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Paytoomobile : the big mix

Publié le 09 novembre 2009 par Denisvacher
Paytoomobile : the big mix
Parmi l'avalanche de stickers annoncés aujourd'hui (convego de GD, Taggo, etc) je retiendrai la nouveauté Paytoomobile, une offre qui mixe telecom et mobile money.
Paytoomobile : the big mix
Pour en savoir plus (extrait du blog) :
"1. Paytoo's Mobile Wallet is FIRST a world SIM card with the Paytoo Mobile Wallet integrated. The SIM can be used to make international calls without having to go out and buy an actual calling card. The customer can load credit to their account without leaving their home. The rates are great and this is an amazing product for Away-From-Home workers, frequent business travelers and students studying abroad.
You CAN keep your local provider and use Paytoo's SIM when you're making international calls. If you don't have a GSM phone, then the steps are a little different. But, you are taken care of too.Paytoo uses innovative technology that will save you money. Didn't you hear? The world is in a recession. Up to 80% in savings is possible.

2. Paytoo Mobile's goal is to make your money mobile. This means:-Your phone will turn into your, FOR REAL, EVERYTHING.Well, it won't do your makeup on the way to work or walk the dog. But, with the Paytoo Mobile Wallet your cell phone transforms into a personal bank.
Paytoo Mobile Wallet gives you the choice to use:
-the contactless sticker attached to your phone at any PayPass,
-use Paytoo's bar code application and have your phone scanned-send directly to a Merchant using their Paytoo number (if applicable)
-pay via SMS
-or you can chose to use the Pre-Paid MasterCard that is associated with your account.You can also transer money with Paytoo for much less, which makes Paytoo Mobile Wallet a full circle, ideal choice for the frequent traveler, Away-From-Home worker, business traveler, student studying abroad, families and everyone else."

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