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Patchs : Empires of Steel 1.01.14765, Making History 2 1.20, For the Glory! 1.2, SunAge 1.09.8

Publié le 16 novembre 2010 par Cyberstratege

Making History 2

RĂŠsumĂŠ des nouveaux patchs.

Empires of Steel 1.01.14765

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Units will automatically capture resources and cities (with no defenders) if resources or cities are discovered
- Added the « Capitol » city-improvement. Only one capitol per nation. It gives a variety of advantages.
- Added a Large Factory city-improvement. The regular factory can be upgraded into a large factory.
- Changed the way the city-window appears: it always appears on the left side of the application (instead of appearing in the center)
- Fixed Bug: VoiceChat data was sometimes taking a long time to reach the target
- PBEM, Fixed Bug: If a player creates a PBEM game while offline, the game warns the player.
- PBEM: Added a tab to the « PBEM Settings » window so players can see all the games on the server and their last update
- Rules Editor: city-improvements can be set to « one per nation » (like the capitol building)
- Rules Editor: Added a feature so that city-improvements can be upgraded (e.g. Factory can be upgraded to « Large Factory »)
- Rules Editor: Added a feature so city-improvements can be automatically destroyed when captured (e.g. Capitols get destroyed)

TĂŠlĂŠchargement automatique par le biais du jeu.

PrĂŠcĂŠdentes mises Ă  jour

Version 1.01.14506
November 2nd, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed Bug: Units can now attack stacks of (non-grouped) units
- Fixed Bug: There was a problem that would cause units to rotate incorrectly during game replay
- Forts are created by the random map generator
- Players can now pause production using the City-Build window’s « pause production » button
- Added a warning if the player is about to submit a turn, and they need more research orders
- Fixed Bug: Units could see units they couldn’t normally see if they were within 4 pixels of the other unit
- Fixed Bug: Sometimes random AI players would use the same flag as another player
- Fixed Bug: the note’s meetup times were not displaying correctly
- Fixed a variety of bugs with the aircraft, including:
- Fixed some display issues with aircraft
- Fixed a bug in the aircraft paths – if it’s setup to move to multiple airbases, the path could get messed up
- Fixed Bug: groups of aircraft wouldn’t immediately crash when they ran out of orders
- Changed the interface to prevent the player from giving movement orders to locations it can’t reach
- Fixed Bug: After a player submitted his turn, other players wouldn’t get immediately notified.
- The event files now contain the name of the game (for easy identification)

Version 1.01.14211
October 26th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- AI Improvements
- The AI coordinates invasions better (transports can arrive simultaneously)
- The AI tends to drop off ground-units earlier, giving players less time to attack full transports
- Fixed some bugs with the AI
- Fixed a crash
- Combat Simulator: Attrition calculations didn’t take into account percent-damage values
- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: Adding a resource maintenance per turn of movement for a unit causes a blank tag to appear for the unit (one for every resource added).
- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: When adding a new tag for a unit, typing it and pressing Enter causes the tag window to close and no tag being added.
- Rules Editor: When double-clicking a technology in the technology list, it goes to that technology page
- Rules Editor: ground-units and sea-units can be repaired inside particular units (like aircraft in carriers)

Making History 2: The War of the World 1.20

New Features
- Modified setting the display unit for unit groups to be persistent across saving and loading a game
- Switch debt stability modifier system over to use percent of annual revenue instead of absolute values
- Updated and modified Difficulty Levels
- Modified UnitOrderLoadOnCarrier so it would load as many of the specified units as it could onto the carrier. If no units were specified, it tries to load all the units that will fit.
- Added decision point when a region wants to revolt and join another nation
- Added logic to create a small militia when a region secedes and forms a new nation

Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash caused by Units moving between being fogged and not fogged
- Fixed bug that could cause loaded games to stall at end of turn processing
- Improved handling of military access agreements
- Fixed bug in display of move arrows
- Fixed bug creating access tickets after loading a save game
- Fixed bug in HandleNationAnnexedEvent where engagements were removed without updating UnitGroup eStatus
- Take fuel consumption into account when computing turns to destination
- Fixed crash that occurred when a unit was destroyed during rebasing
- Fix a bug where a new engagement wouldn’t start if there was a 3rd party in a region when a battle ends
- Fixed some transient errors when client units were moving

- Update Diplomatic Relations effects from embargos, trade, treaties, and nation status changes
- Tone down routes considered when asking for military access
- Fix rare crash bug when loading onto almost full transport
- Fixed puppet AI so it will consider military access requests
- Fix script error when negotiating trade agreement with a puppet nation
- Fix bug with puppet treaty consideration logic
- AI no longer checks for embargos when considering receiving aid
- AI ignores embargos imposed by nations it is at war with when considering trade agreements
- Changed diplomatic effects of declaring war to not affect relationship between master nation and puppets
- Fixed bug where Militia would not be used to take undefended regions
- Added ProductionMode, allows emergency military buildup mode in addition to economic buildup mode
- Fixed bug with AI thinking it was done with city development too soon
- Fix for bug where AI could ask for military access to attack the nation it is asking military access from
- Added logic to handle decision point requests from seceding regions to join nation (accepts when at war, declines otherwise)
- Fixed bug in Production AI where prerequisite for a military unit was incorrectly disallowed in the situation where it was coincidentally the same as the next city development building
- Added ArmsCenter to city development templates
- Improved production of air units

