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War in the Pacific Admiral Edition : patch 1.00.95

Publié le 09 décembre 2009 par Cyberstratege

War in the Pacific

Matrix et 2 by 3 Games ont mis en ligne une nouvelle mise à jour pour l’Admiral Edition de War in the Pacific. Au menu, nombreuses modifications du code, des données relatives aux navires et aux avions, ou encore divers ajustements au niveau de la carte. A wargame monstre, changelog monstre, aussi voyez la liste complète des corrections ci-après pour plus de détails. Le fichier se récupère directement depuis cette page chez Matrix.

Pour les amateurs de rapports de bataille, ne manquez pas « Entre bombes et torpilles », un AAR signé Ro-minet que vous retrouverez par ici dans notre forum. Aux dernières nouvelles, la guerre en est à la fin du printemps 42 et la campagne de Birmanie bat son plein. Alternativement, voyez aussi notre test.



• Code Changes
1. Interface Improvement: New Screen for Industrial Management
2. Gameplay Change: Air transport mission was using all ready planes. Now the
number of available planes for the mission will be adjusted by the rest/training
percent as on other missions.
3. Excess aircraft now returned to the aircraft pool, if possible, when a group downsizes
4. Reduced maximum ranks for USAAF groups’ pilots. Also allows more leaders to
show in change command list
5. Gameplay Change: Torpedo training for groups is now dependent on the ‘Use
Bombs’ flag rather than the altitude setting
6. Gameplay Change: Full base screen now show the consistent over-stacked AF
indicator ‘*’
7. Pilots who are captured or killed were still being counted in some group totals. They
are now removed from group’s pilot count, but still available for ‘Top pilots’.
8. Interface Improvement: The buttons in the lower panel of the main screen have
been improved. With the mouse over the icons on the far left, the number of groups,
task forces or LCUs at the base is shown. Added a previous page button when there
are more than 26 of those items (i.e. more than 2 ‘pages’) present in the hex. The
tooltips sometimes were corrupted when other screens were displayed on the map and
the bottom panel was still active. This has been corrected.
9. It is now possible to repair planes in excess of the group’s size
10. Gameplay Change: Adjustments made to air skill in training and combat. Skill
training is incremental. Points are accumulated and once a certain level is reached, a
point is added to the skill. The cutover level is the current skill level; so as the skill
level increases, it takes more accumulated points to reach the next level. Combat
gains points faster than training, and combat is required to reach 70+ skill levels.
Experience levels behave similarly with the one exception. If the Experience level is
higher than the best skill by more than 5, a skill based on the group’s mission gains
the accumulated points instead.
11. AI improvement to include more checking of TFs for lack of aircraft, sorties, damage,
ammo and return to base if required
12. AI Aircraft production will now stop based on comparison with on map aircraft totals
13. Gameplay Change: Malaria effects adjusted
14. Fixed bug preventing port construction in certain cases
15. Fixed bug preventing combat engineers from building
16. AI improvement refining settings for LCU attack levels
17. Corrected unit TOE loading bug
18. Correct bug setting default morale and experience when not provided by editor
19. AI additional checks for level bomber base sizes
20. Numerous supply tracing improvements
21. Numerous supply/resource movement improvements
22. Corrected several land unit fragment bugs.
23. Adjustments to TF merge function. TFs may fail to merge if the “meeting” TF
arrives at the destination of the “met” TF before the “met” TF does. Also adjust
meeting process to reduce chances that the meeting will not take place until one or the
other TF reaches the “met” TF destination. Also correct a problem TF could
“merge” with a TF that no longer exists under certain rare circumstances.
24. Corrected bug preventing formation of TFs at level-0 port. This was due to lack of
docks at a level 0 port and the standard practice of creating TFs as docked to facilitate
fueling/arming/loading of ships in the TF. Newly formed TFs will continue to be
docked if the port has the dock space for them, but will auto-undock when adding a
ship to the TF causes it to exceed the port capacity.
25. Adjustments to naval retreat determination. TFs retreating after combat will now be
less likely to retreat to hexes containing other enemy forces and be more likely to
retreat toward a friendly base.
26. Interface Improvement: Change to the “set all …” buttons on ship based air units: it
is possible to set aircraft or type in (a) the hex or (b) a TF. Or if the ship is disbanded
in port, (c) ships in port (disbanded).
27. Interface Improvement: Implement search arc drawing on map
28. Corrected torpedo rearming bug. Correct restrictions that prevented partial rearming,
ensure partial rearming is in full mount increments, and adjust ops usage according.
29. Fixed naval support availability bug. Naval Support in HQ units that were actually at
a base were incorrectly excluded from Naval Support totals at that base. This was
due to an error in calculation of Naval Support availability over HQ Command radius.
30. Corrected LCU fragment TF load issues. A TF set to load a land unit at one location
