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- What age do they start making fun of you if you wear the wrong clothes?
- I don't know.
- You know, like, uh... if you're not cool. What... What...
- Fifth grade?
- Fifth grade?
- That's when I started wearing my rainbow-colored leg warmers every day. Pretty much solidified my role as the weird girl who sat in the back of class drawing Smurfs until ninth grade. But...
- But what?
- Maybe it's not supposed to be easy. I mean, maybe the ones who have it easy they're missing part of the adventure.
- Ah.
- Don't you think all the truly fascinating people in the world probably had dysfunctional childhoods?
- You sold me. I'm gonna send him to school in the rainbow-colored leg warmers.
- Please don't.
- I will.
- I'm not that fascinating.
- Uh, thing about it is. I just worry about him all the time. It's the curse of being a parent.
- I think Dennis is happier than he's been in a long time.
- Yeah.
- I think you are, too.
David Gordon (John Cusack), Harlee (Amanda Peet).
- Men 1: So, Dennis, how you getting along at school?
- Dennis: Okay.
- Men : Is there something you want to tell us about?
- Dennis: No.
- Men 2: You don't seem very happy today, Dennis.
- Dennis: I'm stellar.
- Men 2: So, um, all this moving from school to school... How... how's... how's that been for you?
- Dennis: Mm, there's been some rough times but the important thing is to, um, you have to face your problems and you should never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. Never ever, ever, ever. Winston Churchill said that... I think.
- Men 2: Winston Churchill, he was a very smart man, huh? Hey, Dennis, when we've spoken before... you... you said that you were from another planet.
- Dennis: Mars.
- Men 2: Mars, right.
- Dennis: Zepper nicki whawok. Trans fobo medio. Sometimes it's okay to pretend and sometimes it isn't.
- Sophie: So you... You were just pretending?
- Dennis: Uh-huh. And then I started doing science... and I realized we were spinning around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour held in place by gravity. So what the heck do I need to be from Mars for? I think it was because I didn't fit in. And then I started to learn how to be like everyone else.
- Men 2: Dennis, did, um... Did Mr. Gordon coach you on what to say here today?
- Dennis: He only coached me on one thing.
- Men 2: What's that?
- Dennis: If you hit three out of ten, you're a star. If you get even a little better than that a little better than that, you're a superstar. You get a cup of coffee. Hot coffee.
Dennis (Bobby Coleman), Sophie (Sophie Okonedo).
- Dennis, hold on, pal! I'm comin'!
- Why are you here? You can't come with me.
- Okay. Give me your hand. I'm gonna take you home.
- No. I have to go back now. My mission is over.
- Dennis, stop. Please stop moving.
- They're here. They came back for me.
- It's a helicopter, Dennis. We've all been lookin' for you.
- It's not a helicopter. It's not.
- Okay. Dennis, give me your hand. I'm gonna take you home.
- I am going home. I don't belong here.
- Okay. Put the suitcase down and hold onto the edges really tight and I'll wait with you until they come, okay?
- I'm sorry, David.
- What are you sorry about?
- I'm sorry that I have to leave but I'll tell them about baseball and Lucky Charms and Flomar.
- Yeah. You can tell 'em about all the stuff we did and how much fun we had. Dennis, look at me. Tell 'em about all the fun stuff we did and, you know, how much fun we had. You can tell 'em how hard you tried you know, to fit in, to be like all of us. Human beings can be kinda cruel.
- I promise I'll tell 'em you were nice to me.
- Thanks. You're a great human, Dennis. That's the funny part... and I just wanted you to feel like you belong to me... 'cause that's what I think you really want underneath all this. I think you want to belong to someone. I wish we could have
more time together. I want to prove to you that not all parents disappear forever.
- Why do they go sometimes?
- I don't know. That's a... I don't know. That's a mystery. Sometimes it's their fault,
and sometimes it's not. It's a... It's a mystery. I don't know.
- Why? Why? Why do you think they left me?
- Because... Because they were stupid! Whoever let you go those were the stupidest beings in the universe. I mean, they were so dumb they couldn't even see
what was right in front of 'em. How could they not see how extraordinary you are how big your heart is? I'm not even that smart, and I can see it. It's so obvious. I mean, you're the easiest kid in the world to love. Well, to me, you are. You know what I think? I think you love me, too. Like you're just filled with it. Think it's just waiting to burst out of you. Dennis, you're my son. You're my home, forever. And I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever... leave you.
- Okay.
- I got you. I got you. I got you. Hey, Dennis, I got my Martian wish.
David Gordon (John Cusack), Dennis (Bobby Coleman).
Sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the earth. They are a little like aliens coming into being as bundles of energy and pure potential here on some kind of exploratory mission and they're just trying to learn what it means to be human. For some reason, Dennis and I reached out into the universe and found each other we'll never really know how or why and discovered that I can love an alien and he can love a creature and that's weird enough for both of us.
David Gordon (John Cusack)
Quote of the Day aka Citation du Jour_n°014
Différents passages issus du film Martian Child (Un enfant pas comme les autres) avec John Cusack, Amanda Peet et Joan Cusack.
Synopsis : David Gordon est auteur de science-fiction. Veuf depuis peu, il envisage d'adopter Dennis, un jeune orphelin qui prétend venir de Mars. Ignorant les scrupules de Sophie, la directrice du foyer, et les mises en garde de sa soeur Liz quant aux difficultés d'élever un enfant, David décide de devenir le père de l'étrange petit garçon. Malgré le soutien d'Harlee, une amie dont il se sent de plus en plus proche, le futur papa se trouve bientôt dépassé. Le jeune Dennis n'en démord pas : il vient de la planète rouge. D'étranges événements vont d'ailleurs amener David à entrevoir cette possibilité. Pourtant, quelles que soient les origines du petit garçon, David va s'attacher à lui et peu à peu découvrir le véritable amour paternel...

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