Facebook to drive customers in-store

Publié le 26 janvier 2010 par Nicolasp
One year ago, Burger King made a Break through in the Social Marketing World with the launch of a Voucher device on Facebook.
If you haven't heard of it: BK launched a Facebook application that encouraged users to remove Facebook friends. After 10 Sacrifices, the user got a free Whopper.
Facebook to drive customers in-store
This operation has been commented by all Buzz seekers in 2 times.
- At the launch due to the originality as you can read here.
- And when Facebook decided to remove the application
Besides this great PR operation, it's from my point of view a real Web-to-store device to take oppotunities from our ROPO, ROBO behaviors.

Some figures on the trafic In-store generation:

In one week, 234 000 friends were removed: almost 23 000 burgers given for free
And this doesn't take account the buzz around.

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