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Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

Publié le 08 novembre 2011 par Christianpoulot @lemodalogue

Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

A few words and photos about young designers i meet this week end during C-Kult exhibition at Galerie Joseph.

Eureka, London

Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

Young designer from Singapour is influenced by a power woman, from Odin time (ancient) for the Fall 2011 to a military inspired (modern) for summer 2012. Heureka is actually selling in London and New York city.

I first like the basic line mixed with the work of folding/pleats and the zip thing. I also like the « bullets » pattern creating a sort of… bulletproof garments.

Heureka, fall 2011 video

Heureka is here

Fors, Germany-Netherlands

Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

Bettina and Patrizia

The two designers from Germany were showing two collections. What surprised me more was the difference in the women outfits between the first (very feminine) and second collection (more balanced and for men and women). I also like their intellectual/arty approach of fashion. Bettina and Patrizia explain their choice and their work through three questions:

What define a woman or a man nowdays?
How to make feminine outfits without making the « typical » things?
How to still be sexy without being too direct?

Actually they prefer doing installations for showing their collections through films or in intimate atmospheres.

Fors, « Différance », début collection, Summer 2011 video

Fors, Fall 2012, video

Fors is here

Daniela Barros, Portugal

Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

I first met Daniela through Facebook one year ago. I then interview Joana Ferreira, a friend of her, during Porto fashion week.  I follow her work since and of course as she was in Paris, I can’t miss her.

I like her dark inspired world and the complex computer generated prints inspired by nature (rock, sea…).

Inspired by the ambivalent character of Idis, a divine female being in the germanic mythology, she improves her work this season. She made really beautiful little skirts.

I always thinks that Daniella must try to add some more tailored outfits now, i’m sure it can help her reach that dark-elegance which she told me about.

She’s actually selling in Muuda (Portugal) and through

Meet Daniela Barros, Fors and Heureka

Idis, Fall 2012, photo Ricardo Gomez

Daniela Barros is here

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