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Stronghold 3 1.3.24532, Sword of the Stars 2, Wars in America (BoA 2) 1.09a, Revolution Under Siege 1.04

Publié le 15 novembre 2011 par Cyberstratege

Pluie de patchs, guide du débutant et DLC gratis jusqu’au 30/11 pour SotS 2, encore une mise à jour pour Stronghold 3, et un manuel en français pour Revolution Under Siege.

Stronghold 3 1.3.24532

Added a possible fix for the ‘failed to initialise’ bug.

Fixed issue with units starting in a T-Pose when a map loads.

Fixed issues with troops walking through walls.

Fixed issue with man-at-arms being able to throw their spear through walls when directly ordered to attack someone behind the wall.

Fixed issue with ranged units twitching while attempting to target a unit that is out of line of sight.

Fixed issue with ranged units trying to melee targets that are initially out of line of sight instead of shooting them.

Fixed issue with ranged units not attacking enemies in range after losing their target due to him walking out of range.

Fixed various issues with walls (placing towers at tight angles).

Added “snap” wall placement. Hold down CTRL when adding a new section to an existing wall to either extend the wall straight or perpendicular to the existing wall.

Fixed issue with not being able to turn off all Chandler Workshops.

Fixed issue with engineers starting in a T-Pose when their equipment is first placed.

Fixed issue with peasant models sometimes appearing on top of iron/stone/farms and sometimes being attached to all of your troops.

Fixed issue that would cause trebuchets to break if interrupted while they pack/unpack.

Fixed issue with team colors where some appeared to be on the neutral team (white) after load.

Fixed issue with shadows showing open buildings rather than solid closed buildings.

Villagers will now visit the Inn from time to time.

Camera should no longer go below sea level.

The trebuchet has been re-added to A Glimmer of Hope (Military Campaign: Mission 11). Save games made before the patch will not feature the trebuchet.

Fixed Map Editor crash on exit.

Fixed issue with waterfalls duplicating themselves in the map editor after saving and reloading. Any user created maps with waterfalls will need to be re-saved in the map editor.

Fixed the hotkey shortcuts to select the player’s Lord (L) and to cycle the camera to enemy lords (SHIFT+L) to accurately find units belonging to the correct players. (Also applies to other camera/selection hotkeys).

Fixed Russian, Polish, and Czech text being cut off on some buttons.

The Windows setting for left-handed mice (left & right mouse buttons swapped) is now used in-game.

Please be aware save games made before patch 1.2.24396 that contain fire will crash when loaded.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter 11/11/2011

Paradox offre jusqu’au 30 novembre les trois DLC de Sword of the Stars 2. Voir cette annonce sur le forum officiel.

A noter aussi un guide du débutant vient d’être mis en ligne, toujours du coté du forum chez Paradox.

Known Issues
- Drones cannot be designed.

- Many additions to the Defense Manager, which has now been renamed to Battle Manager.
- Fixed a crash with weapons doing half a population damage.
- Fixed a crash with the locust updating its turn.
- Fixed crash in Starmap that could occur when changing between maps in game setup quickly.
- Fixed a crash during saving if using unique extended characters as part of your profile name.
- Fixed a crash associated with the admiral trait True Grit.
- Interaction with COL weapons temporarily disabled while fixing crash in Design Screen.
- Added stance control for ships in formation in combat.
- Re-implemented trade layer.
- Bankruptcy system now in effect.
- Biome-colonizers now active.
- Increased sensor ranges.
- Improved Leviathan class death sequences.

- Fixed a bug where station upkeep was not being deducted from savings.
- Fixed a bug where prototype costs were not being applied to savings.
- Fixed some issues with misnamed event images.
- Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping fleets could in some cases duplicate them.
- The game will now only keep the most recent set of log files. Old copies will be automatically deleted.
- Improvements and a handful of fixes made to the meteor shower random encounter.
- Fixed an issue that allowed trade points to be reused in a trade round.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of planet/system data for the budget.
- Made some optimizations to the gathering of data for players with combat assets.
- Fixed an issue where weapons and modules could display with incorrect materials.
- Swapped battlerider reserve and wing/squad slots to make use clearer.
- Added tooltips to rider squad/wing/reserve buttons.
- Added trade view overlay elements to star map drawing, first pass.
- Combat entrance transition now active.
- Added improved visual cues when dropping into and out of accelerated time in combat.
- Fixed a variety of issues with battle rider behavior in combat.
- Fixed incorrect asteroid monitor locations in combat.
- Fixed broken images in the encyclopedia.
- Tweaked stats of engine sections.
- Removed items in the Starmap Lobby will no longer remain selected.
- Fixed an issue where double the number of riders were being loaded into combat.
- Fixed an issue where riders would detonate instead of returning to tender.
- Fixed an issue where mounted riders could prevent ships from rotating.
- Tweaks to many ship sections, stations, weapons and related art.

