Paris Apple Store: The Work Began.

Publié le 29 octobre 2009 par Piratec

In September 2008, I announced that Apple has finally found the dream location for his main store in Paris.

I passed by the important building located 12 rue Halevy (Paris 9) almost every day on my way to work. 

Since a week, the work on the first floor began.....  

Numerous workers have begun to remove and demolish the interior of the ground floor.


The legal sign was post on the outside front of the building relating the construction permit: 

« Redevelopment of a building as Hotel and Store ». 

If the Apple Store will be on the ground floor, the rest of the building will be converted into a hotel. 

I don’t think the construction will be finish before the end of this year. 

Apple France offers job opportunities for the future French stores.

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