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Patchs : Supreme Commander 2 1.5, DoW 2 Chaos Rising 2.2, HoI 2 Arsenal of Democracy, Distant Worlds 1.03, Starcraft 2

Publié le 09 avril 2010 par Cyberstratege

Dawn of War 2

Résumé des nouvelles mises à jour disponibles. Gros rééquilibrages pour le mode multi de Chaos Rising ainsi que pour la bêta de Starcraft 2, système de compétition à 1 contre 1 pour Supreme commander 2, corrections de quelques méchants bugs pour Distant Worlds, et une série d’ajustements incluant l’optimisation de l’IA pour HoI 2 Arsenal of Democracy.

Supreme Commander 2

Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

1.5 New Features

* Ranked 1v1 System! (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Ranked Challenge System (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Unranked Quickmatch (see below for a detailed explanation of this new system)
* Map Pings – Added three different kinds of map pings for team play. F5 issues a generic alert to your teammate at a specific location, and it appears as a yellow arrow when zoomed in and a yellow animated ping indicator in strategic mode. F6 is a Move ping, and it uses a blue indicator. F7 is Attack ping, and it uses a red indicator. Color coded arrows will appear on each edge of the screen where your teammate has placed one of these for you to view
* Multi-player lobby ready-up checkboxes will now « uncheck » any time a host changes the settings
* Changes to multi-player lobby exclusions, game-type, etc. will show up in the multi-player lobby chat box when the host makes changes
* Voice icons display next to each player in the multi-player lobby allowing the user to mute individual players
* Menu version number – The game now displays a version number on the Main Menu. The versioning has been adjusted at this update to 1.10 to accommodate future updates
* AI now starts as a random faction


* Cheating fix: Closed a loophole in the code that allowed some players to enable limited cheats
* Fixed rare crash if player gets kicked out of the lobby and submits chat text
* Fixed rare crash when player hits the enter key in the Skirmish menu
* Fixed replacing ready kicked player with AI causes the AI options to be locked
* Fixed inability to join DLC map games if you don’t have the pack as a client

Tuning and Balance

* UEF Assault Bot Research cost decreased from 4 to 3.
* Cybran Battleship Range reduced from 128 to 115.
* Cybran Destroyer Energy cost increased from 500 to 650.
* ACU Training bonus reduced to +25% per level.
* Soul Ripper II Anti-Air Damage reduced by 50%.
* King Kripter, Colossus and Cybranasaurus-Rex Health and Damage increased by 35%.
* Cybranasaurus-Rex Range increased from 22 to 32.
* Wilfindja Speed increased from 3.6 to 4.6.
* Gantry build time reduced from 120 to 100 seconds.
* Pulinsmash weapon range increased from 50 to 100.
* Darkenoid Health increased from 20,000 to 27,500.
* AC-1000 primary weapon damage blast radius increased from 1.5 to 3.
* Cybran Air Rate of Fire boost Research cost increased from 3 to 5.
* Bodaboom Health boost increased from +20% to +30%. Aura radius increased from 20 to 30. Added a +200% regeneration bonus.
* ACUs are now repaired 150% slower.
* Increasing ACU storage size to 15.
* UEF Submarine weapon range increased by 50%. Movement speed reduced from 6 to 5.25.
* Structure bubble shields now take twice as long to come back online.
* Anti-Air Tower damage increased by 25%.
* ACUs and Engineers now get a Sonar range equivalent to their Radar range.
* ACU/Escape Pod Experience value increased to 7500.
* Gantry Experience value decreased to 1250.
* UEF/Illuminate Mass Convertor Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF/Illuminate Mobile Anti-Air Experience value decreased to 100.
* Fighter/Bomber Experience value decreased to 250.
* Transport Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF Fighter & Bomber Experience value decreased to 200.
* UEF/Cybran Battleship Experience value increased to 1500.
* Cybran Destroyer Experience value increased to 750.
* UEF Submarine Experience value decreased to 150.
* King Kriptor, Universal Colossus, Cybranasaurus Rex and Pulinsmash Experience value reduced to 3000.
* Cybran Intel Add-on Vision radius is now correctly set to 75.
* Fixed an issue with Cybran tactical missiles that prevented them from hitting a target if it was really far away.
* Illuminate ACU Teleport time reduced from 10 to 6 seconds

Known Issues

* Translation for the Ranked Games Interface in European languages will be in our next update

Plus de détails sur le système de ladder sur Supreme Commander Alliance. Fichiers en téléchargement sur Steam.

Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising

New Features


Users can now modify their keybindings, including camera controls, by changing values in the keydefaults.lua file in the Settings folder. The keydefaults.lua file will not exist until you first launch a multiplayer game after the patch. Please see the contents of keydefaults.lua for more information

Bug Fixes


Variety of stability fixes
Fixed a crash that can occur when using driver-level anti-aliasing
Fixed a crash due to a memory corruption in the final mission
Fixed a bug whereby the blur rendering post-process effect would fail to work
Fixed a bug whereby the game would hang in windowed mode in Vista or Window 7 – Please note that windowed mode is still not officially supported with Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising
Fixed a bug whereby the game wouldn’t run in Vista or Window 7 when parental controls are disabled


Players will no longer receive invalid wargear in the original Dawn of War 2 campaign
Fixed an issue with right-clicking to pick up wargear causing the cursor to be locked in the facing position
Fixed a scar error during the Uprising at Angel Forge mission
Fixed an issue where the final boss of the Chaos Rising campaign would randomly regain full health


Fixed a crash that can occur during the kick voting process
Fixed a crash when attempting to capture a power node
Fixed a bug where wind-up weapons would unfairly fail to fire if the target leaves the range of the attacker during wind-up
Fixed a bug where ranks will be reset under certain networking conditions
Implemented an attempt to recover lost rank from old leaderboards
Added music to free for all matches
Fixed and issue where some power nodes did not have room to build all three power nodes in 2p Judgment of Carrion and 4p Calderis Refinery

Balance Changes


2p Judgment of Carrion has had its strategic points rearranged.


Inferno Bolters damage has been reduced from 39 to 35
Chaos Predator max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2
Chaos Lord has had his armour type changed from Heavy Infantry to Commander
Removed melee resistance from the Bloodcrusher
Increased the in combat ranged modifier to 1 from 0.5 for the Bloodcrusher
Bloodcrusher size has been changed to Large from Huge
Bloodcrusher now has appropriate upkeep cost
Plague Marine Champion death explosion will no longer hurt invulnerable units

Space Marines

Predator Tank max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2
Assault Terminators with Storm Hammers and Thunder Shield
Increased damage to 90 from 75
Increased special attack damage to 67 from 65
Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws
Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee
Decrease damage to 70 from 95
Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72
Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20
Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack
Force Commander Terminator Lightning Claws
Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee
Decrease damage to 70 from 100
Decrease special attack damage to 53 from 72
Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20
Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack
Librarian’s Smite ability will no longer sometimes instantly cooldown after firing
Force Commander and Assault Terminator lightning claw special attack changed from a 0.5 second sweep to an instant pie attack.


Fire Prism max speed increased to 5 from 4.5
Wraithguard can no longer fire on the move
Shuriken Cannon Guardian HP has been reduced to 225 from 275 per member
The received range damage modifier while fleet of foot is active on a Banshee squad with an Exarch is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers
The received range damage modifier from Distortion field is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers


Looted Tank max speed increased to 5.5 from 5
Stikkbomb_pvp damage type has been modified to damage units in buildings


Ravener Tunnel HP has been reduced to 175 from 250
Ravener Alpha no longer reduces his AV damage modifier by re-equipping the corrosive devourer multiple times

En téléchargements sur Steam.

