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Patchs : DoW II Chaos Rising 2.2.3, Supreme Commander II 1.15, Armada 2526, World War I 1.07f, Empire of Steel 1.01.9586, Demigod 1.30, Settlers 7 1.05

Publié le 09 juin 2010 par Cyberstratege

Dawn of War 2

Récapitulatif des dernières mises à jours :

Dawn of War II : Chaos Rising 2.2.3


- New map

(2p) Hive City – Community map contest winner available for custom games

- Cover seek behavior

Many units have had major changes to their cover seek behavior. They should cover seek when told to move near cover but otherwise stand and shoot in any other situation.

- Garrison

inferno_pvp damage multiplier against garrison_cover increased from 0.2 to 0.3
piercing_pvp damage multiplier against garrison_cover increased from 0.2 to 0.3
plasma_pvp damage multiplier against garrison_cover increased from 0.2 to 0.3
suppression_pvp damage multiplier against garrison_cover increased from 0.2 to 0.3


- Sorcerer

Chains of Torrment no longer affects enemies in buildings
Subjugation cool down time increased from 40 to 80s
Starting courage reduced from 200 to 100
Size changed from Medium to Small
Warp Rift no longer affects retreating units

- Havocs
Mark of Tzeentch Lascannon slow effect now applies to Carnifexes and Tyrant Guard

- Plague Marine Champion
Touch of Nurgle no longer affects retreating untis
Bile blower now properly hits all entities in a building
Bile blower’s bilious discharge cooldown increased from 20 to 30s

- Blood Crusher
Daemonic Roar no longer affects retreating units

- Chaos Dreadnought
Dreadnoughts under the effect of Blood Frenzy will now attack buildings with garrisoned troops

- Chaos Predator Tank
Build time reduced from 55 to 45s
Autocannon damage reduced from 210 to 120
Mark of Nurgle cost increased from 150/35 to 150/50
Mark of Nurgle now increases health of the Chaos Predator by 75% up from 50%

- Plague Marines
Plague missile slow now affects Tyrant Guard

Space Marines

- Force Commander
Special attacks for lightning claws and power fist have been changed to weapon knockback and will not affect retreating units.

- Assault Marines
Melta bombs now can be used on Tyrant Guard

- Tactical Marines
Flamers now properly hit all entities in a building

- Heavy Bolter Devastators
Lascannon slow effect now applies to Carnifexes and Tyrant Guard

- Terminators
Cost for both Terminators and Assault Terminators increased to 650/350 from 600/300
Assault cannon damage lowered from 150 to 128
Assault cannon cost increased from 70/70 to 100/80
Heavy flamer cost increased from 40/40 to 80/40
Cyclone missile launcher cost increased from 60/60 to 100/70
Cyclone missile barrage scatter distance has been reduced from 10 to 6
Cyclone missile barrage damage increased from 40 to 50
Cyclone missile barrage cool down time increased from 20 to 60s
Cyclone missile barrage knockback distance and loft slightly increased


- Farseer
Speed increase from Holo-field on Farseer Webway gates can no longer stack with itself.

- Warlock Commander
Starting courage reduced from 200 to 100

- Warp Spider Exarch
Can no longer group teleport to out of bounds areas
Fixed an issue that prevented Shimmer Orb from being cast
Starting courage reduced from 200 to 100

- Banshees
Starting courage reduced from 300 to 100


- Sluggas
Sluggas can no longer ‘speed build’ buildings
Burnas now properly hit all entities in a building


- General
Tyranid population threshold for upkeep lowered from 30 to 26

- Hive Tyrant
The modifier for Invulnerability now lasts 12 seconds

Size changed from Small to Medium

-Lictor Alpha
First strike from scything talons now does weapon knockback and will not affect retreating units

Termagant claw damage has been decreased from 8 to 4

Upkeep cost increased from 0.017 to 0.02125
Population cost increased from 4 to 5

