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Still Waiting.....

Publié le 26 novembre 2007 par Guillaume De Thomas

So, 5 days overdue now and this is TORTURE!
I am SO uncomfortable and just want to sleep all the time which menas I am not sleeping so well at night.
Just getting u and down the stairs is difficult and I am BORED. Rob has got me a couple of new books but I have read them now, and I have a serious case of cabin fever.
I managed to go and see my friend Sarah (Bev) at the weekend and she cooked me a lovely lunch which was fun. I also saw Vic before she left for a business trip to the US. She is back on Sunday and anxious that the baby will be here by then!
Thank goodness they both live nearby- I can get on the bus at the end of our road and get of directly outside Vic's house, then get a minivab down the road to Sarah's and back home after- no walking involved!
Rob is feeling stressed now too- he just wants the uncertainty to end (and of course 2 weeks off work!)
People are ringing and emailing all the time now too wanting to know where the baby is- which is making me feel like a failure!
We promise that we won't keep it to ourselves when it happens!
(Please let it be soon...)
The midwife is coming round on Wednesday to do a 'sweep'- I won't go into the horrible details but they are hoping this might move things along.
Fingers crossed.

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