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HoI III For the Motherland 3.04, Combat Command 1.01a, CM Shock Force 1.32, War in the East 1.04.36, Star Ruler

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Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland 3.04

Full Changelog:
- fixed issue with auto peacing out when using default fallback goal
- fixed issue with GiE effect taking temporary control of friends
provinces which could make them surrender
- fixed issue with mixed scripted goals not firing in correct order
- fixed crash in theatre view when theatre lackshq unit (like luxemburg)
- Moved some VPs in FIN around.
- LIT no longet gets Polish land from Molotov–Ribbentrop pact.
- added text for population_crisis
- better check on when SOV can demand eastern Poland
- set some missing Molotov–Ribbentrop flags in SOV’s history file
- End of winter war event should fire only once
- Added missing provinces to western france region
- Fixed nuclear effect to be positive (heavy water and uranium tooltip).
- Fixed exploit – it is now impossible to manually cancel rebasing order when the unit is already on it’s way.
- fixed possible crash in wargoal listing on diplomacy view
- we surrender message now pauses by default
- fixed issue with much too aggressive starting laws
- GiE will now peace out properly from event spawning war goals
- SCW victory event now has correct text and sets Madrid as capital
- Fixed tutorial – incorrect tabs was highlighted in all tutorials, except basic.
- Fixed tutorial – it was possible to close the tab with keyboard numbers, leaving empty rectangles and arrows.
- Fixed shortcuts in tutorial, so using F1,F2,F3,etc is locked, the same as corresponding buttons.
- add wargoal effect tooltip now always display correct involved countries
- fixed random crash with deleted expeditionary forces in invasions
- province tooltip in political mode also shows terrain type
- coups now replace ruling party also
- coup is much harder vs someone in a faction
- if in faction when suffering a coup you drop out of any faction and
ideology alignment change towards the coup’s mastermind.
- threat mission a bit stronger
- Fixed « Undeclared War Region effect » description, so it doesn’t require $REGION$ tag which was missing.
- Fixed AI Garrison management bug, causing the units shuffle around between the provinces forever.
- Fixed bug – constructing unit as reserve, save and reload caused that practical ability bonus was applied without « modifier reserve penalty ».
- Fixed the deployment view, so the scrollbar value is remembered when deploying multiple units.
- fixed issue where supply would be drawn from capital instead of
acting capital when capital is under enemy control
- End of winter war event should fire only once, I mean it this time
- Choosing to continue the WW adds the annex goal
- add wargoal cooldown reduced to 1 month
- the_continuation war2 has title/desc (same as the_continuation war)
- coups no longer end wars
- Align towards faction modifiers now have text

Combat Command: The Matrix Edition 1.01a

The update fixes a few issues including a problem with PBEM games, adds Bocage to the Editor, and includes a new set of art from JMass which replaces the original map art files, adds a Spring tileset, and offers an additional zoom level.

En téléchargement chez Matrix.

Combat Mission: Shock Force 1.32


This v1.32 Patch requires Combat Mission Shock Force updated to v1.31!!

It does not matter where you purchased the game, or if you have any Modules installed or not. If you are playing CMSF v1.31 now, with or without any one of the modules or all of them, then you can install this patch.

The v1.32 Patch needs to be installed in the same directory that currently contains your v1.31 full version. The Patch will attempt to automatically select the correct folder for you, but due to the number of different game versions out there, this check is not always 100% accurate.
**Before installing, please make sure that the Installatin Path points to the correct folder, which contains your full version of CMSF v1.31!**

During installation, this patch will allow you to select which components of the game you would like to patch. Multiple choices are allowed, and you have to choose ALL the game components that you have currently installed for the patch to work correctly. The choices include:

- CMSF (you select this if you have just the base game and no modules installed)
- Marines Module (you select this if you have the Marines module)
- British Forces Module (you select this if you have the British Forces module)
- NATO Module (you select this if you have the NATO module)

Example: if you have CMSF and all three modules, you would make sure that ALL FOUR options are CHECKED.

Example Two: if you have CMSF and only the NATO module, and no other modules, you would make sure that the options for CMSF and NATO are CHECKED, and the options for Marines and British Forces are UNCHECKED

If you make a mistake, simply re-run the patch and make sure to select the right components to update.

NOTE: Save games from v1.31 ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.32, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before upgrading to v1.32.

Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.32 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this Game patch. Mod authors will need to updated their mods using the v1.32 strings.txt embedded into the new « Version 132.brz » file.