-Venom Brood
Cost increased from 300/15 to 350/15

Thornback upgrade cost increased from 100/50 to 200/50
Carnifex population cost increased from 15 to 20
Carnifex upkeep cost increased from 0.0765 to 0.0956

Speed increase to Tyrant Guard is now exclusive and will not stack
All effects from synapse now apply within a 32m radius

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Supreme Commander 2 patch 1.15


• Skirmish Save/Load. Skirmishes can now be saved in game using the Menu > Save Game Function. Skirmish saves can be loaded while in a skirmish game or from the main menu under Skirmish > Load Saved Game.
Players who have been eliminated in a skirmish or multiplayer game, but have remaining allies that are all AI, will be set as an observer will full map view, and may exit normally at their discretion.
• AI Engineers and Land Scout platoons will now execute optimized pathing (performance improvement).
• A user friendly version number will now be shown at the top of replay files. Replays that do not have the matching version number of the build will generate a “failed to load” message.
• The default folder for save games, replays, screenshots and log files has been updated to \My Documents\My Games\Square Enix\Supreme Commander 2\.
• Added redundant checking on games returned by Steam in matchmaking. This check ensures that the game fits within the filters specified for Steam. Previously old data could be called when rapidly narrowing a search.
• Illuminate Bodaboom aura range now displays as a weapon range.


• Fixed condition where the first player leaving a multiplayer game would stop automated replay recording.
• Further refinement of search filtering for ranked. It was possible that someone could join a ranked game because they met the criteria when they initiated the search, but then narrowed their search and no longer met that criteria. We now check for this case and reject the connection.
• Fix for most common case of players getting in an unable to join state when closing a multiplayer game from a lobby.
• Artillery Weapon Range boost will now correctly affect Long Range Artillery, increasing its range.
• Fix for AI violation of Research build condition.
• Fix for AI not building enough research stations.
• Fix for AI not building enough factories late game.
• Fix for Naval AI not building a Naval factory at all, and for secondary condition of not building them outside its starting base location.
• Fix for uncommon case of units not doing anything when running away.
• Fix for AI Land platoons not running away.
• Fix for AI not properly utilizing the Noah Unit Cannon and Carriers for building.
• Fix for Defensive builders going to the wrong task state when they fail to find a build position.

Balance and Tuning:

• Engineers will no longer circumvent assist mitigation when ordered to assist open ground.
• AI has improved seeking/hunting capability against hidden commanders.
• AI will only build Artillery/TML in their base if they have enemy structures in range.
• AI will build more generators after they have a Mass Converter (or the research for the Cybrans).
• AI will normally only build shields in their bases when there are structures there to protect.
• AI will not build excess mass extractors.
• Illuminate ACU Energy Income Boost research decreased to +200%, was +300%. Decreasing Mass Income Boost to+250%, was +400.
• Decreased Rate of Fire on Illuminate flares by 33%.
• Added a 25 second rebuild time when the Proto-Brain is destroyed. Added a Cybran Proto-Brain crash damage of 2000.
• Increased minimum radius on Long Range Artillery to 150, was 50.

Known Issues:

• Replays cannot be created from a game that has been loaded from a Skirmish save, the UI does not currently reflect this. Although it appears to save, it does not, and the “Replay LastGame” feature will actually play the last valid replay.

Patch disponible via Steam.

Armada 2526

New Features

• Improved Graphics
o For menus, star map, and battle backgrounds. Some planet textures revised, and a
new human model created. Method of creating random star map graphics has
been improved to make more impressive looking maps.

• Finder Panel
o The finder panel gives you a brief summary of your assets or knowledge in 8
categories. Selecting a category shows the total number of each item type in that
category, and allows you to click on each item, to display the list of fleets,
colonies or systems that contain it. For instance, if you select ships, it will show
how many of each type of ship you posses and clicking that type will list all the
fleets that contain that ship type in the fleet list panel in the bottom left.
o Finder categories are ships, ground units, defenses, buildings, items in production,
uninhabited systems in range, unexplored systems in range, and buildings at
foreign colonies.

