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The New York World

Publié le 15 octobre 2010 par Hfranchineau
The New York World
On September, 25, I attended the NYC Dumpling festival, in Chinatown. The key moment was the eating contest: how many dumplings can you shovel down your mouth in 2 minutes?Turns out, 55 if you are a man called Joe Menchetti. He has won the contest for several years. And 38 if you are a tiny Hong-Konger called Floria Lee. I covered the event for my digital media newsroom class, and this is my favorite picture. I also chose it for another reason: right now I feel a little bit like the girl in the picture. My life is so full, but I still want to grab every little crumb the Journalism school is willing to let me take. I love what I am doing, I would not be anywhere else in the world. But sometimes I remember the lecture Sig Gissler, the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes and my digital media newsroom professor, gave us in August: "joyful entitlement". Yes, that's the right word. Now Hélène get back to work, pick up that phone and talk to your sources!I wonder where I'd be had I not accepted to go to Columbia (answer: most probably in China).
Now that the semester is in full swing, our RW1 class finally set up a blog, reflecting the theme of the class ("New York, the international city"), where we will post our stories. Its (modest) name is "The New York World". "The New York World" was also a newspaper owned by Joseph Pulitzer, the founder of the school, from 1883 to 1911. Oh hasard, comme tu fais bien les choses.But don't forget to check it out regularly, as we will update it every day.
Sorry for the lack of real logic and construction in this post, but after all it may be the last place where I am not forced to write a lede + nutgraf...

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