could improperly interact with fragments of the same parent that were at other
locations and had been previously loaded by either the TF or one of the ships
currently in the TF or, if the load required multiple days, when unloading of other
fragments of the same unit caused and automatic switch of a fragment to the prime
31. Corrected bug to allow repair of damaged devices even if ship has no other damage.
Previously repair of all system/floatation/engine damage would terminate repair of a
ship that also had a damaged device (weapon, radar, etc). Damaged weapons will
now prevent full repair of systems damage and may “create” small amounts of system
damage to keep the ship eligible for repairs. Note that this may have the affect of
small amounts Systems damage being not repairable at a location where it normally
would be repairable if that location can not also repair the damaged devices(s).
32. Interface Improvement: Changed Allied aircraft replacement display to show nation
of aircraft
33. Corrected several menu bugs
34. Corrected TF pick up bug. Multiple small errors could prevent successful pick up of
land units by TFs.
35. Interface Improvement: Add “undo” for ships being transferred during ship
transfer. Previous undo only functioned properly for ships being transferred into the
selected TF. Provided undo for ships transferred out of the selected TF.
36. Corrected bug causing ships to move in excess of maximum speed when in a TF that
is following another TF that is beyond the player-set follow distance.
37. Change ship based aircraft repairs to be by plane, instead of by group
38. Interface Improvement: Made air group screen larger to reduce clutter
39. Gameplay Change: Adjustments to supply consumption by land units
40. Change to AI shock attack determination
41. Improve AI awareness of intel on nearby enemy LCU
42. Gameplay Change: Changes to AI LCU upgrades on “Historical” level
43. Gameplay Change: Changes to AI production on “Historical” level
44. Improvements to save file process to reduce chance for file corruption, especially by
deleting the old save before writing the new one
45. Interface Improvement: Auto set the filter to skip over Soviet ships if not active
46. Improvements to refueling calculations and processes. Ships are more likely to fuel
from bulk oil supplies on oilers/tankers. Also adjusted the refueling and rearming
sources for the “from port” and “at sea” variations.
• Replenish from Port will now use the available fuel/supply at the port and on all
replenishment ships disbanded into the port. For those disbanded into the port,
only the fuel/supply cargo of fuel ships, ammo ships, and tenders will be used.
Tenders must be of the appropriate type for the ship being replenished. Note that
port facilities are used in preference and ships in the port are only used if the port
is not able to completely replenish the ships in the TF.
• Replenishment at Sea when the TF is in the same hex as a friendly base will now
use all ships in TFs in the same hex but will no longer use ships disbanded into a
port in the hex.
47. Interface Improvement: Add new map icons to highlight certain events
48. Gameplay Change: Allow ship withdrawals at any on map level-9 port and some
smaller ports with no enemy nearby. Ships can always be withdrawn from any offmap
port or from any TF that is currently off map. Ships that are not badly damaged
can be withdrawn from some on-map ports or from TFs in certain on-map regions.
For on map, ship may not be on fire, total damage may not exceed 99 and no
individual damage type (system, floatation, engine) may exceed 50. Ships may not
be withdrawn from any on-map location where the enemy has air superiority. The
intent is to prevent withdrawal as a method of saving a ship that stands a good chance
of being lost or further damaged. On map withdrawal ports are set based on the
historical exit locations for ships leaving the Pacific:
1. Any level 9 port.
2. National home ports of the United States, Canada, India, Australia, and New
Zealand (with no port level requirement)
3. Any level 7 or larger port on the US or Canadian West Coast.
4. Any level 7 or larger Indian port East of Ceylon (including Ceylon itself)
5. Any level 7 or larger port in South Eastern Australia, plus Perth.
6. Any level 7 or larger port in New Zealand.
49. Changes to ship sunk FoW. When a ship is being falsely reported as sunk in place of
another ship actually sunk, the data for the two ships could be mixed. Depending on
circumstance, this might result in one or even both ships being reported as sunk.
50. Corrections to calculations of AA, ASW, Gun and Torp ammo for display on TF and
TF list screens. The calculation will continue to show the remaining ASW capability
(i.e. only ships with ammo remaining) but the percentage of ASW ammo remaining is
now based on full load for all ships in the TF.
51. Resupply capacity for bases added to editor
52. Fix for disbanding of Command HQs to prevent inadvertent release of restricted units
53. Adjustment to AI unit planning level based on AI difficulty
54. Ensure minefields are created for proper player when a single TF lays multiple types
of mines. Player of minefield properly set when first mine type laid by a given
minelayer but a similar check was missing when the TF contained minelayer(s) with
two different types of mines.
55. Gameplay Change: Change to partisan effects. Only port and AF are damaged and
10% loss of supply and fuel, and 1 VP and no supply movement into or through hex