• Building Browser
o A button on the colony tab now brings up a panel showing all the buildings that
could be potentially built at a colony, and the level of industrial building needed
to build them.

• Hi Visibility Mode for Battles
o When you zoom out in battle, all units are rendered in bright colors and increased
size to make them easier to see. This can be turned off for screenshots or for
aesthetic purists.

• Long Range Missile
o A defense unit has been added to protect planets against missile cruisers.

• Custom Battle Feature
o One off space battles can be fought from the opening menu. Full selection of
forces and tech is allowed, together with a point system to promote balanced
games. Setups can be saved. Computer can choose forces for one or both sides.

• New Scenarios
o Two new scenarios have been added. In one you have to destroy a vastly larger
but technologically inferior empire, while the other is set on the galactic rim,
where finding the wormholes to escape your local star cluster is important.

Change List

• Balance Changes
o Missile cruiser attack power has been reduced by 30%.
o Battle damage rate reduced by 45 %
o Battle movement rates reduced by 30%
o Battle Turn rates reduced
o Fighter behavior and effectiveness improved
o Splash damage from exploding ships
o Missile splash damage accounts for target size
o Reduced disorder for Humans

• Minor Improvements
o Ctrl U to highlight dust
o Sort colonies by name and public order added
o ETA shown on fleet tooltip
o Faster Tool Tips
o Button to show tech details in diplomacy
o Changed diplomacy text to be clearer.
o Changed scissor sound
o Can use right click on colony and system lists to move selected fleet there.
o Improved behavior when multiple groups attack space stations or defenses
o Can attack a single space station
o Improved ship jostling
o Improved behavior in circulating formations
o Better selection. Select when you click in space near something
o Collision avoidance. Fly over, under static formations
o Single key F8 to return to normal view mode
o Key to show weapon ranges
o Improved tool tips for battle
o Key to hide UI and have battles take up the full screen.
o Left button to remove current research item
o Moved all research bonuses/[penalties from race to faction
o Klurgu trader xenophobia reduced
o Improved attacking of space stations and defense clusters
o Line Abreast formations centers correctly
o Increased weapon range
o Less distraction by non preferred targets
o Move speeds reduced by 30%
o Weapon kill rate reduced by 45%
o Battle time limit extended
o Battle AI improved
o Map designer map sizes adjusted
o Assimilation tech renamed to Xeno Pacification.

• Bug Fixes
o Fixed modding bugs showing building pics and loading screens
o Battle doesn't end when spore or asterod attack still possible
o Fixed bug with research penalties not being applied if there was a general bonus
o Faithful now get psychic research bonus and no penalty
o Missile cruisers target ordered targets
o Asteroids can’t get stuck on shields
o Fixed bug which makes Unn Splinter turn up every game.
o Fixed bug with sunbeams in auto resolve

Disponible en téléchargement ici.

