Skribit Launches.

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Every author has experienced a dry spell making it difficult to produce new work.
As an active blogger sometimes finding new topics to write about is difficult.
In april 2008, I found a new method to assist with inspiration: Skribit.

At the time Skribit was described as a free, customizable, user-generated content suggestion application for blogs to help bloggers gain reader insight. It enables readers guide bloggers to know what interests them.


Skribit also connects readers with fellow readers, increases their value in the blogging community, and helps them discover related blogs.
Skribit was based on the desire to cure writer’s block by allowing readers to offer suggestions for future postings.
This very good idea is the brain child of Paul Stamatiou. His idea was selected as the winning business concept in Atlanta’s startup weekend, November 2007.

Today, I got an email from Skribit informing me that my account can be linked to my twitter account and we can now login into Skribit with just one click.

The next Skribit update also includes :

  • Follow your favorite bloggers on Skribit and see their recent activity
  • Sort suggestions by status, hotness and more
  • Merge similar suggestions
  • Ignore suggestions by user and IP address
  • Reduce clutter with new comment and suggestion spam protection
  • Customize your the URLs for your Skribit blog and user profiles
  • Easily share suggestions through Twitter and Facebook with a click
Lets try Skribit together. I’m waiting for your suggestions. 

Simply click on the suggest button on the top of this page and present a topic. Give a visit too!!.

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