- Improve military unit content across all scenarios
- Increase speed of TorpedoBoatDestroyer
- Changed Build pre-req Requirements for Escort & Light Carrier to eliminate the ability to get initial carrier without Carrier Operations
- Increased Range for ICBMs & Jet Bombers
- Edited inconsistent data item for AdvancedBattleship – display name was set to « FastBattleship »
- Edited inconsistent data item for SuperCarrier – display name was set to « FleetCarrier »
- Fixed missing Russian Historic Region claims
- Limited Ethiopian region claims to historic territories rather than the entire horn of Africa
- Fix Light Glider description
- Updated units for all scenarios
- Updated military access treaties for all scenarios
- Added positive diplomatic effect for political support of another nation
- Tuned behavior of revolt risk system
- Added missing region claims for Sudan in Red Sea Hills
- Added namer for Air Transport units
- Added missing UnitCapBombRegion to BasicCarrierFighters
- Improved balance of air, artillery, and armor units

En tĂŠlĂŠchargement depuis le jeu. Ou par le biais de Steam

For the Glory! 1.2

Ce patch, sorti en aoĂťt dernier initialement, puis progressivement sur d’autres portails de tĂŠlĂŠchargement, est dĂŠsormais disponible aussi pour la version Steam du jeu.

# New features
Claims become national provinces if owned according to _PROV_CLAIM_TO_NATIONAL_MONTHS_ in the defines
Countries formed by event or revolt, using revolt.txt, only get real cores on the provinces listed as minimum, and get « claims » cores on the ones listed as extra
It should now be easier to set troops to full/half pay. The « 50% » and « 100% » at either end of the slider act as buttons.
Added runbackground = yes/no option in settings.txt to allow running while minimized
Added Badboy wars and Civil wars as options
Added fugger cheat for inflation set to 0
Added location column to leaders page in ledger
Units with a leader will now have their size drawn in a different color
The « Structures in provinces » ledger page now allows the player to build improvements.
Fire, morale, and shock indicators on both maintenance screens now have rollovers with exact values.
The morale rollover in the unit screen now gives the exact value and the maximum.
The rollovers for the owner and controller shields in the province info window now tell how long the province has been owned or controlled by that country.
Added new define: PROV_MIN_DEFECT_MONTHS.
Added someof trigger. Syntax: someof = { number = <number of children which must evaluate true> <child triggers> }
Added controlchange trigger
Added ownerchange trigger

# AI changes
AI now takes global flags in account for religious tolerance
AI now tries harder to get its core provinces in peace deals if it controls them
AI is now a smidgen less likely to build forts
AI will not jump into a badboy war if it has no armies
Tweaked AI garrison priorities
AI will now try to garrison unfortified provinces which are being improved
AI will now prioritize land tech investment if it is far behind its worst enemy
AI will now keep investing in trade tech in the later game
Rebels are now a little smarter about when to assault. There should be fewer cases of random events sparking rebels who immediately storm the castle, fail, and disperse.
AI will now prioritize tax collectors if their end-of-year income is low.
AI is now affected somewhat by its monarch’s skills.
AI will now try a little harder to get stability up to +1 or higher
AI should not mint quite as much
AI should now prioritize infrastructure research a little more if not a trading nation
AI will now redistribute its sliders sensibly when it maxes out a tech
AI should now be a little smarter about ahead-of-time penalties
AI is now more likely to send merchants to empty COTs.
AI will now shy away from a COT if it is full and expensive to send to.
Small countries will now mint less, since it does them little good.
AI « naval » factor for investment distribution is now capped at 5 rather than 1.
Tweaked AI priorities for fortress building a bit.
Fixed bug that kept AI from planning to build shipyards and CCs unless they already had the 1000d necessary.
Tweaked AI budgeting again
AI should now be better at building level-1 forts and governors
Fixed bug in English AI event
Fixed names of two AI files in ai_events.txt
Corrected all revolt.txt entries that refer to AI files (references were not updated from « » to « name_ai.txt »)
Corrected Uzbek’s AI file in 1617, 1700, 1773, and 1795 scenarios
England, Portugal, and Venice should now invest more in naval tech at certain times.
More adjustments to AI naval investments
Countries now periodically recalculate the distances to other countries, instead of only doing it at startup

