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Patchs : Elemental 1.01, Hegemony Philip of Macedon 1.1.2, Making History 2 1.0.17, Battles from the Bulge 4.1.235

Publié le 24 août 2010 par Cyberstratege

Elemental War of Magic

Résumé des dernières mises à jour.

Elemental: War of Magic 1.01

List of changes

* Lots of new seed maps (particularly for medium and large)
* Enemy Unit caching modified so that they are released from the game after death (this should address the “game gets slower over time” issue some have reported)
* In tactical battles, the camera will only move IF the unit is off screen
* Fixed a crash related to city tiles on DirectX 11 based setups with a game within a game
* Removed non-terrain based tactical battle bonus modifiers (an interesting idea but unintuitive)
* There are technologies that will spawn more shards on the map.
* Fixed tactical heal spell to ensure that it doesn’t do any 0 point healing.
* Fixed issue that caused failed spells to say “miss”
* Disabled the use of the L8 texture format to use the A8R8G8B8 format as it was incompatible with certain video cards and causing the game to crash (fog of war issue)
* Worldly knowledge renamed to “Tech Knowledge” to be consistent with the manual.
* Fixed a crash related to children being born during a reloaded saved game that could cause a crash on 64-bit machines
* Fixed a crash related to reference counting on the Dynasty screen that happens on 32-bit Windows XP machines
* Tactical Battles now support edge scroll
* Fixed a buffer overrun issue that caused random crashing on SSD SATA drives while saving a game.
* Cosmetic fix to the object tool in th map editor
* Fixed a bug that would cause the goodie hut graphics not to be removed when they were no longer relevant.
* Fixed minimap bug where unhiding and dragging the minimap without first resizing it would cause the map part to get offset from the rest of the minimap window, leaving it blank
* Fixed bug on loading a game or starting a new game within a game where clicking on a city would leave its resource tab blank until it was clicked on again
* Improved performance of units joining into an army
* Hooked up the draggable window showing the list of players who have requested a new turn or not in multiplayer, automatically shows up in multiplayer but does not get filled or ever unhide in single player [NOTE: Multiplayer servers will NOT be enabled until AFTER day 0]
* Fixed crash related to very very fast machines loading up before initialization causing data to not be fully enabled which would result in a crash when the object in question was accessed.
* Ice Bolt spell removed
* New spell: Stab of Ice, short range spell, causes enemy to lose turn in addition to damage.
* Sion Unit given special abilities and rebalanced

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Hegemony: Philip of Macedon 1.1.2

Fixed a random crash that could happen while capturing cities.
* Fixed a crash that could happen when campaigning in a certain part of Persia.
* Cleaned up some GUI inconsistencies.
* Ships in rough water will now appear in the ‘Under Attack’ list and on the minimap and strategy map. This should make it easier to find ships that are caught in rough water when winter hits.
* New buff icon to indicate when farms are burning.
* Farms now take longer to start burning but also take longer to recover.

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Making History 2: The War of the World 1.0.17

New Features

Shrank memory footprint a bit
Improved performance a bit
Improved animation performance
Improved texture quality on models
Added a number of features to prepare for web based multiplayer
Units being bombed in a region now fire back at bombers
Added to the options page the ability to determine which notifications will create a popout dialog box
Changed Autosave functionality so it would precede end of turn processing to fix save errors
Liberate all puppets of a master nation that gets annexed/puppeted/colonized

Bug Fixes

Fixed move into port order to validate access before moving a unit group into port
Disabled setting city bombing order of production/research infrastructure if there’s nothing to bomb
Disabled setting resource bombing order if there’s nothing to bomb
Fix naming and ideology of new nations created by region revolts


