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Patchs : Field of Glory 1.26, World of Battles 1.2, Battle for Wesnoth 1.8.1

Publié le 03 mai 2010 par Cyberstratege

World of Battles

Résumé des nouvelles mises à jour. Corrections de bugs et optimisations diverses pour Field of Glory et Battle for Wesnoth, et moults améliorations pour le MMOSTR free to play World of Battles.

Field of Glory 1.26

This small update requries v1.2.5.

This update includes the following changes:

* Add: Battle of Harlow 1411AD, only available to owner of Storm of Arrows.
* Add: UI: Option to show/hide shooting arcs in the preferences window and Keyboard shortcut (F) to toggle display of shooting arcs.
* Fix: Crash UI: Null pointer exception in uiplayer.s.PlayPhase.ShowAvailableOrders
* Fix: Crash Army generator: OutOfBoundsException in uiplayer.htk.TTableImp.intRowTags, caused by moving the mouse over a table row that has an alternative troop spec, within an expanded allied army, when there is a collapsed allied army above.
* Fix: The program would sometimes stay open when the user clicked the « Close » after a fatal crash.
* Fix: In multiplayer, if a user had not registered their FoG serial, they were not being offered the chance to log in or register.
* Fix: Army generator: Armies in the top-level folder could not be loaded.
* Fix: Army generator: The scrollbar was not appearing in the « Save Army » window.
* Fix: Logic: If a die roll of 2 or 3 is re-rolled, and the new value is less than the original, the original value is now kept.
* Change: Logic: Battle wagons can now shoot in any direction and no longer suffer -1 POA for shooting out of arc.
* Change: Logic: Impetuous medium foot will no longer charge out of hexes containing steep hills.
* Add: Ability to play AI army generator games in which each side’s army is from a different army book.
* Change: Logic: Units that have charged are now prevented from shooting, even if their charge target evaded.
* Change: Logic: Units can no longer place/pack stakes if they are in enemy zone of control.
* Change: Logic: Units behind palisades will no longer pursue frontal opponents.
* Change: Logic: Units with stakes placed will no longer pursue.
* Change: Logic: Only foot units behind palisades are now prevented from pursuing frontal opponents.
* Change: Logic: Scythed chariots can no longer break off.
* Change: AI: Ranged units other than LF/LH now move as main battle groups, rather than attempting to skirmish.
* Change: Logic: Units that are charged in the rear will now evade in most circumstances.
* Change: Logic: Medium Foot with bow, longbow, crossbow, or firearm no longer have to take a CMT to charge an enemy in the rear.
* Fix: All reported D.A.G. army errors in the Field of Glory forums.

En téléchargement depuis le site officiel.


World of Battles 1.2

Le World of Battles nouveau est arrivé !

Vous pouvez dès aujourd’hui télécharger la version 1.2 de World Of Battles.

Ce patch apporte :

- De nouveaux modes de jeu : « capture the flag », et « Domination ».
- Un nouveau système de « Match-Making » afin de trouver rapidement et simplement des adversaires à votre mesure !
- Il marque aussi l’arrivée des replays ! Enregistrez vos batailles et visionnez les plus tard, pour affiner vos tactiques ou simplement pour le plaisir !
- De nouveaux modes de jeu solo ! Devenez stratège au travers de nouvelles missions simples et fun !
- Une optimisation des conditions de jeu, vous pourrez maintenant vous adonner à des batailles plus gigantesques, impliquant un plus grand nombre d’armées !
- La fin des freezes dus aux équipements.
- La correction de nombreux bugs majeurs et mineurs !

Que dire de plus ? World Of battles est encore meilleur qu’avant !

Pour profiter de ces nouveautés vous devez:

- désinstaller votre version précédente de World of Battles
- télécharger et installer le nouveau client.

N’oubliez pas que seuls les joueurs utilisant la version 1.2 de World of Battles pourront se connecter au serveur. Et seront donc les seuls à pouvoir jouer en ligne.

En téléchargement depuis le site officiel.


Battle for Wesnoth 1.8.1

Version 1.8.1:
* Campaigns:
* Northern Rebirth:
* In Showdown, you recover full gold only if Sisal survived the previous
* The South Guard:
* In ‘Vengeance’, the final objective is now revealed at the beginning of
the scenario.

* Language and i18n:
* Updated translations: British English, Czech, Finnish, French, Galician,
German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian,
Serbian, Slovak.

* Multiplayer:
* Fixed bug #15865: missing WML Child error.
* Added the winner of the first Wesnoth map compitition, the 2 player map
« Elensefar Courtyard » by krotop.

* User interface:
* Fixed bug #14730: Tab completion not working in the new lobby.
* Fixed bug #15716: Lobby crash when refreshing with filtered out games.
* Re-added the old MP lobby
* Added a preference for switching between the old and new lobby in the
preferences dialog in the « Multiplayer » tab. Defaults to the old lobby.

En téléchargement depuis le site officiel.

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