# Diplomatic AI #

AI will now consider relations a bit more when determining enemies
On difficulties above very easy, AI will now consider badboy when determining enemies (even if not over the limit)
On very hard difficulty, AI will now consider the player more of a threat (modified by AI aggressiveness)
AI is now less likely to dishonor alliances with far-flung members
AI now considers relations differently when deciding whether to honor an alliance
AI is now likely to honor an alliance even with someone it hates if the call to arms is against its next war target
AI is now less likely to force-annex at lower aggressiveness settings
AI is now less likely to force-annex when it has high badboy – unless it’s huge and believes it can take all comers
AI now takes the richness of the province into account when deciding whether to force-annex
AI now considers insulting its chosen target if it has a CB but too high relations to declare war immediately
Tweaked the way AI prioritizes targets on its hitlist. It should now be possible to attack someone not on the list if there’s a particularly juicy target around
AI should now be more opportunistic about declaring war
AI might actually try to claim thrones occasionally
Tweaked hitlist prioritization back closer to the original level
Fixed bug which caused the AI to occasionally declare war on a country just because a particular check succeeded
Removed the most common (and least reasonable) reason for the AI to declare war without CB
Tweaked AI calculations of when it has sufficient reserves to go to war
Tweaked AI determination of enemies (particularly the hitlist) again
Diplomatic AI will now always have at least a 10% chance of accepting a stab-hit peace offer.
Diplomatic AI will now be more likely to force-annex island nations rather than vassalizing, since they cannot be diplo-annexed.
The emperor will now be much less likely to force-annex HRE states.
Tweaked AI determination of enemies.
Tweaked AI determination of when to declare war.
AI will now sometimes demand military access in peace treaties with countries which they don’t border.
AI will now always call their allies in defensive wars, even if attacked by someone with a different religion on another continent.
AI is now less likely to declare war on its vassals.
AI is now little more likely to demand military access in peace deals if there’s nothing else they want.
AI is now slightly more likely to force-annex core provinces.
Fixed bug that made it much too hard to get an AI core province in a peace
AI will now be more likely to accept stab-hitting peace offers if already at negative stability
AI can now declare war on non-pagans when in colonize mode.
When considering a peace proposal, AI will now consider the rebel situation of the enemy.
Reduced enormous AI-to-AI vassalization bonus
AI should be a little more cautious about declaring war without CB
Tweaked AI prioritization of cores held by enemies
Tweaked AI enemy calculations a bit
AI should be less likely to peace out early for cash when fighting pagans
AI should be less likely to offer annexation to large vassals who are likely to reject and break the vassalization
AI should now strongly consider force-annexing instead of vassalizing if it’s not the alliance leader and the province is a core
Tweaked hitlist to be slightly more effective again
AI will no longer go to war if it has more than two rebel-held provinces
Corrected a rare bug in the diplomatic AI’s evaluation of peace offers.
Fixed potential crash bug in diplomatic AI.

# Exploration & Colonization AI #

Fixed small bug with AI colonization calculations.
AI frontier countries can now explore with conquistadors only and no fleet required
AI should now properly value gold-producing provinces when deciding where to colonize
AI should now properly target regions as defined in the AI files (only area and continent preferences were being honored)
AI is now less likely to randomly decide to go wipe out natives. When it does, it’s a little smarter about which ones to wipe out
AI now immediately considers wiping out natives if natives destroy one of its colonies
AI is now a little choosier about where to place a colony
AI now considers provinces adjoining the same sea zone to be « neighbors » for the purpose of the neighbor colony AI setting
AI now sends colonists a little more and traders a little less
AI is now likely to move on to the next province once it has explored or wiped out the natives in one
AI should be able to explore bordering owned provinces without a conquistador
AI should now be a little better at taking out natives
Colonization AI will now prefer colonies over trading posts in gold-producing provinces more of the time.
Colonization AI will now rely a tiny bit more on province base tax.
Fixed possible bug with AI colonization
Fixed potential infinite loop in colonization AI.

# Military AI #

AI exiled armies should try to go back to capital or be disbanded if no path after a peace and even if the country is still at war
AI will now try not to attack across rivers and straits
Tweaked AI enemy province evaluation formula
AI should now not split forces that are already small
AI now takes fewer troops when attacking a fortress with no enemy troops nearby
AI now takes _SIEGE_FORCE_SIZE_ define into account when calculating how many troops to bring
AI now attacks rebels more quickly than it normally would attack any other forces
AI is now likely to wait until spring before attacking an enemy province or raising a siege on a friendly province
Tweaked AI army gather point calculations
AI is now able to re-route units if they are traveling a long distance and an enemy force gets in their way
AI will now prioritize attacking besieging forces if the fortress is close to falling
AI will now prioritize rebel sieges
AI will now let rebels take back enemy-held friendly provinces
AI is now likely to continue on to a neighboring province after taking a fortress or winning a battle
Tweaked AI assault calculations
AI will now try not to build tiny forces
Tweaked AI calculations for conquering
AI will now try to take smaller forces to conquer provinces if it cannot assault yet
AI should now be somewhat more likely to take islands back from rebels
AI should no longer fall asleep when it can’t unload troops from a transport
AI should no longer even try to transport troops if attrition will decrease their numbers such that they won’t be able to disembark
Tweaked land AI enemy province prioritization again
Land AI should now make sure its gather province hasn’t been invaded by enemies before gathering there
Land AI should be a little less likely to overstack
Military AI will now prioritize retaking their own capital and provinces adjacent to it a little more.
Military AI will now try harder to retake rebel provinces if they are near the threshold for declaring independence.
Found and fixed a possible reason why the military AI might have ignored rebels.
AI should no longer build armies so far above the support limit.
AI will no longer disband exiled units if they have a leader present.
AI should now try a little harder to garrison islands with revolt risk
Fixed bug where AI wrongly thought it had troops near a potential enemy.
AI will now be a little better at bringing troops home after a war instead of disbanding them.
AI should no longer try to build up a siege force before attacking a province that has no fortress.
AI should now be a little quicker to besiege rebel-held forts
AI should now be much more diligent about taking care of rebels during peacetime
AI should now be better at launching invasions
AI should now consider launching invasions towards its own territory if there are rebels there
Reworked AI invasion logic to be able to target inland provinces if necessary
AI should be better at fighting rebels overseas
Fixed bug with AI troop calculation
Fixed a bug causing the invasion AI to occasionally get confused.
Naval AI will now prioritize breaking blockades on its own provinces, especially if a one-province minor
Tweaked AI priorities for breaking blockades
Naval AI should now think a little more about killing transports
Naval AI should now send its blockade forces more for siege help and less for income denial
Fixed bug with naval AI transport re-routing (it was causing the invasion AI to cancel its plans)
Naval AI will now consider blocking and clearing straits with its navies.
AI should no longer put its navies on half pay while it’s still at war
AI should be less likely to disband fleets
Fixed bug in AI ship allotment algorithm when splitting a fleet