Distant Worlds

Some of the major issues fixed or improved in this update include:

  • Extensive memory usage optimization. Large games now consume much  less memory which should resolve the crashes related to Out of Memory and crashes during save/load.
  • Added an AutoSave feature with a variable save interval between 10 and 60 minutes.
  • Fleets now respond properly to manual control and will not automatically disband
  • Added new buttons in the Fleets screen: Repair and Refuel selected fleet, Retrofit selected fleet
  • Several interface and functionality improvements including how retrofitting and ship design works.

Overall, the most of the critical stability and gameplay issues found at release have been resolved so it his strongly recommended that all customers install this update.

Change History:
v1.0.3 – April 8, 2010
Please note – this update does create a new save folder, although it will work with previous saves. You need to navigate to the previous version save folder to open your older saves. Also, this update resets the automation settings in your Options. Please open the Options screen again to adjust them to your preference. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Third Official Update

Fixes and Additions:
1. Memory usage extensively optimized and reduced. Large games now consume much less memory. Should resolve the crashes related to Out of Memory and crashes during save/load.
2. Added AutoSave feature – turn on in Game Options screen (O key), can set variable interval between saves from 10-60 minutes
3. Fleets now respond properly to manual control – will not automatically disband
4. Added new buttons in Fleets screen: Repair and Refuel selected fleet, Retrofit selected fleet
5. In Ships and Bases screen, names of damaged ships display as red, and ships under construction display as orange
6. Added new button to Ships and Bases screen: Repair ship
7. Fixed Design screen issues. Also reworked Designs screen as follows:
1. Can filter designs to show: All, Non-Obsolete, Latest of each type
2. Can toggle designs as obsolete/not obsolete directly from designs list
3. Can mass upgrade designs from Designs Screen – multi-select designs and click Upgrade button
4. Allow retrofit to any non-obsolete design for a given ship type (right-click menu)
5. AI ship design will no longer auto-obsolete manually created designs
8. Fixed Trade negative money with another empire
9. Fixed crash when attack abandoned ship
10. Fixed drawing crash
11. Fixed Design values for Recreation center and Medical center components
12. Fixed bug where could build advanced designs without proper tech
13. Ships evaluate space monsters as stronger threats, keeping their distance from them when attacking
14. Fixed UI issues after history events from Zenox
15. Fixed exploration ships sometimes getting stuck, especially when manually assigned to explore a system
16. Refueling bug fixed where ships prefer not to refuel at colonies with incomplete space ports
17. Can now continue playing after you lose a game, but only if you have not been completely conquered (no colonies left)
18. Fixed crash research program sometimes not stopping
19. Ensure Resupply Ships properly deploy and refuel themselves from own supply
20. Fixed stalled construction problems – construction now much less likely to stall
21. Added Resort Bases to build menu (were missing previously)
22. Bombard weapons and Torpedo weapons now properly used in designs when upgrading
23. Fixed positioning of information in Selection Panel
24. Canceling a retrofit mission for a ship no longer prevents reassigning another retrofit mission
25. Fixed retrofitting issues
26. Fixed crash in Trade screen
27. Rebalanced and reduced colony income for large empires – corruption stronger when grow very large
28. Ensure that retrofitting always works – ships no longer need free slots at a construction yard, they will simply queue up for retrofit
29. Resupply Ships finally working properly all of the time – will not head off to refuel when deployed or deploying
30. Fixed bug where cancelling an edit of a design still applied changes
31. Fixed bug where bombard weapons and standard torpedo weapons were sometimes not both showing when « Show Latest Components » was enabled in the design screen

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HoI 2 Arsenal of Democracy

New features:

* Shift-click in convoi menu
* Mission window now selects new target if province target is invalid (switching from area to province)
* Mission window now allows to select provinces from map – more restricted mode but still very neat.
* All scenarios now start with auto-assigned leaders at the start of campaign
* Added historical Brigade picture possibility for all brigades
* Even though its practically a bugfix: Flickering Gone
* Auto Promote leader – leaders in units now preferred for all types of units.