for owning player, if partisans attack and cause damage.
56. Gameplay Change: Movement rates for clear and desert changed to 25 for
mechanized units
57. Gameplay Change: Land combat effects toned down
58. Ensure AI captures empty bases
59. Gameplay Change: Allowed groups on disbanded ships to do training missions to
save from moving them ashore. Training from disbanded ships does not increase the
pilot mission count.
60. Changed the autosave file name to pwae_#<scenario number>_<game date>.pws in
order to help identification of saves
61. Gameplay Change: Improvements to Pilot Management System (see separate “minimanual”)
62. Gameplay Change: Placed limits on glide bombing altitudes. A TD/DB/FB/F group
must be at 10-20K altitude to perform glide bombing, otherwise it is a normal level
bombing attack. Groups were at maximum altitude and conducting glide bombs
attack, sometimes without engaging CAP or flak.
63. Changes in order to standardize inactive Soviet group’s training options;
64. Interface Improvement: Added pilot select mode (auto/manual) to group lists (see
Pilot Management for more details). The number of pilots on the group lists is RED if
less than the number of ready planes in the group, indicating a shortage of pilots. This
shortage may be filled automatically or manually for a mission based on the pilot
select mode.
65. Corrected issues with group destruction on scuttled or sunk ships and groups on
withdrawing ships
66. Gameplay Change: More superstructure and fewer deck hits in Naval Combat at
close range
67. Gameplay Change: Greater weighing of crew experience in surface combat
68. Gameplay Change: Limited radar directed fire, increasing over time
69. Gameplay Change: Revised weather and spotting, resulting in fewer surface
combats at 1000 yards
70. Gameplay Change: PT Boats less likely to attack in daylight
71. Gameplay Change: Submarines less likely to be hit in deep water, more likely to be
hit in ports and rivers
72. Gameplay Change: Submarine captain ratings have more influence on Submarine
73. Torpedo hits on escorts not showing in combat report bug fixed
74. Gameplay Change: Aerial ASW less powerful in early war
75. Pilots still flying planes from sunken ships were treated as losses, resulting in any
diverted fragments having planes but no pilots. Pilots still flying planes are now
ignored for sinking ship purposes until their plane lands.
76. Group transfers in off-map bases from a ship in the base hex to the base itself were
being delayed ‘4’ days. There should be no delay.
77. Scenario Design: Aircraft can be added to convoys, which will be added to pool when
the convoy disbands.
78. Gameplay Change: The kamikaze activation range has been changed from 15 to 20
hexes. The range was not changed when the game scale was changed.
79. Fixed bug when displaying search arcs at a base
80. Fixed Escape key on Industry Management screen
81. Fixed oil and resource in totals on Industry Management screen
82. Interface Improvement: Add an extra line to the Industry Management to show total
shut down industry on Industry Management screen
83. Interface Improvement: Add base select to Industry Management
84. Gameplay Change: Any seaplane, rest/training and/or fragment group counts as
ONE group for Admin stacking purposes; the presence of all three in a base counted
as 3 groups for Admin
85. Fixed a loop that can sometimes happen when a ship upgrade changes air groups
86. Fixed set of secondary mission on a Training mission for some fighter-types; NF and
FF being affected by old stock code that cleared the secondary mission.
87. Fixed an intermittent issue with tool tips not showing for random bases/LCUs/TFs.
88. Fixed an issue with tool tips being offset from actual hex when forming new
89. Added the saving of preferences on save; the preferences on PBEM saves occurred on
the end of turn save only. Preferences are now restored as saved for the player at the
90. Changed air supply mission to use a friendly base as destination, if both a base and
LCUs are present in the hex; it was sometimes giving the supply to the first unit only
91. Fixed air supply drops to a hex containing both friendly and enemy units; often the
mission was canceled because the enemy LCU was selected as the first unit in the
92. Adjusted TF refueling to prevent ops expenditure of ships that do not need fuel.
93. Prevent very low grade TF commanders from returning single ship TFs to port to
rearm when rearming not needed.
94. Fixed the supply cap and monsoon effects on supply
95. Gameplay Change: Removed the wastage of resources/oil/fuel during overland
96. Gameplay Change: Prevent supplies moving from a Soviet base to a Chinese base
when Soviets are inactive.
97. Tweaked resupply task force to Japanese bases.
98. Fixed a HQ/Chinese unit respawning bug.
99. Restricted permanently disband/withdrawing air groups from being able to the the
“Trainer” option in the type of pilots to use.
100. Restrict the options available to pilot movement in permanently
disband/withdrawing air groups; mainly restricted to making them active or in-active
within the group.
101. Fixed error in splitting air groups caused detachments not-in-play still attached to
parent group – stops divide ability
102. Fixed an issue where some autosaves could reset game options.
103. Disabled the ability to make a group a temporary on-map Trainer.
104. On-map Trainers will have a higher chance of OpsLoss for low EXP and/or high
FATIGUE pilots.
105. Made some adjustments to Kamikaze effectiveness.

