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Aïkido class now offered at Vajra Gym

Publié le 16 novembre 2009 par Chroniquesdejbg
 Just recently the Vajra Gym started to offer aïkido class on Saturdays.  Come try a class of this old japanese martial art.


Aïkido class now offered at Vajra Gym

Aikido was founded by Master Morihei Ueshiba, O’Sensei, born on December 14, 1883, in Western Japan. After mastering classical styles of Judo, Kendo, and Jujutsu, he created Aikido, the art which maximizes self-defense with minimal force by developing one’s physical and mental prowess.
The goal of Aikido is to redirect the momentum of your opponent against them in order to neutralize the attack, regardless of the size of the assailant. Aikido is based on manipulations, such as joint locks, that are executed through natural movements with the necessary ki (energy). Aikido is not only taijutsu (open hand techniques), but is complimented with the art of the bokken (wooden sword) and the jo (wooden staff). In practicing the weapons, the bokken and jo teach aspects of Aikido that are often more difficult to perceive while practicing taijutsu. Buki waza (weapons techniques) emphasizes the principles of extension, centering and focus.
Aikido is not a competitive sport. In fact, Aikido has no forms of contests or tournaments. O’Sensei believed that such things only fuel egotism, self-concern and disregard for others, and is a great temptation that lures people into combative sports, misrepresenting the true training of Budo.
Aikido is more than self-defense; more than a hobby, it is a way of life - an art that demands self-discipline, harmony and peace of movement.
AI = “harmony” KI = “energy/spirit" DO = “way/path”
The aim of Aikido is to convey the discipline and harmony within the dojo (the place of training/enlightenment) to one's daily life outside the dojo. Aikido is a tool that enables people to sharpen their mental and physical prowess.
Aikido highly emphasizes etiquette and discipline in a traditional dojo environment in hopes of integrating these skills into the practitioner’s everyday life for years to come. The benefits of entering aikido at any age is to develop a calmer, more focused character which in turn promotes a better home life as well as better ways of confronting conflict in the business world. With the right instruction, we are able to overcome physical and emotional difficulties and begin to learn that the path of the warrior is actually the path of peace. Aikido affords anyone the confidence and integrity needed to avoid conflict and resolve differences peacefully in a manner that will evolve into something far more important and necessary as we all mature.
Aïkido class now offered at Vajra Gym
Saturdays from 12:00 -14:00

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