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Battle Academy 1.7, Empire in Arms 1.08.07, Field of Glory 1.7.1, Sword of the Stars II 17/01/2012, Solium Infernum 1.08b

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Battle Academy 1.7

The update includes a sizeable list of minor bug fixes and some other optimizations plus a bunch of unit balance changes.

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Empires in Arms 1.08.07

The update includes many bug fixes, several improvements to the PBEM system, and a few other enhancements.

Beta changelog

Version 1.08.07

Found more scenarios that could create major conquered by minor situations and repaired these.

Version 1.08.06 (07/26/11)

Rules Deviation

Conquest of minor country violating written rule 10.7 resolved.
Phasing corps can not bypass garrisoned depots resolved.
Blockade box wind gauge bug resolved.

Game Bug

Fleet must be evacuated, but not enough movement points resolved.
Fleets disappearing and moving to reinforcement pool when entering allied port resolved.
GB forced to auto DOW on Spain when French ships loaned to Spain (at cost of 4 pp) resolved.
Naval battle results not appearing in game log resolved.
Naval evac battles involving land leaders resolved.
Garrisons rolling for supply when they should not resolved.
Loan a fleet to get rid of a blockade resolved.
Naval evac battles applying losses incorrectly or not at all resolved.
Defeated fleet in a naval evac taking land forces with it resolved.
Initiating naval battle creates unable to find naval map image error message resolved.
Two Naval Evac bugs: rolling for windgauge, and evac delayed resolved.
Naval fleets being unable to blockade and disappearing upon interception resolved.
GB not forced to DOW on Spanish ships carrying French troops when attacking resolved.
Blockading fleets ignoring loaned fleets resolved.
Combat bonuses in combat are not same in combat screen and game log, resolved.
Hanover not receiving any manpower resolved.
Diplomatic Messages from Previous Turns being replayed resolved.
Intercept order results in fighting both moving and stationary fleets resolved.

PBEM Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Unable to complete diplomacy phase when Spain is played by AI in PBEM game resolved.
PBEM Editor not saving the game in the same phase resolved.
Some land Combat results not reflected in land combat save file resolved.
In game host editor does not save changes to militia and cavalry resolved.
Insane number of pop up messages at start of PBEM reinforcement phase resolved.
Host unable to skip diplomacy or allow AI to play diplomacy resolved.
PBEM Battle File Exchange resolved.

Voir aussi éventuellement Beta 1.08.05 changes. En téléchargement chez Matrix.

Field of Glory 1.7.1

The update adds the Quick Battle System and updates the D.A.G. as well as a few rule tweaks and fixes. The update comes with a long list of fixes, changes, and improvements. The most notable among the additions is the inclusion of a new Starter Army/Quick Play battle system so players can now get a pre-built army for all army packs they own and jump straight into a battle.

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Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter 17/01/2012

- Added better battlerider behaviours
- Added drone healing and autolaunching
- Added patrol positions in combat
- Added a fleet widget tooltip to show ship information from any fleet listing.
- Added gravity mines and tar pit functionality

Major Bugs
- Fixed a crash involcing salvage projects that occured after combat with a zuul player
- Fixed a hang with the zuul intercept missions
- Fixed a number of incorrect ship section and module stats
- Added ship options to a number of ships
- Fixed a crash caused by the Von Neumanns in combat
- Fixed a crash caused by critical hit repairs
- Fixed a crash caused by dead AI admirals trying to repurpose fleets.
- Fixed an issue with reserve fleets causing false combat for a turn.

Minor Bugs
- Fixed the critical hit for shield generator to function correctly.
- Changed the default ship construction on planets back to zero
- Fixed a framerate issue with overlapping ships in combat
- Fixed a framerate issue with gate ships in intercept combat
- Fixed the weapon panel to no longer show destroyed weapons
- Added a primary weapon to ships to determine closing distance for pursuit
- Fixed planet missiles from attacking themselves when spectres are attacking the planet
- Fixed the battle rider button to only enable if the carrier is able to launch
- Fixed being able to select things other then the design ship in the design screen
- Moved station spawns closer to planets
- Fixed a bug in the tech tree that allowed the camera to focus on nothing
- Removed unneeded sliders and ship designs related to trade when FTL economics are not researched
- Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect tech state for feasible techs
- Fixed gate ships getting incorrect spawn positions in combat
- Fixed mesh particles from always spawning at their effect position
- Fixed a label in the fleet widget from overlapping it’s list
- Fixed the starmap so that it focused on your home system if a certain option was checked
- Fixed disabled states on sliders so that they are more obviously disabled.
- Made the combat preview focus on the system the combat is taking place in
- Added art for admiral promotion events
- Fixed VN disintigrator beam range
- Fixed the defaults shields from not showing up in the design screen
- Fixed mining station costs
- Fixed a missing icon for adaptive buttresses
- Fixed some turret arcs on the torpedo mission sections
- Removed an extra quote from a localized string
- Fixed the cost of human large habitation modules
- Increased supply and track speed of guass PD
- Increased track speed of Phaser PD
- Increased track speed an muzzle speed of laser PD
- Added disabled state to controls of a colony when it is not owned by a player, but still visible to them
- Fixed a number of incorrect turret arcs

Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter 09/01/2012

Critical Fixes:
+ Fixed the known issues where ships would not respond to controls.
+ Fixed a design screen boarding pod-related crash.
+ Fixed an AI crash that could occur when issuing orders to fleets.
+ Fixed a crash related to Hiver AI trying to set Gate missions.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur when entering combat with police cutters.
+ Fixed the rare crash that could occur when previewing maps when creating a game.
+ Fixed the crash that could occur when combat salvage generated a special project.
+ Fixed a game lockup that could occur when entering combat at a system with no orbiting bodies.

Other Fixes:
+ Fixed known issues where planet missiles and boarding pods were missing certain ship sections.
+ Fixed the issue where only one module of the same type would show up in the design screen.
+ Fixed some known Battleship rider issues with Leviathan class carriers.
+ Fixed Hiver, Human, and Liir boarding pod speeds.
+ Fixed Drone configuration issues with the Horde Drone Satellite.
+ Fixed incorrect display of armor in the design screen.
+ Fixed a couple issues causing different combat results at different time scales.
+ Fixed the launch pattern of planet missiles, which should lead to planet defenses being more effective.
+ Fixed the issue where feasibility could be displayed as 0%.
+ Fixed Meson Beam Length and the issue where its impact effects were not positioned correctly.
+ Fixed some issues where ships could fly over planets in combat.
+ Fixed the missing sound cue for relocate missions.
+ Fixed duplicate speech events for research breakthroughs.
+ Fixed an issue where the empire summary was counting fleets incorrectly.

Other Changes:
+ Various weapon and section tweaks.
+ Sensor information is now shared by players in teams (allied for example) in combat.

Known Issues:
- Overlapping start points can occur at star systems with no orbiting bodies.

Solium Infernum Rectification 1.08b

Important Fixes:

Overhaul of the event timing system so that some events that were being shortchanged a turn got their full length of duration.

Fixed rare AI bugs dealing with special goals for Assertion of Weakness defense

Fixed AI bug where strategy pool for determining AI actions was not weighting all the “Bully Neighbor” goals appropriately

Fixed bug that sometimes prevented artifacts scavenged from the battlefield from appearing in players vault

Fixed problem with final prestige totals not being displayed above players at the end of the game

En cas de problème avec Windows 7, voir ce billet. En téléchargement sur Forgotten lore.

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