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Applications Gratuites pour iPhone, iPod : Spawn Glow [FREE] – Elements of Design LLC

Publié le 04 juillet 2010 par Helpmiphone
Spawn Glow [FREE] - Elements of Design LLC: Lien iTunes

Applications Gratuites pour iPhone, iPod : Spawn Glow [FREE] – Elements of Design LLC...
Because of the overwhelming success and positive feedback we received on Spawn Glow, we decided to return the favor by lowering the price of all our apps, including Spawn Illuminati HD, to $.99 for a limited time. Note that Spawn Glow will soon be added into Spawn Illuminati HD soon, so don’t wait to update! Happy summer!! "This mesmerizing application allows you to manipulate vibrant beams of multicolored light that are reminiscent of a light show at a rave" (06/29/2010) With Spawn Glow you can make a swarm of colored lights dance across the screen with your fingers. Be ready to be mesmerized by the beauty and flowing movement that can be created with just a simple touch. Spawn has evolved thanks to our users! So please, keep sending us your feedback… this app is for you! Think you’re creative? CHECK OUT WHAT THIS USER CREATED!: [INSIDER TRICKS] - To take a screenshot press the home button and the lock button at the same time. This also works in pause mode where you can wait until the ad disappears. - You can control the flow of a bundle of light rays with your fingers to create amazing patterns, or just leave them alone and perform tricks as if they had a mind of their own. - When you double tap the particles instantly, they explode creating a firework in your hand. - Go to and upload your own Spawn creation to our image gallery. If you get selected, we’ll use YOUR image as demo screen in the iTunes store! [NEWS] Our new spawn-based game, Genesis, which adds puzzle solving to our experience, is now available in the app store! Think you got what it takes? ;) [CAN YOU HANDLE IT?] Got an iPad or going to be getting the new iPhone 4? Check out Spawn Illuminati HD!! This upgraded version lets you virtually control everything from size, speed, color to tail length, animation patterns and different render modes. Spawn HD even includes the option to have the light rays dance to the sound recorded from the microphone. It also features easier snapshot functionality. Last but not least, it is HD eye candy for both your new iPad and the iPhone 4! [STAY IN TOUCH] Follow us on Become a fan on Facebook and upload your creations here: [ABOUT] With nearly 20 years of computer graphics engineering under the belt and a passion for artistic expression, EODSoft, has launched an amazing series of interactive light show and game revolution for the device. Check them all out in the app store!

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