World War I : la Grande Guerre 14-18 1.07f

- Introduced a time-stamp based sort procedure in orders execution in order to guarantee a perfect synchronization in Multiplayer mode
- Military AI improved by adding a urgent escape for isolated/out-of-supply stacks
- Military AI improved to give more strategic importance to Grand Offensives targets when planning attacks
- Military AI can now ignore the rule concerning the placement of reinforcements in major cities if the difficulty level is set at 3+
- The rule for max sustainable attacks by Central Powers has been tweaked in order to allow attacks in excess in case of Grand Offensives or escape movements done by isolated or out-of-supply stacks
- Modifiers for new Combat Doctrine adoption tests have been slightly modded in order to give a bit more chances od success
- Added a rule that prevents the redeployment of HQs and GHQs to rest-of-the-world areas (i.e.: Africa)
- Added some correction in Spanish game texts
- Diplomacy can now be done on Serbia in the very first Diplomatic pre-phase
- Main Offensives against nations that surrendered during the offensive are now counted as successful
- Introduced a replica mechanism for Interceptions in Multiplayers matches (moddable in WW1.ini file, see parameter 'InterceptionTimeoutThreshold' expressed in milliseconds)
- Weird movement paths outside the boundaries of the map screen are no more displayed
(*) HQs destroyed for prolonged isolation may be now rebuilt
- Added message for automatic retreats towards nearest supply source in case of no additional losses (no disordered retreats)
- The binocular of battle screen is now better centered over the area where combat takes place
- Added new security checks in audio engine to avoid crashes
- Added new security checks in battle screen to avoid crashes
- AI is now automatically un-paused upon battle start (for bad timed event popups that put AI in pause mode)
- Added a tweaking to allow a faster map scrolling for some CPUs
- Added a tweaking to allow a faster execution of movements on map

Scenario corrections:
- Tutorial #2: added a few corrections
(*) All campaign scenarios: added several tunings in turn rules
(*) 1914 scenario: Austrian fleets are now locked till the end of turn #1 to avoid that an accidental merge of fleets make impossible to apply the effects of Goeben battlecruiser event
(*) 1918 scenario: Tsing Tao is now controlled by Japan

Fixed bugs:
- Diplomatic missions planned by the enemy cannot be anymore spotted in Diplomacy window
- Fixed a bug that removed Grand Offensives planning in case of 2 armies commitment
- Fixed a bug in savegame procedure concerning the automatic reinforcement of RP flow of minor nations
- Fixed a bug of recursivity in diplomatic level progression that caused a too easy diplomatic escaltion (i.e.: for USA, UK)
- Corrected a mistake in German game texts that caused a crash when entering the Technological Researchs window
- Fixed a bug in air battles that allowed to reuse air squadrons during the second combat round even if destroyed during the first one
- Introduced a security check in interceptions and next battle clicks for single player mode to avoid game freezes related to those events
- Fixed some mistakes in Leaders Misunderstanding rule
- Fixed a typo error in battle logs for surprise event
- Fixed a rare AI freeze on Military AI occurring only in case of total annihilation of land forces for never surrendering minor nations
- Fixed a regression bug in Grand Offensives' success/failure checks introduced by beta patch 1.08C
- Fixed a rare crash in "main front change negative NW effects" turn rule check
- Fixed an AI bug that cause sometimes the play of enemy favoring events
- Fixed a regression bug that caused battle screen freeze with 1.08E
- Fixed a regression bug in supply checks
- Fixed a bug in diplomatic checks that caused weird results in some occurrences
- Fixed a bug in Fog of War for naval minefields

(*) : not working for older savegames

Patch disponible à cette adresse.

Empire of Steel 1.01.9586

- Added information on the image editor to the game-manual
- Reworked the main menu "Updates and Downloads" item, and window
- Changed the "Loading Images" popup
- Added airfield improvements. Current improvements: repair facility (to repair aircraft) and a radar
- Fixed a bug in the display of units in the image-editor
- Fixed a bug in the download-window that was messing up the display of map information
- Fixed a bug in the biplane movement: if given orders to move to it's maximum range, it wouldn't land within the same turn.
- Ground/Sea Units that are 51% damaged move at 2/3rds their normal rate
- Ground/Sea Units that are 85% damaged move at half their normal rate (only affects units with 7 or more HP, like battleships and carriers)
- Fixed a bug in the rules editor / AttackVs / Animation window
- Fixed a bug with ruleset crashing if the combat-types aren't setup correctly
- Fixed bug: the city-build time text doesn't update after the turn is processed
- Adjusted the AI's build decisions to produce fewer battleships
- Made some changes to the AI so it is more aggressive in declaring war

Mise à jour faite directement à partir du jeu.

