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« Vimeo est populaire en France »

Publié le 01 juillet 2010 par Eogez

L’équipe de Vimeo était de passage sur Paris la semaine dernière pour faire la promotion d’un concours intitulé les « Vimeo Awards » (ce concours a pour but de donner de la visibilité aux vidéastes ayant posté leurs productions sur Vimeo). J’en ai profité pour leur poser quelques questions sur Vimeo et l’avenir de la video.

Q. Can you introduce yourself?

We are Dae Mellencamp, the General Manager for Vimeo and Deborah Szajngarten, the Vimeo’s Marketing Communications Director. Vimeo is an online video sharing website that empowers and inspires people who make video. The site functions as a service to the individual video creator.

Q. The audience is well aware of YouTube and Dailymotion. How do you
explain that Vimeo is not as popular?

Vimeo is popular in France, in fact, it is our third-largest country with about 1.3MM UU from France alone. Vimeo is different from other websites in many ways. Vimeo is not a popularity contest where videos with a high volume of plays are automatically highlighted. Vimeo does not believe in ratings, top ten lists or negative comments. Vimeo also does not redistribute mass media content. People come to Vimeo for a high-quality, comfortable, and individualized experience. We have a best-of-breed player, thoughtful and easy-to-use user interface, and respectful community. One of the major differences between Vimeo and other websites is that our upload guidelines state that the person uploading the video must also be the creator.

Q. In your opinion, what is the future of the video on the Internet?

Between the growth of HD video capture in mobile devices and digital cameras, PC-to-TV internet access, and the proliferation of the tablet (like the iPad), we believe video will play a central role in the way that people consume and share information, from interactive magazines, to entertainment, to personal experiences and family memories.

Q. What are Vimeo’s perspectives of evolution?

Vimeo plans its evolution based on the needs and support of people that take video, whether they are parents or professionals.

Q. Is there R & D at Vimeo ? If yes, can you tell us more about some projects?

Vimeo is constantly thinking about how to improve and expand the services it offers to its members. We pay attention to how our members use our service, and listen to their feedback. At the same time, we have a very talented team of developers, designers and user experience experts that put tremendous thought into what we believe will be the best product, feature or service for our users.

In the near future, you will see more robust features on our site and new access points, like iPhone, Android and iPad apps.

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