When Creativity goes Divine

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Finding the one creative idea that will make the difference in everything we do isn’t an easy exercise. It can take minutes, hours, days and even sleepless nights to finally come up with a unique angle to talk about a specific subject.
Those people we recognise as being creative have the skills and ability to go through the process quite quickly, yet the fear of a blank page and a Saharan drought of ideas happen to even the sharpest of minds.

Attending a blogger event organised by a company or a brand is always a very nice experience. They usually treat you with their best food, beverage, ingredients or products for you to enjoy a wonderful time. You then go back home with armloads of goody bags which will keep your friends and family happy for a while. A press release usually comes with it to remind you of the purpose behind this special treat.

When Creativity goes Divine

And then starts the whole thinking through the time-honoured process of how to make a story out of news which would be more interesting than just a simple description.

How do I find the creative angle that will truly reflect the sights and sensations of Divine Chocolate’s evening out? How do I find the right words to describe the feeling of the first sip of one of their chocolate cocktails available at The Sanderson?
How do I not sound too boring when telling everybody it was a good opportunity to catch-up with like-minded bloggers, @laissezfare, @R_McCormack, @chocolatetours, @LibbyEAndrews?
How do I make people interested in a write-up about the tastes and textures of the last Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries just launched? After all, there are thousands of new chocolate bars launched every year…

Creativity is a daily challenge. And just like professional writers, fighting to find the perfect words, the idea that will make you proud of your post hits you when you least expect it. Most of the time, we tell ourselves ‘how come I hadn’t thought of that before?’. Looking at the great inventions that the human mind has once imagined, the frustration grows worse. But we don’t need to be a virtuoso or a graduated engineer to place our own stone to this world.

When Creativity goes Divine

Talking about chocolate and the pleasure of enjoying the new Divine Chocolate products may not give us the slightest possible chance of receiving the Nobel Prize of Creativity but it is an expression of our passion and make us move forward in life.

Do I get up in the morning to munch on a bit of Divine 70% Dark Chocolate in my mouth wondering how I’m going to let people know about it? Yes.
Do I struggle to find an idea to talk about the recipe that Divine Chocolate just created that nobody has had before? Yes.
Do I spend minutes, hours or days thinking about the angle to introduce Divine Chocolate in a way that will make the difference? Yes.
Do I feel the joy and the relief when the idea finally comes up? YES!

And that creative process makes my day!

Sanderson Divinitini
4 cubes of melted Divine Milk Chocolate
1 slice of orange
Dash of Grand Marnier
Dash of dark Crème de Cacao
1 fl oz Wyborowa orange vodka
1 fl oz pure vodka

Melt Divine Milk Chocolate.
Shake it together with Wyborowa orange and pure vodka,
Gran Marnier, crème de cacao and a crushed slice of orange.
Serve in a chilled martini glass with pansy garnish.

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