# Bugs fixed
Fixed possible crash bug on the activation of the starting monarch for revolters
Fixed crash bug on the Political map view after annexation of a country
Modified check for possible crash bug on the activation of the starting monarch for revolters
Fixed a serious bug (leftover from EU2) which caused the random number generator to be seeded with the same value roughly 1/6 of the time
Fixed (or at least masked) possible crash bug
Fixed crash when loading a game from the in-game menu
Fixed CTD on surrender when a COT has closed during the game
Fixed potential crash bug.
Fixed CTD when a country is inherited while at war.
Fixed ghost combat bug.
Fixed potential crash bug.
Fixed potential infinite loop when a fleet has no place to retreat (it will now be destroyed)
Fixed crash bug if a country had a monopoly and changed tags
Added checks for retreating armies
Mercenaries are now available from start (scenario or savefile)
Fixed naval attrition after level 41 in naval.txt
Fixed T-ARMY C-ZUL A-STAND L-1.bmp
Fixed a bug with the creation of a new CoT in a province with an already existing CoT
Fixed naval maintenance costs after the force-annexation of a country
Fixed bug which caused AI to not always realize when it had explorers or conquistadors at game start
Fixed bug with detection of which port to go to when a navy has too high attrition
Fixed bug with sprites when an assault is interrupted by enemy troops
Fixed bug with the loading sequence: adjacencies were being loaded before provinces but should not have been
Hussites now have tolerance sliders after the Reformation.
Claim provinces defined at scenario start should now work properly.
Made a number of small fixes, including some tiny memory leaks.
Fixed bug with confirmation dialogs not working for fortresses.
Alert icons are now clickable even in diplomatic mapmode.
Splitting armies in an enemy-held province no longer causes an instant retreat.
Fixed potential infinite-loan bug with newly formed countries.
Fixed bug allowing overlords to have CBs on their vassals sometimes.
Fixed bug causing naval pathfinding to occasionally try to route through an undiscovered sea zone even without an explorer
The stab hit for breaking a truce now properly applies to countries allied with the attacker.
Corrected morale bar length display when a rebel unit is in a battle
Fleets can no longer cancel movement when they are being forced out of port by enemy armies
Fixed bug with possible wrong message box at the end of a game
Fixed unpause for message boxes in single player
Fixed Hands-off games using MER as selected country
Fixed combat backgrounds in the Battle Information Window
Fixed city culture change when a new fortress is finished
Fixed settings.txt saving if interface entry is missing
Fixed db colorscales structure in AGCEEP
Changing the end date should now work properly with saved games
F9 for pausing should now work when the console is open
Fixed small bug with average fire calculations on military maintenance screen.
Fixed small rounding error in financial summary screen.
The war-tax button should now have the correct tooltip when stability is at -3.
Made a few corrections to countries.txt
Made a few corrections to revolt.txt
Corrected some Persian events
Corrected one Dutch event
China no longer has cores on rivers in 1700, 1773, and 1795 scenarios
Removed duplicate entry for Ufa in Russian files in 1773 and 1795 scenarios
Removed duplicate entry for Hormouz in Persian files in 1773 and 1795 scenarios
Removed duplicate policy entry for Prussia in 1795 scenario
Fixed some tooltips on the colonization screen.
Fixed bug allowing rebels to get Napoleonic-era fast sieges in late game even when the country they were rebelling from was not high-tech.

