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Patchs : Distant Worlds 1.02 et Hearts of Iron 3 1.4

Publié le 29 mars 2010 par Cyberstratege

Hearts of Iron 3

Matrix diffuse une première mise à jour pour son nouveau Space Opera 4X, Distant Worlds. Ce patch corrige plusieurs sérieux problèmes ayant fait leur apparition à la sortie du jeu la semaine dernière. Voyez le changelog pour plus de précisions, et rendez-vous sur cette page pour télécharger le fichier.

This new v1.0.2 update resolves all critical and a few serious issues that were discovered after last week’s release, including a resource distribution issue that could cause negative cash flow in the economy as well as several different bugs that could cause crashes on some system configurations.  For the best play experience, Matrix Games strongly recommends that all owners of Distant Worlds upgrade to v1.0.2, which works fine with previous saved games.

Items fixed/added in this patch:

1 – Fixed overall Economy issues. A bug was introduced to order fulfillment that prevented freighters from distributing resources properly, thus tanking the development level of your colonies over time. This has been fixed and tested against multiple customer savegames.
2 – Fixed crash at startup when Windows language settings are Polish or other languages that use commas as decimal separators
3 – Fixed crashes when zoom in/out at edge of galaxy
4 – Fixed crash that occasionally occurs when opening Expansion Planner screen
5 – Fixed crash that sometimes occurs when you sort items in Construction Yards screen by the Maintenance column
6 – Fixed crash that occasionally occurs when explore ruins (AndrewL encountered this)
7 – Fixed crashes when game ends. This problem was frequently showing up as repeatable crashes when victory conditions set
8 – Fixed bug that caused various crashes related to attempt to finish construction of planet destroyer. This bug manifested itself in a variety of unusual crashes, but the underlying cause was any empire attempting to build the planet destroyer
9 – Fixed crash caused by defeated empires sometimes still being referenced by other empires (AndrewL encountered this)
10 – Fixed bug where could not retrofit to designs generated by « Upgrade » button in Designs screen
11 – Fixed bug where player giving gift to other empires had no effect
12 – Fixed crash when press Alt-F4 to exit Distant Worlds – this key combination is now disabled while in the main game
13 – Added quick-save key shortcut: Ctrl-S, saves current game, or prompts for file name if no current save

Par ailleurs, Paradox vient d’annoncer la sortie d’une importante mise à jour pour Hearts of Iron 3. Ce patch améliore globalement les performances (30% plus rapide), réduit certains ralentissement, rendant donc l’affichage plus fluide, particulièrement dans les fins de parties. Il inclut de nombreux rééquilibrages et optimisations (I.A., guerre sous-marine, production, fin des super stacks, invasions, …) dont vous trouverez une liste complète ci-après. Le fichier se récupère automatiquement par le biais de l’interface du jeu. Si nécessaire, voici toutefois un lien direct.

Pour accompagner ce nouveau patch, Paradox diffuse aussi une présentation vidéo dans laquelle plusieurs membres de l’équipe de développement expliquent l’essentiel du travail qui a été accompli.



################################################## ##########
# Changes for 1.4 below.
################################################## ##########

- AI Improvements
* Unit AI
- Improved attack cooperation between countries and different agents
- Fixed an issue with low _current_ infrastructure causing the AI to disregard many front provinces
- Fixed some prio issues that stupidly emptied a threatened front province of troops
- Fixed some problems with reserve usage along fronts that could cause all units to be pulled back (especially for unmobilized countries on DoW.)
- Fixed some superstack issues
- Fixed a serious superstacking issue with unlimited troops allowed to match and surpass enemy forces
- Better checks before allies send their whole army to help against some weak enemy
- Fixed a problem with invaders and overseas units incorrectly being marked as garrisons and locking up
- Fixed an issue where it would not return exp forces correctly
- Improved garrison code to better handle multiple areas within a theatre
- Fixed some problems with reserve usage along fronts that could cause all units to be pulled back (especially for unmobilized countries on DoW.)
- Fixed a bad bug that could cause all divisions to go to the same province
- Will reinforce coastal provinces under attack by invaders
- Fixed an attack recklessness bug
- Fixed an issue with reckless attacks
- Fixed a break-off attack bug
- Fixed a bug with fronts ignoring certain coastal provinces
- Fixed a bug with AI units going passive due to stale support attack orders
- Fixed an issue with allied fronts not updating correctly