• Naval Data Changes
1. Added cargo capacity to AVs, AVDs, AVPs, and CSs.

Scen 001, 002, 006 (007, 008, 009)
0021 – Australia – correct weapon facing
0418 – Helena – correct tower armor from 0 to 125
0767, 0769 – Chevreuil – correct endurance and fuel
0770, 0771 – Duguay Trouin – correct weapon facing
0772, 0773 – L’Adroit – correct endurance and fuel
0774, 0775 – Fantasque – correct endurance and fuel
0776 – La Galissonniere – correct endurance and fuel
0776 – La Galissonniere – correct weapon facing
1013 – Yubari – correct weapon #4 turret armor
1102 – Furutaka – correct weapon facing
1107 – Aoba – correct weapon facing
1112, 1113, 1114, 1115 – Myoko – correct weapon facing
1730 – Yamato – correct weapon turrets
2025 – Kongo Maru – correct weapon facing
2202 – ARD 3000 Ton – add Japanese small ARD class
2903 – Gnevnyi – correct weapon facing
2915 – MK Cargo – correct weapon facing
2918 – KT LST – correct weapon facing

Scen 001, 002, 006 (007, 008, 009) changelog
All – update weapons from class to reflect weapon facing corrections
0999 – Dublon ARD; add small ARD to Truk
3550 – Laffey; correct entry date to 420430
3580 – Frankford; correct entry date to 430430
4317 – Thornton; add Clemson AVD at PH
4361 – Henry A. Wiley; correct entry date to 440930
5222 – Rixey; rename to Bowie
5223 – Hercules; rename to Highlands
5251 – Pinkney; rename to Pickens
9253 – Madras City; correct entry date to 420228
9728 – Indus; delete duplicate ship entry
9837-9849 – Soviet Fleet; correct ship name spelling
11316 – AFDB-2; change arrival location to # 524 Seattle
11364 – BYMS-2055; correct entry date to 430228
11365 – BYMS-2059; correct entry date to 430228
14070 – Ha232; correct entry date to 460228
Scen 006 and 009 ONLY
0002 – Kaga; adjust fuel to 3220, adjust t-sorties to 30, adjust sorties to 445
0003 – Hiryu; adjust fuel to 2475, adjust t-sorties to 27, adjust sorties to 295
0004 – Soryu; adjust fuel to 2265, adjust t-sorties to 27, adjust sorties to 295
0005 – Shokaku; adjust fuel to 2350, adjust t-sorties to 30, adjust sorties to 370
0006 – Zuikaku; adjust fuel to 2350, adjust t-sorties to 30, adjust sorties to 370
0017 – Akagi; adjust fuel to 3812, adjust t-sorties to 30, adjust sorties to 445
0043 – Hiei; adjust fuel to 4175
0044 – Kirishima; adjust fuel to 4175
0067 – Tone; adjust fuel to 1775
0068 – Chikuma; adjust fuel to 1775
0118 – Abukuma; adjust fuel to 833
0146 – Akigumo; adjust fuel to 265
0168 – Kagero; adjust fuel to 265
0176 – Isokaze; adjust fuel to 265
0177 – Shiranui; adjust fuel to 265

