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Video: What is Zimbra ? Open source collaborative suite

Publié le 01 décembre 2010 par Joll

What is Zimbra ? What is an open source collaborative suite ? Lars Ronning was interviewed by Dave Neary.


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Lars Nordhild Rønning is head of Zimbra’s operations in EMEA, with him and his team focusing on sales and deployments of innovative Web 2.0 Open Source Messaging and Collaboration solutions into large educationalinstitutions, enterprises and service providers. Lars, a native of Denmark but now based in London, has for the last 20 years specialized in identifying new and promising US technology companies and bringing them to Europe, including WaveMarket (Location Based Services), Systems (messaging infrastructure software), Diba/ Sun Microsystems (internet information appliances), 7 th Level (online and CD-rom based gaming and educational software) and Micrografx (computer graphics). Lars received his education from Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle, USA and Copenhagen University and Business School, Denmark.

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