- Allies should now be able to operate properly within each other’s territory
- Rebalanced inter-theatre unit reassignments
- Improved retrieval of armies from foreign areas
- Tweaked inter-theatre allocation of units to realize when either theatre is defensive and holds a fortified line
- Tweaked some inter-theatre thresholds
- Fixed a serious bug with theatre ping-pong of units

* Invasion AI
- Avoids target provinces with only a strait as a border (like the Channel Islands)
- Prioritizes provinces that border many others
- Will not reinforce beachheads if it will severely overstack. Instead, will attempt more landings nearby.
- Better at transporting HQs to the areas with their divisions
- Fixed a nasty problem with the transport AI completely locking up
- Transport AI: Fixed a bug with stale transport orders locking up fleets forever

* Air AI
- Fixed a bug with interceptors constantly being sent to enemy air bases
- Will divert TAC and CAG to bomb invasion fleets

* Production AI
- AI should no longer burn manpower when at war if it needs for reinforcement.
- Production AI: Slight tweak/bugfix for excessive building of land units.
- Production AI: Fixed a bug that could prevent proper building of ships and air units
- The AI is now a bit more conservative with its manpower.
- The AI now builds proper divisions.
- Major Powers will only build buildings once all build requests are met.
- USA will build more ships in the early years (even if it fails MP checks) as long as it has more than 100 MP
- Changed order prio on what units to build first over others.
- Fixed an issue where transport ships where not being built in serial runs
- AI will build buildings now if IC is available but it was not able to meet manpower checks (Except for USA)
- If there is IC left over after doing AI build requests the AI will build a few extra units based on what was not asked for!
- AI will build buildings now if IC is available but it was not able to meet manpower checks (gives it somethign to do with it).
- Building functionality was moved into a seperate method to make it easier to call.
- More performance IC checks added into the begining of the method.
- AI is now limited to building 2 of each building type at the same time.
- AI will now build a max of 5 AA in a province.
- AI will now build no more than 2 coastal forts in a single province (same with Radar Stations)
- China, France and Russia will no longer build coastal forts
- Fixed a bug where the cost of the minor attachments was not being calculated corectly when the AI was trying to figure out how much it was using.
- Added a manpower check for major powers building buildings. If the AI is low on manpower the limits placed on how many buildings he builds will be removed.
- Any country that has over 50 IC will create full divisions, if they are less than 50 then single brigades will be built

* Research AI
- Fixed issue with too many starting techs in research queue for the AI
- AI now focus a little bit more on a decent officer ratio.
- AI now avoids researching ahead of time more
- Slider AI had the values Diplomacy and NCO fliped which was causing them to set them incorectly.
- Redid the Slider distribution code to be a little more simpler. AI will concentrate way more on research now.
- Tech AI has a new weight system for research techs (Major powers get a specific one for each) (too many rules to put in notes here.)
- Improved Algorythm for research slots
- Resolved an issue where minors would have 0 in the diplomacy slider
- Some floats would get converted incorrection during research planning causing the LUA for tech research to terminate.

* Diplomatic AI
- Fixed several issues with DoW and preparations for DoW
- Diplomatic AI now replies a bit quicker.
- Soviet Union will no longer attempt repeatedly attack the germans after the bitter peace.
- Non-Neutral countries are less likely to spam out offers of military access now.

