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Ligne Bis.. Mademoiselle Tara!

Publié le 14 juin 2011 par Djinni

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Ouuuh, I like it when a fashion buzz hits the net! This time it's Parisian/Canadian brand Tara Jarmon who is behind the lovely summer fashion gossip!

I love Tara Jarmon. Fresh impertinant, spontaneous, preppy is what comes to mind when we think of their designs. It's never provocative, but always elegant and, for me, synonimous of the modern yet retro woman who is totally in control, Mad Men meets Ally McBeal, you see? Maybe that's why I can never actually bring myself to wear anything from Tara Jarmon...

But that's about to change!

Amazing brand strategy manager has come up with the cool idea of offering a younger, retro-fresh line, bearing the charming name of Mademoiselle Tara. Good girl cuts, but in fresh funky colors will be hitting our stored this fall, with short dresses and plastic raincoats (will we ever see one of those in Dubai???)

The even cooler thing is the preview shots of the collection with Rock'n Roll model Irina Lazareanu! I think's that's such a clever choice to give the brand the edge it might have lacked, Irina being by definition a girl next door we all want to look like!

Price wise, we are talking the same range as the currant Tara Jarmon brand..  on the pricier side, but worth checking out in sale season!

In the meantime, let's just get a feel of the collection thanks to the shots which I think were taken in Palais Royal, and work ou to get our legs ready for those minis!


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