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Rift : Storm Legion, les plans de Crucia dévoilés

Publié le 31 juillet 2012 par Gameinvaders

Trion Worlds viens de révéler les trois éléments qui nourriront la nouvelle légende de Rift qui accompagnera l’extension Storm Legion.

Découvrez les artworks et la nouvelle légende sans plus attendre ! Un bel avant-goût pour une sortie prévue plus tard cette année !

Les trois éléments de la nouvelle légende (anglais)

RIFT-Crucia Lore

Death himself is afraid

Rift : Storm Legion, les plans de Crucia dévoilés


Regulos the Destroyer, the Devourer of Worlds, and dragon god of the Plane of Death … is afraid. He fears Crucia’s Storm Legion, whose power and numbers swell with ancient and powerful magitech. He recoils from her mind, her ability to invade, persuade, and compel. He obsesses over the rumors of her discovery.

What match are his pale warriors for her disciplined Legion? How can shades and corpses withstand her sea of mechanical aberrations? How might he murder her in her prison before she escapes to a distant continent shrouded in storms that do her bidding, protected by an army set to cross the planes?

All according to plan

Though Crucia lies bound beneath Iron Pine Peak, her icy tomb – cracked with the sundering of the Ward – cannot contain her powers over mind and thought. She converses with emissaries and ambassadors through the voices of her captors. From Watchman to magister to courtesan to king, she reaches into the affairs of the Ascended, using Guardians and Defiant as cogs to hasten her release.

Regulos knows her machinations are accelerating: First, she unmade the Blood Storm, turning Maelforge against his own just when victory over Telara seemed assured. Next, she inspired the escapes of her trapped brethren so that they might stand – and be slain – in turn. Now, she sets into motion a plan to remake the fabric of the planes and loose her armies on all who oppose her dominion.

The Storm is nigh

Crucia’s puppets spread rumors of what lies ahead. They describe how winged, metal beasts will cut through the Ascended as the Dragon of Air makes her escape, how titanic colossi will incinerate those who oppose her flight.

They shout that time runs thin, and that only one path remains. All should embrace her call, and heed her summons to the Gate …

Storm Legion Lore – The Infinity Gate

A tragic ruin

Amid the Steppes of Infinity there stands a massive ruin gazing up toward Crucia’s storm-tossed sky. Floating impossibly above this structure is an intricate construct of interlocking lenses and disks, their surfaces covered with bas reliefs.

If scholars were to brave the Storm Legion forces patrolling the Steppes, they would say the ruin is capable of opening portals to other dimensions – portals large enough to send armies marching through. This is the Infinity Gate, and sending an army through is just what Crucia has in mind.

The price of pride

In the height of their empire, the people of Brevane undertook grand construction projects called the God Engines. The most expensive and controversial of these was the Infinity Gate, through which the empire might explore and colonize the planes at its leisure.

When work had finished, folk gathered from across Brevane to watch the gate’s activation. Raw energy arced between its floating lenses, dragging them into alignment. A tunnel of light shot from the structure, tearing open a portal in the sky … and the Blood Storm emerged, hungry, from the other side.

The energy and materials that were used to build the Infinity Gate had drawn the dark gods to Telara, and the gateway itself had given them a shortcut right to the heart of civilization. The dragons ripped the gate asunder and killed thousands, then set out in conquest of other lands. Only Crucia saw the value in the Infinity Gate, bidding her Storm Legion to secure the Steppes of Infinity.

The war for infinity

Ever since, the Legion has worked to restore the Infinity Gate, bending the mysterious Architects into service of their cause. Crucia’s release is imminent, and repairs are nearly complete. All that remains is to recover the

Rift : Storm Legion, les plans de Crucia dévoilés

Créature de la Storm Legion

Nexus Key and use it to align the hexagonal constructs. With the gate open, Crucia will call her remaining forces from across the universe and crush Telara, then lead the Storm Legion in conquest of all the Planes.

Unfortunately for Crucia, Regulos – well aware of the gate’s power – sent his minions to besiege Dusken and retrieve the Nexus Key. Now, the Storm Legion is locked in battle with the Endless Court for control of both. The Ascended must secure the Infinity Gate and the Nexus Key if they hope to rid Telara of the dragons, or explore the planes themselves …

Storm Legion Lore – The Storm Legion

Cosmic beginnings

As Crucia conquered world after world to feed the Blood Storm, she filled her ranks with master tacticians and ruthless shock troops. In this manner, Crucia constructed an army from the best the planes had to offer – one powerful enough to control what she desired.

When the Blood Storm reached Telara, the other dragons warred over the powers of its sourcestone. But Crucia’s eye fell on the glorious continent of Brevane, where the people made marvels of metal and magic.

Conquest of Brevane

The Brevanic people fell before Crucia’s flights of Storm Drakes and White Dragon children, to say nothing of the numberless, faceless rank-and-file. Some of the Brevanes fled to what is now Mathosia; others sought shelter in the Eternal City, whose defenses were powerful enough to stay the Legion’s march.

Still, and utterly unknown to their Ascended foes, the Storm Legion has controlled over half of the continent ever since – spending ages in preparation for the battle to come.

Empyrean power

Harnessing advanced Empyrean technology, the Storm Legion has built machines even the Blood Storm feared: automaton soldiers and mechanical monsters like the legendary Volan, whose tread crushes cities, whose beam weapons burn armies to dust.

On Brevane they have waited, the mightiest force Telara has ever known. Entrenched, patient as a still sky before a storm, they watch for Crucia’s signal to let loose their augmented fury … and resume their march across the planes.

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