* Misc
- Optimized mission selection for spies in countries without spies
- Fixed an issue with theatres not always updating their borders when neighboring provinces changed controller
- Theatres: Corrected a problem with bad theatre merges (e.g. East Prussia being given to OB West.)
- Theatres: Fixed a bug with Pure AI theatres switching HQ units and losing their plans

- Gamebalance Changes
* Supply
- Being completely out of supply now reduces organisation daily.
- Air Transports can now ship less supplies.
- Rewrote supply logisitics definitions to properly handle connected areas between puppets and non-puppets.
- Supply networks is now country+puppet specific, and no longer common for entire alliance.
- Landlocked areas without supply sources will now attach to other supply networks if possible.

* Partisans & Revolts
- Partisans are now slightly more common.
- Partisans is now increasing supply tax far more.
- Revolt risk now reduces resource, manpower and IC from that province.
- Improved police brigade is now a bit better at improving suppression.
- Police Brigades now costs a little less manpower to build.
- Suppression is now checked for up to 2 provinces away.
- Occupation policies now impact resource gain as well.
- Weaker occupation policies are no longer as good for getting manpower & leadership.
- Revoltrisk is now applied after nationalism is calculated, so impact on RR works.
- Nationalism is a bit more powerful now, but there is no longer a minimum revolt risk.

* Technology
- Updated starting techs for: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Nationalist Spain, Republican Spain, Sweden, Turkey & Yugoslavia.
- Fuel and Supply consumption increases from technology gains are now percentage instead of absolute.
- Increased fuel-usage by about 15% for all units.
- Fixed research progress, could start do diverge, making it impossible to finish.
- Research efficiency techs now work properly.

* Diplomacy
- Increased the proximity impact on alignment.
- Revanschism is now scaled by victory percentage of a faction, where higher is making the countries less likely to care about it, and lower makes them far more likely to pushed away.
- Reduced threat caused by combat and construction significantly.
- There’s no longer possible to revoke an embargo against a country you’re at war with.
- It is now possible to declare war on a country you’re guaranteeing.
- Only majors can now influence countries.
- It is now possible to cancel trade agreements with govs in exile.
- Guarantees will now put you automatically in a war.
- No longer possible to send theatre HQs as expeditionary forces through diplomacy.

* Land
- Engineers are now much better at defending in all rough terrain.
- Engineers now gives nice bonuses to defending.
- Tweaked stats of several support brigades, strenghening some and weakening others.
- Decreased strength damage from combat by 20%.
- Paratroopers now requires more officers, and have a slightly worse base hard attack.
- Its no longer possible to extend the radio range of a HQ by stacking some tank brigades with a big radio strength together with it.
- Suppression can no longer propagate over water.
- AA Carriage Sights now increases soft attack slightly as well for AA brigades.
- Bergsjaegers now gets more benefits from mountain warfare equipment.
- Damage to org on divisions are no longer scaled by strength of the brigade, but evenly.
- Orders are now cleared when loading on a navy or air.
- Movement modifiers for river crossing now works.
- Engineer Assault Equipment is now giving more bonuses to engineers.
- Garrisons now get a little bit better attack values from each tech.
- Organisation is no longer reset at load.
- Expeditionary forces now use and affect officer ratio of their country of origin.
- Retreating units are now moving slightly quicker.
- Tweaked the offensive penalties on AT to be slightly higher.

* Air
- Air units that are based in hostile territory will now try to rebase in their daily update and be destroyed if they fail.
- Stationary AA is now slightly more powerful.
- Severly reduced the effect of strategic bombing.
- Close Air Support and Tactical bombing is now twice as good.
- AA on landunits is now a fair bit better.
- All types of AA can now fire occasionally even if modified value is <1%, (using same algoritm as normal combat now.)
- Air combat is now slightly bloodier.
- Added a few more restrictions to how nuke missions can be assigned.
- Fixed quite a few issues with air units being counted as land units for some evaluation purposes (as retreats etc.)
- Logistical bombing now also targets fuel stockpiles.
- Current base size, and the amount of ships/planes based there now affects org regain for naval and air units.