Separate out city production and city research list panels, and added more data including specialty buildings to each
Merge 2 region info panels into 1 and add actions to region improvements
Combined access to city and region lists onto a single minimap button
Moved access to Research Tree to minimap button
Added ability to merge unit groups via the right click menu
Update Encyclopedia to show game effects of Units, Region Improvements, City Buildings, and Research Buildings
Added new notifications
Region damage from bombing
Units damaged/destroyed from bombing
Different region improvements damage from bombing
Shore Bombardment
Bombing damage to ships in port
Bombing damage to city/research buildings
Added a confirm dialog for dismantling region improvements
Made button on group bubbles in carrier and transport panels select unit groups
Fixed issue with group bubble tooltip data
Change Turn Status summary panel to show nation/username rather than username/username
Fixed tooltip for resource producers on map
Add ‘%’ to stability display on nation panel
Add selected nation name to trade partners tooltip
Finally fixed Lake Titcaca and Lake Tana
Fixed clipping problem on Government panel
Add sorting to Region Statistics panel
Added RPUs/IPUs to city tooltip
Added owner nation name to non-controlled city tooltip
Added maintenance cost to resource producer tooltip
Decals now have the same tooltip as their unit group
Added tooltip to map rivers with movement mods
Added 2 primary combat values to unit group tooltips
Changed arrow to point to city when bombing cities


Fix for AI ships with orders to return to port not consistently entering the port
Fix bug with AI canceling CMLOUnitOrderMoveIntoPort order too early
Fixed bug that could occur in sea regions with more than one port city

Increased range for missile units
Change default river crossing movement penalty to 20%
Added a 25% land attack combat penalty for attacking across a river
Fixed Tibetan owned/controlled regions in TGQ to be consistent with other scenarios and history
Moved Tibetan army out of Chinese controlled/owned region Wei
Added a Tibetan Army to LDOP (They had none in this scenario)
Changed ComChinese Nationality Template color to be different than the (Nationalist) Chinese
Changed Communist nations state religion to « Atheism »
Added new religion types: Atheism, Mormon & Jewish
Changed some regional Religion assignments: added Mormon to Utah/Idaho and other minor adjustments in North America, South America & Africa
Added missing encyclopedia descriptions for Special Forces, Paratroopers and Pref Harbors
Fix incorrect region for city Johannesburg in all scenarios
Fixed Nigerian/Nigerien flags being swapped
Update a number of encyclopedia entries
Adjusted demographic stability penalties

Improved content updater to deal better with slow/intermittent connections

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Command Ops: Battles from the Bulge 4.1.235

Game Issues Fixed:

* Give order, let run, pause and set end time of task to time now, start game again, crash.
* Crash caused by slip task code and how AI interacted with UI.
* HHour was not reset when player task type changed from Attack/Probe by adding waypoint using Shift click. Caused issues for the AI.
* There is a function to turn player Fire/Bombard tasks into defend tasks once they expire. Was doing this for all task types which could cause AI issues.
* Artillery unit causes crash if reattached or game left to run.
* Unable to Prime/UnPrime bridges when issuing orders to non Engineers, even if Engineers part of force.
* LOS issues when enemy gets within 3K.
* Player able to give Exit order to force when no Exit objectives, could cause crash.
* AI was attempting to send a message to player about a future plan it was abandoning, this caused crash as future plans don’t have all the data needed for a message.
* Player sets HHour for attack, AI was cribbing and bringing forward the HHour, which made it difficult to coordinate multiple attacks.
* Error in the Task Doctrine code causing issues for the AI.
* Error with Fixed Point Number Utility code.
* Error in scheduling code, trying to update a force plan based on new orders but was not catering for a future plan properly.
* Fix Formation Move Lockup bug – gave more latitude to advanceGuard to move ahead
thereby preventing lockup of formation when advanceGuard and MainGuard both occupy
a large footprint along the road.
* Fixed a CTD
* Reduced HQ leading the charge
* Attacks ignoring HHours addressed
* Minor mods to Cracking the Goose Egg, Nobody Comes Back, Stuck in the Teeth scenarios

Establishment Changes:

* Fixed various issues.

Scenarios Changes:

* Tweaked scenarios, including initial deployments.
* Fixed spelling mistakes.
* Added extra background information.

Map Changes:

* Losheim – updated.

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