This patch will update your core CMSF game and all modules to v1.32, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a brief list of some of the new v1.32 game features.

Combat Mission Shock Force v1.32 features
* TO&E corrections.
* Computer player is a bit more aggressive in moving on the attack.
* Squads split into specialized teams and reallocate their grenades more intelligently.
* In a campiagn, vehicles with decimated crews that don’t refit won’t be brought to the next battle with that decimated crew only to be immediately considered knocked out as a result.
* In a campaign, heavy weapons teams will receive a new heavy weapon (if the previous one was lost) even if the force as a whole does not refit.
* Camera movement and zooming keys are smoother.
* Corrected a problem that gave too much much protection to soldiers on rooftops against airbursts.
* Explosive power of minefields is toned down.
* Marder IFVs carry a panzerfaust for passenger use.
* In hotseat games, the arrival of reinforcements does not occur until after the next player has entered his password.
* Assault moves work better.
* Flashes of light, at night, look better.
* Numerous small fixes.
* Various stability improvements.

En téléchargement chez Battlefront.

Gary Grisby’s War in the East 1.04.36

This significant update includes major changes with the First Winter scenario along with various changes relating to Soviet Guard units, Partisans, and how Fortifications work. There are also changes to how damaged units are returned as replacements, how combat is resolved with multiple attacking units, many aspects of the air war, and much more. In addition, there have been several improvements to the UI and AI and a host of other fixes and adjustments that have been added through months of testing and player feedback. To reflect the many changes and tweaks, an updated manual is also included.

En téléchargement chez Matrix.

Star Ruler

[Fixed] Taking over planets from AIs would sometimes prevent the planet from importing a particular resource.
[Fixed] Deleting a savegame deleted the wrong entry in the list.
[Fixed] Opening the options menu twice at the same time from the escape menu would crash the game.
[Fixed] Attractors did not function.
[Fixed] Dry Docks building other orbiting objects now no longer teleport some of those to close orbit around the sun.
[Fixed] You couldn’t access a mod’s effects in the particle editor.
[Fixed] Loading a game for multiplayer would allow clients to join the empire the host was controlling.
[Fixed] Effector data mismatch error could occur when loading saves with accented characters in blueprint names.
[Fixed] Jump Drives would sometimes retain orders in their previous system after jumping, causing them to fly back.
[Fixed] AIs would propose treaties involving goods and luxuries to empires with the « Eusocial Society » trait.
[Changed] AIs in the tutorial will no longer declare war on the player themselves.
[Changed] Updated French community translation. Thanks Mikey5887!
[Changed] Planet conditions are now tinted green or red according to whether they are beneficial or harmful.
[Changed] System rings are now off by default (replaced by the new information on the system plane).
[Changed] The system plane is now colorized to the color of the dominant empire in that system.
[Changed] The total available slots on a planet can now be seen after a system is explored, even if you no longer have vision.
[Changed] Using the right click menu to build ships now builds those ships on all selected planets or dry docks.
[Changed] Explicitly ordering tools to fire now works when the ship is on ‘Hold Fire’ stance.
[Changed] Boarding Parties can be explicitly fired from the right click menu, letting you set ‘Hold Fire’ and board without destroying the other ship.
[Changed] The Directed Spatial Manipulator no longer fires independently, but must be ordered from the right click menu to prevent wasting shots on insignificant targets.
[Changed] Updated Polish community translation. Thanks maxi!
[Balance] Halve all planetary damage reduction.
[Balance] Halve population reproduction rates.
[Balance] Halve population reproduction rates again when the planet is under attack.
[Balance] Decreased hull absorption rates to 30%/50%/70% for Light/Medium/Heavy hull respectively.
[Balance] Buff boarding defense.
[Added] Players can now toggle planets to allow or disallow importing or exporting resources.
[Added] Detonating the quasar now creates a chain reaction that causes most of the stars in the galaxy to be destroyed over time.
[Added] Added option to keep the mouse cursor in the window.
[Added] Added compatibility option for Intel Integrated GPUs.
[Added] The system planes now display bars/pips around the edge representing the military strength of empires in that system.
[Added] When hovering over a system or star you no longer have vision over, the time since you last had intel is displayed.
[Added] Research automation checkbox: when turned on, automatically research the lowest level tech when you’re not researching something else.
[Added] Right-clicking a star or system now also shows a « Build Ships on All… » option.

En téléchargement chez Blind Mind Studios.

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