need the Paradox or Gamersgate CMSF v1.20 Patches that will be released for those versions in the near future.
Since this patch will update your copy of CMSF to v1.20, save games created with earlier versions of the game (v1.0-v1.11) are NOT compatible with the v1.20. We recommend you backup your existing "CM Shock Force.exe" file before continuing with this install by renaming the file to something like "CM Shock Force old.exe". You can still launch the game with that renamed exe and finish your previous in-progress battles. Using that old exe however, you will not have access to all the new features of v1.20. Once you have finished your old games, you should delete that old exe file.
Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.20 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing thIS Game patch. Mod authors will need to updated their mods using the v1.20 strings.txt embedded into the new "Version 120.brz" file.
Due to changes added in the v1.20 game code, your existing hotkeys file (which contains any customized key command settings and bindings) will be overwritten with this British Forces Module installer. If you had assigned custom hotkeys in the past, you will want to backup your Data\hotkeys.txt file before installing this patch. Once the patch is installed, you can compare your setting within the old (saved) file with the new one and copy in your old settings. Do not simply overwrite the new file with the old one though, that will not work and could cause the game to malfunction.
Included with this patch is a pdf version of the newly updated CMSF manual. You will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader in order view these manual. That program is free and can be downloaded from Adobe's website here:
In addition to the standard version, we have also included "printer friendly" version suitable to printing. You will find those versions in the "Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force" Program Group, under the 'Docs' Folder.
This patch will update your core CMSF game to v1.20, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a brief list of some of the new v1.20 game features.
1. "Pop Smoke" can now be aimed using the Face Command or current unit facing. The smoke will not fire until an existing Face Command is executed.
2. Floating icons for friendly units now briefly blink after sustaining a casualty.
3. Some units (currently just the Challenger 2 MBT and 51mm Light mortar, available ONLY as part of the British Forces Module) are capable of firing smoke ammunition. This is
achieved by use of the new Target Smoke command or hotkey.
4. Spotters for indirect support weapons as well as on-map mortars (currently just the 51mm Light mortar available ONLY as part of the British Forces Module) are now able to target areas slightly outside of direct LOS under certain circumstances, such as when firing indirectly over a tall wall or just behind the crest of a hill.
5. Commanding Officers (CO) and Executive Officers (XO) are now represented by large star icons
6. Vehicle Crews may now "Bailout" when in the Editor or during Setup.
7. Soldiers are automatically boarded onto their vehicles in Quick Battles or the Editor when first purchased. Once the Setup Phase (Quick Battle) or Deploy Units (Editor) mode you may unload and reload as before.
8. Muzzle flame, smoke, dust, and other effects directly attached to enemy unit behavior are no longer shown unless the unit is already spotted by at least one friendly soldier.
9. Campaign players now have an option to switch between RealTime and WeGo Modes in between battles.
10. Campaign scripts can now specify a minimum and maximum overall campaign victory level based for any battle that ends the campaign.
11. Scenario game time limit has been increased to 4 hours, and reinforcement times have been adjusted accordingly.
12. AI Editor: landmines assigned to AI unit number 2 and higher move into the AI unit’s painted setup zone.
13. Campaigns started using an earlier version of a Campaign can be continued with newer versions once the current battle being played has been completed.
The troubleshooting guide is located in the game folder (filename Troubleshooting Guide.html) as well as in the "Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force" Program Group located under the Start Menu.
In order to view this new onscreen list of clickable commands, select a unit and press the SPACE BAR and a popup menu of available commands will appear. It's similar to the old CM1 command interface. The menu can be dismissed with another press of the space bar or a mouse click anywhere outside the menu.
Combat Mission has two distinctly different approaches for using unit Commands via the keyboard; Relative and Direct. The Relative system involves a set of 9 keys centered around three rows of three consecutive keys each. These 9 keys match the 9 Command Buttons in the user interface's Command Panel. Each hotkey controls the commands RELATIVE to the position on the screen. For example, by default the U key activates the Top Row Left-Most key which would be FAST, TARGET, and SPLIT depending on which Command Group is visible (Movement, Combat, and Special respectively). The Direct system, on the other hand, assigns a unique hotkey for DIRECT access to each Command. No attention is paid to the graphical representation on the screen. For example, if so assigned, F would issue the FAST command. T would issue the TARGET command, H would control the HIDE command etc... no matter which Command Group is visible on the screen.
There are pros and cons to each system. The Relative system allows the player to keep one hand stationary on the keyboard and does not require any "hunting and pecking" to find the right hotkey. The downside is that when you wish to use two Commands in a row that are in different Command Groups you have to first switch the proper Command Group (now done using the F5-F8 keys). The Direct system allows you to string Commands together without concern for which Command Group they are in, but does have the drawback of requiring the hand to move and locate a specific key, which may or may not be easily memorized. Which is "better" comes down to personal player preference, therefore both are provided.
Whenever possible, the order buttons under the various Command Panels will display the assigned "direct" key in highlighted green text.
Note, we recommend that you decide which system you prefer and then assign the keys as you wish by editing the hotkeys.txt file. The default key assignments have all 9 Relative keys assigned (UIOJKLM,.) as well as a selection of the most commonly used commands mapped to new Direct keys (Move Fast, Move Normal, Reverse, Target, Target Light, Face, Deploy, Pause, Hide, Dismount, Vehicle Open Up and Pop Smoke) to give you an idea of how the two systems work. We have found that using one or the other systems exclusively seems to have the best results and do not recommend mixing the two systems together. While it's possible to do, it could mean getting the worst of both systems and not really getting the benefits. Therefore, if you wish to use the Direct system we advise that you edit the hotkeys.txt file to unassign the 9 Relative hotkeys. Also, be aware to not double assign any keys to multiple functions.
In order to change the hotkey assignments, please see the hotkeys.txt file located in the game DATA folder.
By default, the first time the game is launched, the games internal resolution and refresh rate are set to whatever your desktop display is currently set to. We have added two ways to make adjustments to this settings.
From inside the game, go to the Main Menu, then select the Options panel. From there you can select the game to run at the following resolutions:
Desktop = (the game will run at whatever resolution your desktop is set to)
If you want to run the game in a resolution and refresh rate not listed, you can manually configure these settings by editing the "display size.txt" file located in your game directory. Simply change the numbers that you see there with the width (in pixels) and height (in pixels) and refresh rate (in Hertz) you wish to run the game.
Example: For 1440x900 at 75Hz refresh rate, you would delete the numbers in that file and replace with "1440 900 75" (without quotes).
If you put in all zeroes example: 0 0 0, the game will revert to using your desktop resolution and refresh rate.
Exercise caution and only use a resolution and refresh rate supported by your monitor as damage to your monitor or display adaptor could occur, especially if you use too high a setting.
Combat Mission: Shock Force uses the UDP and TCP port 7023 for all multiplayer games. If you are trying to HOST a TCP-IP game make sure and open port 7023 for both UDP and TCP traffic.
This new game demo includes the optional install of a new, and we think, exciting tool. This tool seamlessly attaches to your internet browser (currently Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox supported) and gives you instant access to game news, patches, demos, chat channel as well as other popular browser toolbar *gadgets* such as realtime weather reports (unique to your hometown!), a spell checker and pop-up blocker. Fully user configurable and expandable, your new Community toolbar unlocks the full potential of your internet browser to keep you connected with the ever-growing world of games and resources! You can find more details on this new free utility here:

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