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Apprendre le Chinois, Pas si Difficile, la Preuve

Publié le 12 novembre 2007 par Nacene
Pour apprendre le chinois, quand on parle déjà anglais, c'est un jeu d'enfant. la preuve avec cette liste de vocabulaire très facile à apprendre.  Pas même besoin d'un dictionnaire, la signification vient à vous naturellement.  A croire que vous avez la fibre pour les langues  ;o)

AI BANG MAI NI: I bumped into the coffee table.
AI NO PEE: I haven't drunk any liquids in eight hours.
AI NO PEI: I got this for free.
BAI SUM: The Girl Scout is selling cookies.
DUM GAI:  A stupid person.
DUNG ON MAI SHU: I stepped in excrement.
EH NE TAIM: Whenever.
EHL VIHS: The King.
FU LING: Tricking.
GUN PAO DER: An ancient Chinese invention.
HAI DEI KUM: They have arrived.
HAO LONG WEI TING?: Has your flight been delayed?
HU YU HAI DING: We have reason to believe you are hiding a fugitive.
JAH KE: Professional horse rider.
KAO BOI: Yippee aye oh.
KI SMAH DONG: I really mean it.
KO CHING: Training athletes.
KU LING: The air conditioner's running.
KUM HIA: Approach me.
LEI ZI: don't like to work
LEI AH: Galactic princess.
LIN CHING: An illegal execution.
MOON LAN DING: A great achievement of the American space program.
NO BAI NUT DING: Your price is too high!!!
NO PAH KING: This is a tow-away zone.
OH PINN: Not closed.
OH SHEN: Atlantic or Pacific.
QIH PER: your price is too high
RAI VEL: An opponent's dog food.
SHAI GAI: A bashful person.
SU PAH: Terrific.
SUM TING WONG: That's not right.
TAI NE BAE BE: A premature infant.
TAI NE PO NE: A small horse.
WA SHING KAH: Cleaning an automobile.
WAI SO DIM?: Are you trying to save electricity?
WAI U SHAO TING?: There is no reason to raise your voice!
WAI YU KUH KING?: We can go out for dinner tonite.
WAI YU KUM NAO?: Our meeting is scheduled for next week.
WAI YU MUN CHING?: I thought you were on a diet.
WAI YU SING DUM SONG?: You know lyrics to the Macarena?
WAI YU SO TAN: Did you go to the beach?
WON TON: 2000 pounds.
YU STIN KI PU: Your body odor is offensive.
ZHE DAI NAI IT: May the force be with you.

le chinois, c'est facile non ;o)

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