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UNICEF Canada cherche un président optimiste, audacieux et contemporain

Publié le 14 septembre 2010 par Sdeclomesnil
  • Ca n'est pas tous les jours que l'on tombe sur une annonce pour recruter le président d'un organisme tel que l'UNICEF. Je ne résiste donc pas de publier sur ce blogue ce que le cabinet de recrutement Odgers Berndtson écrit pour décrire le poste. Le siège canadien se situant à Toronto, la description est en anglais. Si vous souhaitez postuler, l'offre est ici
  • Quant à moi, je suis déjà assez occupé merci, et je n'ai pas vraiment l'intention de déménager à Toronto (pour l'instant...), et puis je me demande si je suis vraiment... "contemporain"?
  • UNICEF Canada cherche un président optimiste, audacieux et contemporain

    President & CEO, Unicef Canada
    Optimistic, bold and contemporary

    Every child has the right to grow up safe, healthy and educated. Yet millions of children around the world are abused, denied the chance to go to school, or die needlessly from preventable causes. That’s why the dedicated staff and volunteers of UNICEF Canada bring such motivation and urgency to their work. Every day you spend leading the people of this vital organization will help to transform the world for children. Every dollar you raise and every dollar you save in operating efficiencies will help save children’s lives and secure their rights in virtually every country.

    Since 1955, UNICEF Canada has been mobilizing and empowering Canadians to invest in the positive transformation of every child’s future. Today, UNICEF is the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian and development agency. UNICEF Canada raises vital funds to support UNICEF’s work for children around the world, educates and engages young people and their stewards inspiring them to be global citizens, and strives to build a critical mass of informed stakeholders committed to the advancement of children’s rights.

    One of UNICEF Canada’s most precious assets is the place it has earned in the hearts of generations of Canadian families. Your stewardship will build on that legacy. In our diverse Canadian environment, you will engage potential donors with UNICEF’s vision and mission. Working with UNICEF colleagues, you will build on successful programs and events and strategically create greater opportunities to advocate for children and their rights. In concert with a streamlined and committed team, you’ll extend the reach of UNICEF’s message into more homes and businesses, adding sophistication to the fundraising and advocacy process and standing out in a competitive landscape.

    A compelling communicator in both official languages, you have earned your leadership credentials by developing lasting professional relationships, demonstrating sound business judgment and operational excellence by managing people through wise decision-making and by inspiring exceptional performance. Whether you are currently in the not-for-profit or the private sector, here is a mission you can embrace.

    To explore this exciting opportunity further, please contact Paul Stanley or Amanda Bugatto in our Toronto office at 416-366-1990, or by e-mail at To be considered for this position, please submit your resume and related information online by selecting where you heard about the opportunity and clicking “Add to List” below.

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