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Fixing Backtype Connect with WordPress 3.0.1

Publié le 09 septembre 2010 par Freakyfays

WordPress 3.0.1 has introduced a new way of handling the arguments in the function  add_submenu_page() thus making some plug-ins not working anymore.

Basically, for Backtype Connect, if you tried to access the Settings page, you would get a message saying:

Fixing Backtype Connect with WordPress 3.0.1

You have two options. First would be to wait for Backtype to release a new version of their plug-in, and the second, would be to fix it by yourself.

If you just can’t wait for Backtype and want to put your hands into it, here is your way to fix it.

From your administration panel, go to the Plugins menu and edit Backtype Connect.

Go to the admin.php page. In the add_submenu_page() function, replace the 3rd occurence of ‘Backtype Connect’ with ‘Backtype-Connect’.

Thus, you should be replacing:

add_submenu_page(‘options-general.php’, ‘BackType Connect’, ‘BackType Connect’, 8, ‘BackType Connect’, ‘btc_settings_submenu’);


add_submenu_page(‘options-general.php’, ‘BackType Connect’, ‘BackType Connect’, 8, ‘BackType-Connect’, ‘btc_settings_submenu’);

Once this is done, save the changes and edit the admin-settings.php page. In this page, you should be looking for: <form method=”post” action=”options-general.php?page=BackType%20Connect”> and replace it by <form method=”post” action=”options-general.php?page=BackType-Connect”> There are two occurences of this form. The first one on line 4 and the second on line 19. Save your changes. You’re done. You should be able to access your Backtype admin page now.

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