* Navy
- A fleet containing carriers will no longer attempt to close with an enemy fleet, but a faster enemy may force a closing.
- Units on naval patrol now avoids stronger fleets if on defensive or passive stance.
- Severly decreased the cost of building cags, but lengthened the time to be similar to carrier builds.
- Fixed problem with navies not being able to escape hostile ports into certain provinces (gibraltar, panama…).
- Effective visibility can never be below 1 when detect checks are made now.
- Fixed an exploit with navy and air ranges.
- SH BB is now affected by doctrines.
- Fleets on orders should no longer go through blockaded straits.
- Convoys are now checking if baltic is properly locked for trading purposes.

* Submarines
- Worse positioning for submarines
- « Fleet_auxiliary_submarine_doctrine” and “trade_interdiction_submarine_doctrine” change boni and get them raised.
- Higher org and morale by submarine_crew_training.
- Increase in positioning by Acoustic torpedo tech.
- Better Sea attack on Submarines.
- Upgradable AA on Submarines.
- IC cost slightly reduced on Submarines.
- Visibility dependent on Hull tech.
- Hull tech don’t increase Sea defence.
- Hull tech got higher difficulty.
- Included a “Sea_defence” boni in “Sonar” tech.
- “Sonar” tech got increased difficulty.
- Smallwarship_asw increased difficulty.
- Light Cruisers got slightly worse Sub_attack by Smallwarship_asw.
- Increase of difficulty of submarine_technology.
- Slight decrease in Convoy Raiding on submarines.
- Effect of Seawolf trait increased 100%.

* Strategic Warfare
- Damage done to convoys now impact National Unity hits.
- Tweaked up the NU impact from attacking convoys severly.
- Strength damage to convoy raiders is now far less, and its mostly org losses inflicted from escorts.
- Decreased impact from ASW on sub warfare.
- Supporting parties through spies is now more potent.
- Spies from a friendly country trying to do hostile actions will now be dealt with like all other counter espionage targets.

* Production
- Rocket Tests and Nuclear Reactors now give far more practical when built.
- Escorts and convoys are now a fair bit more expensive to build.
- Reserves cost modifier is now applied correctly as a percentage of cost.
- Building ships now properly draws manpower at construciton for entire series.
- Constructions now keep track of actual manpower used and restores that amount instead of calculating current cost when cancelling.
- Practical increases is now depending on the laws set when a construction is started (and in a serial, at every start.)
- The strength of a reserve unit when constructed is depending on the laws that were when the production was started.

* Weather
- Winters can now be much colder.
- Cold winters now slow down movement much more, with same threshold as landcombat impact.
- Severly increased the penalty for offensive combat in extreme cold.

* Manpower & Leadership
- Service by Requirement now gives far more manpower.
- Soviet Union now gets more manpower from their decisions.
- Increased manpower in Soviet Union by about 25%.
- Manpower is now added daily instead of monthly.
- Lowered manpower returns when demobilizing.
- Demobilising should now cap the strength of units properly when the manpower is returned.
- Added leadership to Holland, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Czechoslovakia & Hungary.

* Leaders & Ministers
- Doubled xp gain from leaders.
- Leader auto-assignment now handles river crossing trait correctly.
- Pigheaded isolationist now impact suspeptibility instead of neutrality.
- Communists can now enact draft laws if good national unity.

- Interface Improvements
- The game may support higher resolutions.

- Added a tooltip for port throughput in supply mapmode.
- Colorized and tweaked the tooltips for supply mapmode.
- Improved coloration in revoltrisk mapmode.
- Fixed exploit of using cursor to spot enemy fleet presence with.
- Minimap day/night is now displayed properly at reload.

- Foreigntroops alert is now checking controller, not owner of the target province.
- Research alert now checks the year for the next tech, not the current tech.
- Range checks are now applied properly in the order interface.
- Fixed chat output after selecting units.
- Time impacts from practical knowledge is now shown in correct percentages.

- Added a tooltip to the mobilisation button, detailing approximately how much manpower is needed to mobilise.
- Added tooltips to the deployment interface, so that is easier to see details of military units there.
- Improved the tooltip for national unit value, to show the monthly change in detail.
- The year trigger is now displayed correctly as « at least ».