# Game balance
Armies cannot load into moving fleets anymore
Chance of civil wars is now dependent on the difficulty. AI chance for civil wars is inversely dependent on the difficulty
Military maintenance now scales base morale from 0.5 to 1 instead of from 0.75 to 1.
Provinces which have no land connection to the capital now cost less in peace score the longer they have been occupied (down to 50% after 10 years)
If no province next to a rebel-held province is owned, the rebels will try to defect to neighbors of neighboring provinces.
Tweaked the new defection rules to allow defecting across an empty province if all bordering provinces are owned by the same country — not just if there are no bordering provinces at all.
Conquistadors can now always try to disembark into terra incognita, even if it is owned by someone.
Rebels stuck in unsettled provinces are now disbanded
CoTs cannot appear in provinces not controlled by their owner anymore except if created by event
Cavalry and wind bonuses are now recalculated when a new unit joins the battle
Cavalry bonus is now recalculated every time a new phase begins.
Banning from an alliance no longer uses up a temporary CB.
Rebels can now only assault if the province owner is able to.
Made the CRC permanent CB against all heretics work both directions
Monarchs should now always take precedence over other generals, even if their rank is lower
Revolt calculations are now more correct for the displayed percentages.
Revolt calculations are no longer different for AI countries.

# Miscellaneous
Replaced exotic with pagan for religion in vanilla and AGCEEP provinces.txt
The in-game Menu LOAD button is now disabled if the current game is multiplayer
Reworked the numbering of the screensave files and location folder is now Screenshots
Logs and Screenshots folders are automatically created if missing, including mods
Modified display of the day for default saved game names
Peterthethird cheat should now work for all diplomatic options
Drake, gustavus, cromwell and polo cheats now require an amount as parameter
The « info » cheat now shows the AI’s current budget percentages.
Made console a little larger.
The message for a destroyed army or fleet now shows even if it occurred in a battle, not just attrition
Removed the barracks sprite from colonies, since it’s useless and sometimes covers up the natives sprite.
Added tooltip on shields for the Cultural map mode
Replaced monthly incomes x 12 with estimated census taxes in the treasury tooltip
Province revolt risk tooltip doesn’t display causes with 0 as effect anymore
Reworked Glory breach.bmp image (thanks to Ayeshteni)
Tooltips for revolt risk and officials notifiers now truncate after 10 provinces
The truce-expiring notifier now warns a full year in advance
The revolt risk notifier now also works for controlled provinces.
The delayed morale rollover in the unit screen now shows the correct numbers.
« Country declares independence » is now a goto-type message.
White peace offers will now show information about alliance leaders, like other peace offers already do.
Adjusted the shading scale for province richness in the economic mapmode.
In the ledger, fort levels are no longer shown as decimal values.
In the ledger, all tables will now use the first column (usually the name) as a tiebreaker when sorting.
Alert icons are no longer shown when the ledger is up, since they are not clickable then.
Province size modifier in Db/Map/Provinces.txt should now work with decimal numbers, not just integers
Added warning when a fleet is defined in the scenario files as being in a land province without a port
The parser now mod_debugs the name of each event file it opens.
Dates of owner and controller change are now saved in savegames
Leaders can now appear in their scripted location if there is a friendly army there, even if the province is controlled by enemies (which makes rebel leaders easier to script).
Generals will now always appear in their scripted location if there are troops there, even if there are already other generals present.
Province backgrounds which do not exist should no longer be held in memory and drawn
Made slight optimization to naval pathfinding
Made small optimization to province weather calculations
Made slight optimization to checks for naval unit access
Made a few optimizations, mainly in the month-end process.
Removed some unnecessary loops during month-end calculations.
Changed some internal data structures to make more sense and be much faster (centers of trade and religious restrictions, to be precise).
Made several further optimizations, mainly targeted at mods with large numbers of countries.
Made some optimizations to internal diplomatic checks.
Bumped the top speed up a notch.
Switzerland’s Tagsatzung can no longer become emperor
All Dutch explorers now have sensible values (no more 9/0/0 leaders)
Corrected one Korean event
Removed empty leadertable from REB’s definition in scenario files to allow for future rebel leaders
Gave England CB shields on Irish and Scottish provs in all applicable scenarios rather than a wimpy CB on the countries themselves
Scotland’s claims on the north of England are now claims rather than national provinces
Removed shipyard in Tago from 1492 scenario since the event doesn’t fire until 1500
Removed COT in Andalusia from 1492 scenario since the event doesn’t fire until 1500
Turned Mascate into a claim instead of a national province in POR_3268
Removed Scottish cores on Ireland in vanilla 1419 scenario