• Air Data Changes
[60] Beaufighter TF X: Wpn 4, 9, 19 facing set to EXT.
[177] B-339-23: Name set to B-339-23.
[178] B-339-23 (PR): Name set to B-339-23 (PR).
[336] P-39N1 Airacobra: Wpn 3, 13 set to 4x.30 Browning MG.
[337] P-39N1 Airacobra: Wpn 3, 13 set to 4x.30 Browning MG.
[365] Stearman 75M: Nationality set to U.S.Army.
[451] PB2Y-3R: Deleted.
[476] R5C-1: Month/Year set to 7/43; Build Rate set to 4.
[480] SBC-4 Helldiver: Wpn 3 set to 1000 lb GP Bomb; wpn 11 set to 1x.50 Browning
MG; wpn 13 set to 500 lb GP Bomb.
[1923] No.1835 Sqn FAA: Delay set to 0.
[1924] No.1836 Sqn FAA: Delay set to 0.
[1929] No.1841 Sqn FAA: Delay set to 0.
[1930] No.1842 Sqn FAA: Delay set to 0.
[2587] VMF-211: Location set to [584] Pearl Harbor.
[2642] VMF(P)-321: Deleted.
[2652] VMO(P)-351: Deleted.
[2668] VMF(N)-511: Deleted.
[2669] VMF(P)-511: Deleted.
[2671] VMO(P)-512: Deleted.
[2673] VMO(P)-513: Deleted.
[2675] VMO(P)-514: Deleted.
[2827] VR-2: Deleted.
[2828] VR-4: Deleted.
[2829] VR-5: Deleted.
[2830] VR-13: Deleted.
[5028] 262nd Sentai: Air Class set to [793] Ki-49-Ia Helen.
USN patrol-type squadrons 4301 resize to 15 deleted.
USMC squadrons 4301 resize to 24 set to 4410.
USMC squadron upgrade paths reworked.
Gameplay Change: Units with a/c MAX strength six or greater now able to split into
three subunits.

• Map/Base Changes
1. Garrison levels in China have been increased for both the Japanese and the Chinese.
New level for the Japanese is about 5,000 AV. For non-occupied China, about 1,400
2. Garrison levels in Japan have been significantly increased for the Allies.
3. Garrison levels in India and the Philippines have been increased for the Japanese.
4. Garrison levels have also been adjusted in other locations, with some areas having
small increases.
5. The inland « Chinchow » base in Manchukuo was a Port. It is now corrected to be an
6. The starting fuel level for Los Angeles has been increased.
7. The Adak Island base in Alaska has had its port level decreased from 2 to 1.
8. Anchorage in Alaska now generates a small amount of resources.
9. The Dutch Harbor base in Alaska has had its port level decreased from 4 to 3.
10. The Kiska Island base in Alaska has had its port level decreased from 1 to 0.
11. Nukufetau has had its port level decreased from 1 to 0.
12. Pago Pago has had its port level decreased from 3 to 2.
13. The Christmas Island base no longer generates resources. The Christmas Island (IO)
base does instead.
14. « Ahmadabad » has been renamed to « Ahmedabad ».
15. The generation of Daily supplies at Chinese bases has been distributed to more bases,
rather than being concentrated in a small number of locations. Overall, Chinese
supply point generation has increased, to about the same level of supplies as in the
original War in the Pacific game (it was a bit lower before).
16. Australia now generates a greater supply point surplus than before – about 5,000
points per day as opposed to about 4,000. Fuel requirements remain the same.
17. The « Terrace » base has been « moved » to a more accurate location – hex 200,41
instead of hex 200,40 – and the road and railway networks in the area changed to

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