- Improved tooltip for money gain.
- If you have trade automation or full diplomatic automation on, you will no longer see messages about trade.
- Improved tooltips for resources in the production screen.
- Fixed a few precision errors with the production and leadership slider values.
- Fixed resetting sliders in production view.
- Fixed production sliders going below zero.
- National Unity changes is now colored correctly when taking spy actions into account as well.
- Officer impact on org regain is now shown properly on the org regain change value tooltip.

- Corps no longer get « HQ » in their name.
- Each message about techlevel now shows exactly what that level will give you.
- Upgrading doctrines on a unit will no longer change the model name.
- Fixed a problem which caused some organisation bars to not show relative to the actual maximum.
- Fixed the display of expeditionary forces acceptance in the log.

- User Modding
- Added a modifier called ‘local_resources’.
- It is now scriptable which country is a major, in addition to the >100 IC check.
- Added new date trigger, to make year and month triggers more readable.
- Added a « load_oob = filename » effect. Use filename as a localisation tag for information. File to load must be in the units catalog, and will be ADDED to the current OOB.
- Exported alot functions for handling flags and variables in the .lua script.
- Added alot of calculation functions for units and other things to the .lua script.
- Full details of all new .lua function at (…7&postcount=27 )

- Performace and Stability

* Optimisations
- Moved some optimizations from HTTT to HOI3.
- Alot of optimisations done, with focus on supply calculation, event engine and the AI.
- Optimized ai calculate odds. Large battles should not « freeze » the game anymore.
- Optimized space usage of flag file, and made it a power of 2, fixing compability issues with some ATI cards.
- Severe optimisation of framerate to make the game feel more responsive.

* Map
- Map shader precision fix. ATI miscolored provinces bug solved.
- Solved border ati graphics problem.
- Underlying map-code have been rewritten, reducing the memory footprint significantly.
- Making a new map by modders will no longer take hours to compress, but merely minutes.
- The maprendering is now much quicker and should work better with lesser cards.
- Zhele(sp?) is no longer at two places on the map.
- Fixed a few duplicated seazones.

* Stability
- Fixed « Creating Rivers » crashbug.
- Fixed crash related to broken owner areas and the theatre ai.
- fixed crash in german diplomacy ai
- Fixed crash when France surrenders.
- Fixed crash when Denmark surrenders.
- Fixed Crash when Manchuku surrenders.
- Fixed crashbug related to unit shattering.
- Fixed infinite loop in textbuffer.
- Fixed a problem which could cause crashes on some machines when starting the game.
- Fixed a crash bug with exp force theatre HQs

* Savegames
- Fixed another corruption of savegames.
- Radarstation status is now properly loaded when a game is reloaded multiple times.
- Bonus organisation is now properly loaded from savegames and no longer lost.
- Automatic deployment check box now set correctly when loading a save game.

- Database Changes

* Events & Decisions
- Fixed Danzig or War when Poland is part of the Axis
- Added a few random events with some positive effects.
- Added an event for Vichy to dissapear.
- There is now a decision to create Mengkukuo

* Scenario Setup
- Improved the fortress at Sevastopol.
- Revised a few italian generals ranks to fit the starting OOB’s better.
- Removed an erroneous army in the 1936 OOB for France.
- Fixed location of french airforce in 38 and 39 OOB’s.
- Revised a few french generals ranks to fit the starting OOB’s better.
- Fixed a few broken units in the Japanese 1941 OOB.
- Added the missing picture of the Hungarian leader Nemerey.
- Added the missing picture for Italian general Appiotti.
- Plenty more head of states are now pigheaded isolationists.
- Kwantung theatre is now working properly in all scenarios.
- USA, UK, France, Soviet, Italy, Japan & Germany are now always major countries.
- Fixed bulgarian head of government at start of game.

Johan Andersson


Patchs : Distant Worlds 1.02 et Hearts of Iron 3 1.4

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