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Patchs : Majesty 2 1.4.356.0, WW2 Global Conflict 1.04, Blood Bowl, Starcraft 2 1.1.3, Rulers of Nations 4.18

Publié le 10 novembre 2010 par Cyberstratege

Blood Bowl

RÊsumÊ des dernières mises à jour.

Majesty 2 1.4.356.0

This patch ensures compatibility with Majesty 2: Battles of Ardania and required for multiplayer games against players who own this addon.

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Strategic Command WW2 Global Conflict 1.04

- fixed an HQ purchase price error (Nupremal)
- fixed an HQ properties/cost display error (Armuss)
- fixed a unit LOOP event arrival error assigning incorrect action points to units as well as to units arriving in sea ice conditions (Nupremal)
- fixed a refresh issue with the Diplomacy dialog under Vista/Windows 7 (Borsook)
- fixed an application exit error under Vista/Windows 7 (Borsook)
- fixed a Paratroop combat er ror during AI games (Joe)
- fixed a Paratroop attack/landing error during e-mail replay (Ludi)
- fixed a War Map display error that would sometimes partially hide the dialog
- fixed a ‘Raider’ mode setting for human controlled naval units, the setting is no longer automatically set by the game (Sabot6)
- fixed an ‘E-Mail’ end turn error that would briefly reveal your opponents units (Gronq)
- fixed a convoy route display error along map borders and edges (Borsook)
- fixed an AI attack and move error where some units that moved should no longer be able to attack as their AP should have expired (Armuss)
- fixed a reinforce and upgrade error for nations that are friendly but uncooperative (Pacestick)
- fixed a unit ‘strikes’ error for units arriving off of transport arrows with zero strikes (Nupremal)
- fixed a network (TCP/IP) error when attempting to load ‘autosave’ games that were interrupted by a broken connection (Alastair)
- improved AI submarine raiding routines (Armuss)
- naval units can no longer upgrade if the port strength < 5 (Armuss)
- units that have been set to ‘Sleep’ no longer have their activation sprites flash on the game map (Borsook)
- Carriers that are in ‘Fighter’ or ‘Mix’ mode will, upon completion of a move, have their remaining ‘Strikes’ converted to an ‘Escorts’ value that can be used towards future escort duty
- For example, this will allow players to move ‘Escort’ Carriers forward to cover/protect a subsequent attack by Carriers set in ‘Naval’ or ‘Mix’ mode that are likely to be ‘Intercepted’
- halved the effectiveness of a Carrier defending in ‘Fighter’ mode against attacks from Carriers in ‘Mix’ mode

- lowered the mobilization % for an Indochina MOBILIZATION#2 event if DE 602 is selected (Happycat)< br />- fixed a Chinese Partisan script error (david12345)
- adjusted the AXIS AI Intermediate level North African reinforcements event to 75% from 25% (Armuss)
- DE 111 now only fires if India is not yet fully mobilized (Crispy131313)
- added Italian Trieste Cruiser at Venice (Happy Cat, Abukede)
- added Balbo HQ strength 5 at Naples (Happy Cat, Abukede)
- added Ariete Division strength 5 at Benghazi (Happy Cat, Abukede)
- moved Italian Bronzo Sub to Palermo port (Happy Cat, Abukede)
- increased Italian Army entrenchment at Tobruk from 2 to 4 (Happy Cat, Abukede)
- delinked DE 521 from Soviet positions along the Polish front (Armuss)
- German Industrial research for 1942 set from 25[1] to 50[1] (Armuss)

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Blood Bowl ĂŠdition lĂŠgendaire


- Correction des problèmes de performance.


ATTENTION : l’utilisation d’un système de triche lors d’un match sur Internet mettra fin au match et accordera la victoire au joueur non tricheur.

La compÊtence Soif de Sang n’est pas encore 100% Competition Rules, mais nous faisons de notre mieux pour la corriger.

En tĂŠlĂŠchargement dans le forum officiel ou par le biais du jeu.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty 1.1.3


* New game categories have been added to filter Tower Defense and Tug of War custom maps.



o Thor
+ This unit will now prioritize attacking ground combat units over Medivacs.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a desync that could occur when trying to watch replays that had a dependency on bank files.

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Rulers of Nations 4.18

Added features & improvements
- interest rate management
- enter / leave the Euro
- exchange rate variation
- increasing army manpower is faster

Main corrections and adjustments
- country annexation
- popularity jump due to unexplained deficit
- network objective management
- black map
- location adjustment (in Japan, Greece, UK)
- operation to regularize the situation of illegal immigrants
- oil sale

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