# Text changes
Reworked colony and colonial city levels and reworked HEAD_COL in Addendum
Reworked BAR_TREASURY_D in addendum.csv
Fixed \n in LTLEVEL_LTIW, NTLEVEL_NTIW and TRADELEVEL_TRADEIW of technologies.csv and in INFLEVEL_INFIW of addendum.csv
Fixed RRISK_EVENT in addendum.csv
Added ROL_EMPINFO in Addendum
Fixed BUTTON_0037 in interface.csv
Fixed ENG_1795_S, SPA_1795_S, HAB_1795_C and RUS_1795_S in scenarios.csv
Fixed EVENTHIST164603 and EVENTHIST338055 in events.csv
Corrected the tooltip for the Holy Roman Emperor.
Fixed CITY_VendĂŠe to « Les Sables d’Olonne » in French translation
Fixed COWLAND, COWNAVAL and COWCULTURE in French interface.csv
Fixed diplomacy entries from AWDWLS to AWDWGOODREL in French interface.csv
Fixed MAD_DESC in French countries.csv
Fixed « belligĂŠrence » to « belligĂŠrance » and length of HPWPOP in the French translation
Corrected French translation of Mainz from Mayance to Mayence.
Corrected French translation of Macedonia from MacĂŠdonie to MacĂŠdoine.
Corrected French translation of Rumelia from RoumeĂŠie to RoumĂŠlie.
Corrected a country and a province entry in French translation
Fixed the name of Prussia (the province) in French translation
Corrected MAI_DESC in French translation
Corrected EVENTHIST3437 in French translation
Corrected EVENTHIST3444 in French translation
Corrected EVENTHIST3304 in French translation
Corrected three strings that were mysteriously misplaced in French translation (ACTIONNAME3846A, DAU, and HSA)

SunAge 1.09.8


- band selection of units in the multiplayer pregame sequence is possible.
- icarus bomber – quickly switching modes allows to use primary weapon without cooldown time
- Ordering units to move into a harbinger and then ordering them to stop causes them to be immediately loaded into the harbinger regardless of their distance
- Ordering units to move into a taurus or harbinger and they fade to invisible. Ordering them to move while invisible and not loaded in the transports causes them to remain invisible until the transport is ordered to move.
- order units to repair stuff – then press stop they halt and repair from whereever they are…
- Units ordered to enter a moving gateship will move to the gateship position at which the order was issued and be loaded into it regardless of the current gateship position.
- A squad with a commander connected to it will receive bonuses from the commander regardless of where the commander is located with relation to the rest of the squad. A commander connected to a squad on the opposite side of the map will immediately infer bonuses.
- Mousing over enemy buildings reveals the enemy’s waypoints.
- When a rally point for a sky fort is placed on impassable terrain (e.g. empty space or water) the units will not leave the sky fort position.
- div. Particle emittings seem to get “bufferedâ€� and are started when the unit gets into the visibe area – eg. The transporters Takeoff / landing – dust…
- Harbingers sometimes land on water instead of moving to land. Units may be unloaded at this location but cannot be moved or reloaded.
- Harvesting units do not always drop resources at the nearest station. Further testing indicates that mining units designate the station closest to location when the order is given rather than the location closest to the resource location.
- Harvesting autoresuming fails after all stations have been killed, and a new station has been built afterwards.
- Harvesting units traveling to an occupied station stop when it is occupied regardless of how far they are from it.
- Only one M.O.L.E. can be selected at a time with standard unit selection. This is contrary to standard unit selection.
- The scuttler engine graphic can be seen even when cloaked in fog of war.
- Reapers do not display the loading animation when being loaded into a gateship.
- Entering the menu loops unit sounds (such as attacking soldiers gunshots). This can become annoying.
- The player can still control cameral movements during cutscenes. This can lead to long pauses when the view is moved to see locations.
- Fog of War history is not recovered when loading games in single player.
- Selecting a Taurus containing units and pressing « A » to lift it off causes one or two units to exit the Taurus before lifting off.
- Pressing the « S » key only cancels a units current order. All other queued orders will still be active. I would expect pressing « S » to cancel the current order and all queued orders.
- A squad with an Enhancement Pod attached sometimes cannot be given preferred orders.
- displaying of “%� doesnt work in mapprogress-panel
- when dying in ingame-sequence – mouse cursor remains invisible: game::forceguimouse (0) inserted both in _complete and in _failed
- ai enhancer – is groupable with other enhancers, even with the symbiont
- skimmers max. formation width to wide – set to 8
- mutants max. formation width waaay to wide – restrict to 8
- minimap: resources are displayed very dark
- intensify energy bars on pressing TAB
- fix commandqueue – displaying / also display repair and build-actions seperately
- dont display rallypoints of non-controllable factories
- taurus – wrong deployment icon – A causes the unit to deploy AND then to thrust – argh
- explosive weapons are way too strong – error in database…
- laser weapons that aim on objects that have hitpoint at z 0 (eg. dem. machines) tend not to hit because they go into ground first
- units grouped with enhancement pod cant be assigned preferred targets
- sfx: golgotha walking sfx triggered when dying
- sfx: factories / upgrade buildings getting disconnected keep holding building sfx – just turn it off.
- Key: « . » to detach one unit
- Key: « , » to detach all damaged units ( <= 35 % )
- looped sounds: fade out looped sounds when game is paused / freezed ? Fade in looped sounds when game is unpaused / unfrozen ?
- research buildings keep on researching when disconnected
- trooper lasers and prolly all other laserweapons as well hit flying units (eg. A taurus) on the flyby… (filter flying units out of this “inlineâ€� objects
- during in game sequences – units can be selected / bandselected and so on – that should not be – things to take care of: selects, bandselections, formation draggings, – CANCEL all band-selection actions or dragging formation actions on cutscene begin…
- ai skyfort – building sound doesnt stop
- ai gateship – beaming up / down – gateopening sound is also always played
- beam sound – often sounds cut
- ai reapers dont have beam effect / sounds
- ai skimmers dont have beaming sound
- savegames loose the FOW – state
- SHIFT Band selection – selects locked squads as well… should exclude all that are locked for another player AND also all that have BI_GO or BI_GROUP
- saving destroys the xs-denied flag
- additional (default) input scheme RMB-doubleclick ? auto-move in range for current weapon (like up to 60%) ? focus fire then switches to RMB long click (300 ms) – in the standard behavoir RMB long click or LMB long click performs that automove & attack.
- squad bottom panel (for the hover info) (at least in debug-version) keeps fading in to full – stays some secs – then starts again to fadein – REPRODUCED NOW IN RELEASE EXEC AS WELL (only at level start ???)


