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Civilization 5 1.01.348, Mount & Blade Warband 1.143, King Arthur 1.04, StarCraft II 1.3.4

Publié le 14 juillet 2011 par Cyberstratege

Civilization 5 1.01.348

- Hot-Seat: Refresh resource icons for each player so that you cannot see another players resource icons above the fog. This also allowed you to see the location of a natural wonder discovered by another player as well. Both have been addressed with this fix.
- Hot-Seat: Fix auto-save issue that was causing “Next Turn” hangs on re-load when players had no AI in the match.
- Policies: Fix an issue that was causing policy finishers to count against the cost of the next policy (should be free).
- UI: Map Options panel now works correctly for both multi-player and single player.
- Modding: Fix problem that caused errors when starting WorldBuilder.
- Modding: Fix problem causing WorldBuilder maps loaded as scenarios to always load the first leader slot instead of the selected leader.
- Exploit: Close exploit that allowed a user to “sell” a free building for gold each turn without losing the building.
- Multiplayer: Because of a hot-seat change, the chat window would end your turn every time a user hit “enter” after typing something in chat. This is now corrected.

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Mount & Blade: Warband 1.143

Some rebalances to the trade/production systems.

Mod system Fixes:
Shield replacement w/out respawning visual error has been fixed.
Scene objects damage editing has been fixed.

Bug Fixes:
Crash to desktop when entering a new scene bug has been fixed.
Fixed random problems with merchants’ inventories not showing up sometimes.
Lady of the Lake achievement bugs have been fixed.

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Mount & Blade: Warband 1.142

- Six new Steam achievements…
- Several new operations added for use by modders.
- Sarranid Archer and Sarranid Master Archer no longer have jarids.
- Mounted units cannot spawn on walls
- 3d mouse on map window for 3dvision;
- 3d vision convergence has been decreased;
- ti_on_agent_hit position is moved down a bit in order to give the correct damage value, and it now uses the trigger result as the dealt damage if it is greater than or equal to zero.
- mayor_politics_assess_realm dialog having no options after all factions are defeated bug is fixed.
- party_count_members_with_full_health no longer counts player as a regular troop. needs some testing on battles and sieges.
- qst_troublesome_bandits no longer gives reputation penalty when it is aborted due to someone else destroying the party.
- Shield no longer gets damaged when the attack is chamber blocked.
- process_text now encodes for url if requested. therefore url strings will only encode the tokens like {s0} {s1} etc for url.
- show_item_details_with_modifier operation is added for showing item details which have modifiers (unlike the original operation).
- several wrong operation condition checks are corrected.
- Font is now reloaded when player switches to a new module without closing the application.
- module_version, compatible_module_version, compatible_savegame_module_version keys are added to module.ini
- become_knocked_down works for mounted agents too (but they don’t get knocked down with an animation, they just continue fighting).
- healing of wounded troops of parties are now related to wounded troop ratio in that party and 50% slower also it is a bit related to campaign ai.
- overlay_set_container_overlay, agent_get_ammo_for_slot, scene_prop_set_prune_time operations are added
- agent_unequip_item and agent_equip_item operations now have new parameters
- ti_on_player_exit trigger is added
- mission_object_prune_time is added as a key to module.ini
- savegame checksum calculation no longer requires megabytes of memory (which causes the CTDs during saves).
- restore module objects is removed from ctrl + m
- equipping unequipping agents after they are spawned had several visual bugs. they are all fixed.
- Crash when exiting dedicated server (bugid:3431) fixed;
- new sound system is redone, and working fine under both old and new versions
- ti_on_scene_prop_hit: set_trigger_result sets the damage dealt, just like the new feature for ti_on_agent_hit.
- scene_prop_set_cur_hit_points is added
- agent_equip_item and agent_unequip_item bugs are fixed (minor)
- Various minor item stat fixes
- Rhodok infantry troops dont have battle forks and military sycthes anymore
- Long axes and great axes now have proper « unbalance » penalty
- Minor balance bug .. Rhodok Multiplayer_ai items changed (was clone of nords scout)
- inventory infinite ammo bug is fixed
- client side fixes for agent ragdoll effects;
- dedicated server fixes;
- tableau fixes for new 3d vision drivers

King Arthur – The Roleplaying Wargame 1.04

Tourney Ground and Veteran Camp buildings – effect fixed
Neverending Feast Objective updated (Requires an earlier Save Game then the Objective.)
Faster Construction law – fixed
Wrath of Sir Galahad Objective fixed (non-closing bug)
Recruitment Camp freeze fixed
Banner of Deepwood and Banner of Cuchulainn – Multiplayer bug fixed
Sword of Taranis – Lightning spell effect fixed
Hero and unitkill summary fixed (at Restart Battle)
Non-available Knights on the Round Table – fixed
Sunshine and Smashing force spell duration updated
Hedgehog Defense skill – fixed
Unassailable Samhain army – fixed
Mercia Divided bug fixed
Movement point system updated
Magistrate building effect fixed
Drag& Drop option at battle spells selection

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty 1.3.4

Fixed a bug that would cause some Leagues & Ladder pages not to show correctly.

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