Nutrition Fact: Chapter 2. The CARB myth.

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Nutrition Fact: Chapter 2. The CARB myth.It is said that carb is fattening. But first of all what is CARB.

CARB stands for carbohydrate. It is an organic compound also known as starch or glucide biologically speaking. This element is essential to our body because it store the energy so that it can be use properly. You can find carbohydrates in cereals and sugar.

It is important to understand that it also helps in building cells, tissues for your body. And it should not be cut out from a diet.

But let’s stop talking chemicals here!

What I really mean to say is: don’t believe pasta, bread, rice or anyt cereals of that kind is going to make you fat, cause it won’t unless you cover it with the whole packet of butter, cream and cheese… Those nutrients are what keep you going. They are the basis of your energy and you won’t go far without it. I tried the “No carb diet” once, and I just felt low, grumpy and shitty, plus I gain more weight afterwards. I also did the liquid diet, and I almost fainted after three days… It is all related to what I said in my first article about nutrition. If you stop eating carb, you’ll do it for a while but sooner or later you are going to binge (maybe for something worse that pasta mind you!) and you’re body feeling deprive is going to pack up as much as he can and instead of using those good sugar as energy he is going to store them…

(Because let’s be clear I am talking about good carbs, good cereals.  Brioche, biscuits, and other thing of that kind are not to be associated with my speech. Those are sugary, fatty and it is a completely different thing, they are sweets not meals materials!)

Be wholewheaty!!

Nutrition Fact: Chapter 2. The CARB myth.

However, what you can do is choose whole wheat cereals. Generally they are Brown. They haven’t been refined and they contain way more nutrients. They give you more sustainable energy; they are easier to digest because they are packed up with fibers which are really important for your body in general.  And no, they don’t have a crappy taste because they’re brown… Actually they taste just fine even better!!

I do not believe white carb will make you gain weight, but they will definitely not feed your body as much as whole ones.

Also there is a wide range of cereals that are really good for your health and provide other nutriments. Plus, it can be a pleasant change… I am thinking of: Quinoa, spelt wheat, oats, Kamut…

Tips to garnish…

To garnish your rice or pasta, you can have healthy option. Everything is Ok as long as it is in moderation… Think: olive oil, tomato based sauce (homemade if possible otherwise it’s packed with sugar) cream (which actually is less fattening than butter), a mix of vegetables. It is really important to always mix it with veggies. Also if you really focus on losing a few pounds you can try to avoid having your carb for diner as we need less energy during the evening, so limit the amount at night, choose cereals such as quinoa which is lighterand really high in fibers, make sure you have more veggies that cereals in your plate… But really it is more about what’s on it… As students, I often have pasta or rice or polenta for diner and I don’t have any problem with that. I’d rather use portion control and make sure my plate is balanced with the right amount of this and that.

Nutrition Fact: Chapter 2. The CARB myth.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and that you will enjoy your next plate of Tagliatelle!!

See you soon on Serendipity (without pity)


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