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Joys of summer!

Publié le 02 août 2009 par Phelicity
Joys of summer!
I'd like you to meet my boyfriend.
He does look relax on this picture.
Juste got back from a hard days at work,
under the hot sun.
He always has a beautiful smile!
Joys of summer!
Don't we make a nice couple?
23 years together and still going!
We don't have the occasion to be together
as often as I would like too.
But I appreciate these moments together.
Joys of summer!
This is Moi (me). All happy to have my bf
with me on this beautiful sunny day!
We had a drink, then we had a nice rib steak
on the Bar B-Q. We also danced to good music,
had a swim. It was great!
Joys of summer!
In the early evening, we sat in front of this fire.
I like this fireplace, cause it's mobile.
Joys of summer!
This is an night vision of my back yard.
Well, with the flash of the camera,
it doesn't give it's true effet.
Joys of summer!
I love the color of the water in my pool. I turn a blue light on from my shed. The water is crystal clear. It's nice to have a swim on hot summer nights, not as often as I'd like too!
How was your week? Hope you had a nice week-end!

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