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Publié le 06 juin 2010 par Helpmiphone

Recently the #1 Free download in the UK, and the #1 Free Music Download in 34 countries.
Now contains an in-app purchase to unlock a second gem and more backing loops. Ads will soon be replaced with a recording panel so you can share your creations with other BeatBox users. The recording upgrade will be free for those who upgrade the current version.
**Featuring awesome beats from,
from their DMS Acapellas Volume 2 "BeatBox",
as performed by artist Bass6.
Love the samples? Buy them for yourselves!
These guys are our favorite loop company.
Enjoy the art of beat boxing with the swipe of a single finger! You control the beat! Just drag a diamond icon around the screen to explore and control the rhythm. Lower beats are lower on the screen, while higher samples and scratches are at the top.
Want to add some funky bass or some cool strings? Tap the icons in the top corners for instant grooves that will take your flow to the next level.
It's easy to play! Enjoy!
And be sure to try it with headphones or through speakers to really project those deep bass tones!
This app is part of our iAmSuite of music tunes where you control the melody.
Look for other titles! Updated frequently!
Now upgraded to include an in-app purchase of another gem and more loops. Recording feature is in the works as a free upgrade.
BEATBOX ULTRA is coming soon, with FIVE gems that control the entire musical experience!
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Genre: Musique
Prix de l'album : Gratuit
Date de sortie: 05 05 2010

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