- 00 tutorial: Speaking of the tutorial, the two heavy soldiers pictured here at the east field base entrance are pretty much useless:
- 00 tutorial: Initial Transport Harbinger should be completely XS denied – also after deploying the soldiers
- 01 domecity: at the fetch bmr objective – make an fow-opener to show the bmr
- 01 domecity: barricades way too weak – tanks got never pulverised on medium level.
- 01 domecity: builduing a molestation on the non-suggested point keeps the ghostbuilding blinking – FORCE the location to this very particular place.
- 02 tunnels: replay level – find bugs on your own…
- 02 tunnels: pregroup ethan with soldiers – reduce to 25 in total ?
- 02 tunnels: intro: markers to the left and the right side are not visible when the cut scene is played in full length – wait for camera before the markers are set ? ‌ and the tip is given…
- 02 tunnels: Level redesign: just one closed path behind the northern plutonium should lead to the lost squad
- 04 domebreach: When pressing ESC during the initial cutscene something weird is going on – soldiers are not disembarking right – or Lex is not displayed – whatever – disembarking soldiers are not visible (because guys are frozen ?)
- 04 domebreach: Faded out lex is selectable – and gets semivisible when hovering over…
- 04 domebreach: Destabilizing the mystery hardware – blow is too much – disable it…
- 04 domebreach: Objective “Capture Zirkonium resourceâ€�has a (null) as subobjective…
- 05 paradise found: first gas eruption is way too fast – soldiers have no chance to escape to that plateau
- 05 paradise found: put some wallblockers around the gas – entrance so soldiers wont run into the gas by accident when taking the best route
- 05 paradise found: time between towerdefense – attack waves – way too long – they seem to wait for the waves being completely destroyed – solution: dont wait until they are destroyed – cast the waves in delays a ~ 30 seconds…
- 05 paradise found: towerdefense attack waves: NEVER use path 2 – units seem to get stuck – or maybe explore their behavior – what they are waiting for…
- 05 paradise found: its now way to easy to fly over to the island, its not really necessary to destroy the aa on ground…
- 05 paradise found: new initial objective: ‘Explore the planet’ – set cleared when ethan finds the gassy swamps
- 05 paradise found: mission failed text is too long “ ‌ destroys the whole area ‌ “ – shorten that
- 05 paradise found: Exit area is completely unclear – no marker, no camera movement there nothing
- 05 paradise found: Enlarge exit area – enlarge this island – its ridiculously small
- 05 paradise found: Final escape mission – delete all the units that are NOT antiair – related – its just annoying after such a long mission to fight those guys again
- 05 paradise found: some of the stalkers on the sandy islands are just spawned over each other (prolly will be deleted as a whole anyway)
- 05 paradise found: Missing water textures in the region of the sandy islands
- 06 hold ground: intro: let lex fade out
- 06 hold ground: place taurus higher so its not initially visible
- 06 hold ground: check taurus party – and make it either unselectable
- 06 hold ground: place markers on the 3 dropzones where the cams are moving
- 06 hold ground: Is there a hint or an objective to take care of the taurus ? nah, i just make it invulnerable…
- 06 hold ground: Download time – reduce from 30 minutes to 15 minutes
- 06 hold ground: 70 percent downloaded message coming at 60 %
- 08 nuke: out-comment SHIFT+M mintile error – happens when theres too many burned tiles over each other – just kill that error
- 08 nuke: give start resources after complex tower has been captured – so that at least 2-3 transmitters can be rebuilt… (600 blue)
- 09 domain: blue mine seems to be corrupt – doesnt mine resources when slaves are in there…
- 09 domain: Slavemasters / slaves cant attck after reloading a game / try with / without attached slaves
- 09 domain: freezing after / in first cutscene (that one coming after killing the units that come out of the 2 harbingers) – game either freezes or crashes – some kind of recursion going on there ? Script wise ?
- 09 domain: monolith seems a bit short on health
- 09 domain: slingers coming to aid you – cant be controlled at first and get the stand somewhere south – so player wont use them – maybe make the instanty controllable AND let them drive to a more prominent place. (near monolith ?)
- 10 trinity: Sauk wants to slave the portal (Slave it) – but then you attack it – hmmm, maybe ok
- 10 trinity: text: says two foes -> two foes
- 11 exodus: mission failed message too long when DMs were destroyed… shorten that
- 12 brood: nitrium ore goes minus after a while of playing (eg after placing the second hook)
- 12 brood: freeing the cyborgs doesnt unfreeze all the other units again
- 12 brood: Youre playing Madok, but in the map the Sauk-character runs around
- 12 brood: in text: anomoly instead of anomaly
- 12 brood: destroying the headquarter first (before freeing the cyborgs) madok still says something like revenging to the cyborgs – could seem weird – check that
