I over reacted. . .

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I over reacted. . .
Yesterday, I was at my inlaws family party and my son who is 15 of age wanted to have a beer.
He had asked permission and I can't say I approuved but anyway. He had a few shooters and a beer.

I guess I would have prefered not seeing him consuming in front of me.

It broke my heart to see him damaging his liver and brain.

Why is it, and I know, I've been there too!

I was once 15 and I did make experience of boose and other drugs, but why is it even if you explain to them, knowing, I would think that they wouldn't do the same errors.

After he had drank a few shooters and a beer, he was leaving the party, it was still early, and I went up to say goodbye.

I had notice that they kept on sniffing and rubing there nosterals. Not only my son but his friends also.

I couldn't help myself but to ask him: Have you been sniffing?

His friend replied: No, we don't do drugs. And my son also said the same thing.

Ever since it keeps going thrue my head.

I try to make sense of it, and say: Ok, it's a faze, he'll try a few things and let it go.

I was talking to one of my brother who is 10 years older than me, and we had this conversation and I asked him, what about your son, at what age did he start consuming?

My brother replied: The same age as your son. But don't worry, they try things. Just tell your son if he does try, tell him not to touch the strong drugs.

I would prefer if he didn't try any at all.

I need to be patient for the next 5 years, cause that is the time were he will experience all kinds of things, not just boose and drugs but also changing his mind on jobs.

I've always had good conversation with my son. Communication is important and I think I will have to try a different approche and adjust to the changes.

As long as there will be communication, there is hope!

I need to have faith, I can't save him. God knows what is good for him and I hope that my son makes good choices in his life. And that everything will be o.k.

The thing is that I explained to him a few years ago, that in both family, there have been alcoholics and that it is in his genes. Why try when you know that you are at risk?

My son is not the type argu but to buy peace. He will always agree to what I say.

It's like school, he is not doing well. He has been doing the same grades for the past 3 years.

This year, he is going to a different school, where he has only French, english, and mathematics.

3 days a week and the other 2 days, he is learning a trade, which could be a job later.

In his first semester, he had an average of 63%.

The rest of the class, most of them , were below that mark.

He sais he preferes bringing his homework at home than to be in class.

I asked him: why?

He says he preferes beeing in is room, with some music playing, also that he can get some water or softdrink when ever he pleases.

I told him, but in class, the teacher is there to teach the lesson. School is a preparation to the world of working someday. You can't always do as you please. It's part of learning.

He replied: Ya but.... more excuses.

You know, sometimes, I just feel like packing my stuff and leave. Leave them all behind.

He also wants his drivers licence.

He's got an ''I'' problem. I want this, I want that, he wants alot of things and his grandmother, if she could, would get him the moon. Up to now, he got everything he wants.
Even if I try to explain with here the consequence of over spoiling him. She won't listen.

She's been doing it for the past 23 years, and that was before my son arrived in this world.
She does the same thing with her children. Purchase everthing they want.

My son is more like the family in law. The values or not mine. Never been! That is my issue.

I was raised that if you don't have the money to purchase it, you can't have it.

You can't always get what you want! (Rolling Stones)

His grandmother (not my mother by the way) will get him the money and pay for his drivers class and licence.

I don't think he is mature enough to drive yet. He is to easely influence by his friends and he will take risk, thinking that they are immortal.

Everyday, we here teenager dying in car accidents.

Now they are making it harder for them to get there permanent licence. And the cost is very hi. Even the car insurance is very hi.

Well, what can I wish for 2010?

Health, patience, courage and positive things.

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