Demigod 1.30

Gas Powered Games and Stardock Entertainment have released version 1.30 of Demigod today. Available now for all registered customers via the Impulse client, this new update includes bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Changes include:

* Abilities while moving fix: Demigod movement has been re-architected to resume attacking previous targets after using abilities. This fixes multiple problems with triggering Demigod abilities while moving.The following exceptions and modifications are by design:
* Direct targeted abilities, where it makes sense, will cause the Demigod to switch targets (like Warp Strike and Pounce). This will also set the old target variable so if they use a further ability they will go back to attacking their new target.
* Escape abilities (like Warp Scroll and Bat Swarm) will not re-engage the old target and will actually clear the old target so using another ability will not cause you to re-engage.
* Giving a move order will clear your old target. So, giving a move order and then casting Warp Area will cause DA to attack whatever he ends up closest to.
* Fix for ranged units stopping short when ordered to attack structures.
* Fix for summoned minions not starting at max health when the player has +minion health items.
* Fix for Oculus' Ball Lightning spawning in invalid locations.
* Unclean Beast's Plague ability will no longer overwrite Post Mortem.
* Wings of the Seraphim will no longer be removed when healed.
* Heart of Life effects will no longer be removed when healed.
* Fix for obscure Russian-translated map domination crash. Thank you, Ptarth, for helping to point the way on that.
* Achievement and Single Player tournament screen Demigod lists now have scrollbars.
* Oculus’ Ball Lightning will now benefit from standard minion HitPoint Buffs.

Le fichier se récupère par le biais d'Impulse.

Settlers 7 1.05


• Event sectors for which players have gained free passage (by finishing quests) are now indicated on the overview map by a free passage icon
• Added a warning icon to construction buildings whose constructor cannot spawn due to a missing tool
• Added a warning icon to special buildings where trainings stalls due to the population or army limit
• The handling of the logistics menu has been improved. A left click on a task will now open a context menu which allows the player to move the task to the front of the panel, pause it or cancel it altogether
• Added information about the player's position as well as improved navigation options to the leader board screen
• Added the option to change the game’s default port if a router does not separate two connections correctly:

- Add these lines to your “Options.ini” file (C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Settlers7\Options.ini)

DefaultPort = 9205

The default value is 9103 – anything else should do

Corrections de bugs

• Fixed a concurrency issue during account authentication (first login)
• Fixed various random crashes
• Fixed a rare crash when activating the earthquake
• Fixed a bug that prevented achievements from being unlocked
• Fixed a possible exploit with retreating armies delaying the conquest of a sector
• Fixed a bug with the calculation of coins rewarded for completing a map
• Fixed a bug with player profile points being reset
• Blazing Heat: Adjusted amount of units in a neutral sector

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L’Etat de Wolffelden est encerclé par d’immenses cours d’eau ainsi qu’une cascade très puissante. Deux chefs aux conditions de départ différentes veulent conquérir cette terre riche et fertile. Vous trouverez une vieille ville au sommet d’un haut plateau, surplombant les rivières et offrant un Point de Victoire. Quand vous oserez pénétrer dans la forêt enchantée, le puissant loup-garou y habitant pourrait être utile pour vous mener à la victoire. Au bord de la rivière, vous trouverez l’unique port de la carte. Réfléchissez bien à votre stratégie en fonction de votre position de départ car celle-ci favorisera certaines stratégies.


Trois rivaux se défient sur le domaine de Sandbeken. Vous devrez bien réfléchir à votre stratégie, car elle sera influencée par votre position de départ. Une épaisse vapeur monte du marais brumeux et se répand dans les prairies luxuriantes environnantes. Cela pourrait bien être la clé vers le succès lorsque vous traverserez le marais ou accéderez au point de croisement au centre de la zone marécageuse.  Il y a également deux villes plus éloignées qui ont une valeur tactique et qui offrent un point de victoire. Il y a un port fluvial au nord et un marché dans les collines du sud, offrant de nombreux échanges commerciaux.

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