- 13 kinship: mutants – max. formation width set to 8
- 13 kinship: in minimap – resource colors are way too dark
- 13 kinship: shield troopers are used in mysterious odd looking ways
- 13 kinship: 2 lost gasclouds remaining below the main gas area – remove them
- 13 kinship: Rallypoints of non-controllable buildings are visible when hovering over them…
- 15 desecration: cyborgs max. formation width too high – set to 8
- 15 desecration: hole in map – above the northern western human base where the 2nd reinforcements appear
- 15 desecration: last reinforcements are not shown (fow opening missing) – cam moves there but fow is not opened (in time) – then cam moves on to shrine
- 15 desecration: outro: before « now i can bring back madok » … screen fades out & immediately fades in again… – check it and remove it
- 16 spawn: island on the lower left where to sacrifice sauk is never mentioned / shown – question is: is this sacrificing and turning in the spawnfreak really necessary ? Does more than one problem only Spawnfreak can be built one mission before
- 16 spawn: after killig 60 scientists the event didnt fire – after walking around on the map at some point it fired. (guess there was still one there)
- 16 spawn: last sequence with spawnfreak – skip it – doesnt make ANY sense at all
- 17 virus: nitrium ore storages are switched when the resource is discovered ???
- 17 virus: for skimmers and stalkers to rebuild add a green resource
- 17 virus: strange text: SUPPRESSION SQUADS STARTING – remove
- 17 virus: intro: mainframe repairing – let scuttler drive towards the mainframe and let some time pass to « repair »
- 17 virus: Remove the stalkers from the losing-condition
- 18 specimen: specimen sighting only possible with stalkers – not fine…
- 18 specimen: objectives order: make terrain data – objective non-optional
- 18 specimen: objectives order: put specimen sighting stuff right after the event « terrain data received »
- 18 specimen: mention in a tip that you should observe the specimen from the ridge
- 19 assimilation: After dying as symbiont – ethan is respawned
- 19 assimilation: ethan dies in the beginning – no mission failed ?
- 19 assimilation: sequence with cultists, snipers, golgothas in the middle of the map – simplify – its just dying and retrying until all the Cultists are killed – boring
- 19 assimilation: Swamps & swampfreak – sequence – mark the guide to make it more obvious what to do
- 19 assimilation: move the last crystal to destroy down – to make it more accessible
- 19 assimilation: swamps & swampfreak – sequence: lighten the dark fog – player cannot see shit – thats ridiculous
- 19 assimilation: sequence which shows all the crystals to destroy – freeze the game to enable proper scrolling there…
- 19 assimilation: add tip and marker to the position to “ascendâ€� – so the player actually knows that he has to move ethan there
- 19 assimilation: do not allow units to enter the harbinger
- 19 assimilation: symbiont has big problems destroying the last crystal – because of gas – remove gas from that area or at least from near the crystal
- 19 assimilation: Symbiont enters harbinger – and while the cutscene is running – they get killed (harbinger OR symbiont OR both?)
- 19 assimilation: After the 1st time you are deployed via harbinger you have to fight a way full of robots – TOO MANY – Half that.
- 19 assimilation: after destroying the crystals – cutscene: pressing ESC in here makes the symbiont run in the right corner instead of boarding the transporter – breaking the map – but obviously at the end of the cutscene when the transporter lands you should press ESC otherwise the symbiont will get killed while the cutscene is still playing
- 20 raid: dont allow stalkers to be built OR rearrange map so stalkers can walk
- 20 raid: timer display when holding sky fort – objective is active
- 20 raid: text bug: “recommeded�
- 20 raid: at least some of the objectives are never listed as succeeded
- 21 prime: the primers in the 3rd row dont animate when they are triggered – check objects in map (in the 1st and the 2nd they do)
- 21 prime: plutonium and zirconium are not visible in the enemies bases even after destroying them. – when giving the orders – remove the fow over the resources. (half fow ?)
- 21 prime: typo: succesful – 2 times
- 21 prime: tip to disable phalanx nukes by back door entering comes too early
- 21 prime: Destroy-sequences of human bases: should be more impressive – remove fow there move cam there – make it a longseq
- 21 prime: nuking doesnt work at all – phalanx just switch modes and thats it
- 22 link: first sequence – camera should move to battle scene after units have been deployed via gateship
- 22 link: typo “course not?! ?…â€�
- 22 link: game freeze in last sequence would be a good idea
- 22 link: remove debug message: “SETTING MAIN FINAL …â€�
- 23 reboot: Igs0 – wait after image 2 – some seconds ?
- 24 extermination: mapprogress atonce
- 24 extermination: total timer hangs after loading a game

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