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XIII Century : sortie et patch 2.2.1 pour Blood of Europe

Publié le 15 octobre 2009 par Cyberstratege

XIII Century Blood of Europe

1C a mis en ligne une mise à jour pour Blood of Europe, la suite de XIII Century – death or glory. Ce patch corrige quelques bugs et ajoute trois factions en multijoueurs (Suède, Lithuanie et Florence) ainsi que quelques fonctionnalités ou réglages supplémentaires. Voyez le changelog ci-après pour plus de précisions. Vous trouverez un lien pour récupérer le fichier depuis cette annonce sur le forum officiel.

Blood of Europe est disponible depuis quelques semaines en version anglaise sur Steam (édition Gold) ou  sur Gamersgate. Pour plus d’infos, voyez le site officiel russe (traduction automatique Google).


Update 2.2.1 (September 2009)

List of fixes, additions and improvements.
The errors and inaccuracies:
- Fixed a rare departure from the game, the error was in the mechanism determining the direction of the unit;
- Fixed some animations for the horses;
- Reduced rate samosvecheniya for material tiles, fix some old maps, which was badly marred the landscape;
- Fixed some not true path to normal map and texture, removed the defects on some boards and units;
- Fixed error in the smoothing of the picture (AA modes);
- Fixed some artifacts on the landscape when the anisotropic mode;
Added new content and features:
- Three new factions for multiplayer gaming: « Sweden », « Lithuania », « Florence »;
- Added ability to save replays, maps, and replay the battle received by a generator maps
- Added an additional mode of control bright, saturate, contrast with manual control through the RGB, for post-processing the final image, while used only in two new patterns of light;
- Added two new templates lighting, generator until they were used;
Optimizations and improvements:
- Implemented a new mechanism for smooth transitions between animations each other, removed the existing artifacts sharp animated switching;
- Fixed a bug cut invisible sides of polygons included in the shadows, gave a marked increase in the weak video cards;
- Further optimized some parts of code responsible for loading and for the animation;
- Cut the old regime of post-processing is not used in the game, freeing additional space in video memory;

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