* Front AI: Solved the SuperStack issue
* Front AI: Now correctly understands the stacking penalities
* Front AI: Not as afraid of forts as it once was
* Auto Promote leader – leaders in units now also preferred for air and naval units.
* Parts of the Minor Graphics Mod (TeutonburgerW)
* Auto production now also takes current unit consumption into account when setting sliders.
* Auto production now reserves enough stock for units instead of fixed 2000
* Ships reduce supply drain when resuppying at port when country has too low supplies.
* (players who thought they could run a constant 500 supplies stock when their ships stock alone could stock 2000+ always got a nasty surprise before this)
* Admiral AI now more active – should give you more of a fight.


* Espionage Toned down quite a bit
* Changed Espionage Calculations (betas will test new system this week)
* Naval Combat now more decicive
* Land Bombers vs Ships effect toned down a little
* National Ideas re-balanced


* Typo in Australian Tech Team file
* Minor error with Finnish Leader file.
* Events target wrong tech teams
* Replaced non-standard character upper and lower case versions with corresponding ae/oe/ue
* Korea Scenario: Korea now correctly has military control over USA
* Kashmir’s flag is broken
* India and Pakistan have their Historical Info text swapped
* BTooltip for building nuclear power plants is wrong
* Israel 1948 Scenario crash when event 6026 fires. (was a missing } in scenario file)


* Ships supply usage fixed when in port (before they used more stock in port than when at sea)
* Leaders can die Without Dying(until reload)
* Events can mistakenly impose « currently taking office » delay on ministers (minister replaced by himself gave delay)
* BAssassinate Minister mission always targets Head of State/Government.
* Send Expeditionary force button – tooltip added
* Redeploying troops don’t need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
* Divisions where shown the « forest » penalty text when attacking a plains province
* Redeploying troops don’t need salaries/affect daily decrease in manpower
* Forest penalty text shown when attacking a plains province
* Revoltrisk in core provinces that were occupied by enemy
* Paratroopers lost after winning a battle if org < 50%
* Shared country Slider Fix
* Losses are now correctly being assigned to the division builders nation and not the current commanding nation.
* CVLs Show Without CAGs in the Statistics Ledger
* Civiwar Annex related CTD fixed
* Loss of Skill to Inactive Techteam Happens to Sleeping Teams
* 5 provinces go to france from GER due to USA->FRA giving provinces
* CTD when clicking on the province buildings tab. (and no buildings availible)
* Suez Crisis battle scenario does not end
* Wrongly spelled Australian ships
* Statistics now display properly in German Version.
* Foreign IC modifier is backwards for ideas and ministers
* Updated Display for Province/Area/Region
* Fixed trade Convoy exploit (rounding error)
* Fixed CTD when clicking on the detailed convoys list after reload but before 1 hour of gametime has elapsed.

En téléchargement sur Steam ou Gamersgate (cf. forum officiel)

Starcraft 2

Beta Patch 8 v0.10.0.14803


# Korea
# Added support to display the game rating information on the login screen.

Balance Changes:

# Terran:

* Thor

o Build time decreased from 75 seconds to 60 seconds.

* Siege Tank

o Build time decreased from 50 seconds to 45 seconds.

* Marauder

o Concussive Shells now require an upgrade.

* Barracks Tech Lab

o Concussive Shells upgrade added.

o Concussive Shells upgrade costs 100/100 and takes 80 seconds to complete.

# Protoss:

* Void Ray

o Changed to only have 2 damage levels instead of 3. Still takes the same amount of time to fully charge.
o Base damage changed from 2 (+4 armored) to 5.
o Powered-up damage changed from 8 (+16 armored) to 10 (+15 armored).
o Armor value decreased from 1 to 0.
o Cost increased from 200/150 to 250/150.

# Zerg:

* Roach

o Burrowed move speed decreased from 2 to 1.4.
o Armor value decreased from 2 to 1.

* Hydralisk

o Life decreased from 90 to 80.

Ce patch est uniquement disponible pour la bêta du jeu.

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