- New politics section added to encyclopedia.
- Added new star maps: Wave (3) and Big Disc (cool
- Added player details to the server browser.
- Added trade view filter to the star map.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter 08/11/2011

- Fixed a crash that would occur when transitioning from the Starmap to the Main Menu screen.
- Reduced time it takes to transition from sub-screens to the Starmap.
- Fixed an error with AI ship names.
- System Killer will no longer spawn so close to a planet.
- Camera will no longer focus on the sun when placing a station.
- Colonization dialog will now display appropriate text.
- Autosaving will no longer append “(Autosave)” if it already exists.
- Corrected an issue with trade stations not generating income.
- Random encounter spawn rate will now respect the percentage set by the player.
- PD Lasers will no longer incorrectly target enemy ships.

- Enemy ships within sensor range but not visible will now be represented as a red diamond.
- Missiles will now appear in sensor view.
- Improved System Killer AI.
- Some AI processing speed optimization.

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter 05/11/2011

- Added more variety to the default weapon loadouts of starting fleets.
- Issue where sound would cut out (particularly in combat) is now resolved.
- Fixed issue where ships would avoid far too high or too low while in combat.
- Resolved an issue where players could enter combat without a fleet even if a fleet is available.
- Fixed a bug that misrepresented the winner of a combat.

Birth of America 2: Wars in America 1.09a

November 9, 2011
================================================== ================================================== ===
===> Adds the file GameRules.opt that was ommitted from 1.09

BOA2 : Wars in America patch 1.09
November 2, 2011

= Fixed rare CTD seen with structures being captured
= Canadian Militia (in French and Indian Wars) now upgrade to Light Infantry (used to upgrade to Troupes de Marine)
= Corrected terrain at Dorchester Heights and Worcester (thank you simovich)
= Introduced “Turn 0” options to 1775 and 1776 Campaign.
= Added Models and Units and Graphics for future King Phillip’s War Scenario
= All Dragoons, Rangers, Partisans, Mountaineers, Backwoods Riflemen, Couriers and Indians now have the *NoCapture* Attribute, and thus can only capture Ports, Depots and Native Villages by themselves.
= Depot build bug fixed. Depots can be “built up” with Supply or Transport Ships/Bateaux to the level defined in 2Depot.str
(where MaxLevel = 3)
= Pillagers (Model Attribute = *Pillage*) now properly raze Settlements and Stockades. These units will now display the Pillager Ability icon.
= Ships not getting replacements: bug fixed.
= “Tidied up” the Element Detail window
= Weather “Coastal” bug fixed {Thank you, berto}
= Weather adjustments made in some areas. Generally reduced severe weather in Southern Areas.
= Weather in Regions now described as either Clear, Rain, Cold, Frozen or Very Cold
(old descriptions carried connotations that it was a 30 day Blizzard!)
= Game Engine updated to latest AGE
= New AI parameter: aiCTM_ThreatValInFow in AI.opt to help regulate AI agressivness
= New parameters in settings to regulate Automatic Experience gain: “Excessive Experience Bug” fixed.
= Ammo non-consumption bug fixed.
= “Scrambled” Battle Reports bug fixed.
= There is now a stack (group) name memory. Basically when the scenario setup is created the current name is also stored. This has been done (and is very often useful) so that the name of a stack doesn’t change as soon as you move a unit out of it, or the reverse. A stack will assume a new name by merging the stack into another unit or stack.
= An insidious bug with the “NotEnemy” script parameter is fixed. (This was part of the issue with the “Hortelez Supply” arriving in Enemy Ports.)
= Cavalry won’t switch posture when crossing a river, even if 100% hostile MC on other side
= Bug Fixed where sometimes a replacement was used from a wrong faction tag to replace an element in an unit

Script (event, scenario start) changes
= 75/76 Campaigns: Revised logic for various unit and group arrivals to prevent arrival in an enemy-occupied region (Continental Marines, Hortelez, etc etc)
= 75 Campaign: Continental Marines arrive unfixed now
= 59 Annus Mirablis COL variant: minor adjustment to event dates for Canada Reinforcements so they appear in the short scenario as they do in Campaign.
= Added 1689 King William’s War Scenario (Thank you Hobbes) {Text is in English only – translations needed}
= Added 1763 Pontiac’s War Scenario (Thank you Hobbes) {Text is in English only – translations needed}
= Added more Leader Biographies, which can be viewed by hovering the mouse pointer over the large portait in the Element popup display window (thank you Stephane Parrin, Stewart King, Paul Roberts) {More translations needed}

En téléchargement dans le forum officiel.

Revolution Under Siege 1.04

October 24th, 2011
The patch is a comprehensive patch, meaning it can be applied directly over your initial game installation setup version.

download again if you DL before this date.

Gameplay :
- Siberian and Southern Whites now can directly build brigade size formations (4 or 5 regiments each)
- Siberian whites can now build field hospitals, signal units and tachankas.
- Reds will now evacuate Minsk region before the Polish attack.
- Can now upgrade depots
- AI improved (more offensive if affordable)
- Ammo bug cleared
-Change Prisonner bug fixed
- You can now create divisions only if the division commander is of the same nationality or have a correct double nationality ability, compared to his troops.

Bugs :
- The Brusilov Event text is now working in the Poland campaign
- Depot and forts construction bugs is now corrected
- Lenin, Anarchists and French-Greek abilities are now working

Game Balance :
- Trotsky should die less often

Manual :
- French manual is now available here :

Graphics :
Jack and One Armed Mexican new portraits are in… finally (sorry for the delay)

En téléchargement chez AGEOD.

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