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Farewell Amelia Pond

Publié le 01 octobre 2012 par Bigreblog

Hello everyone!

Alors, aujourd’hui, j’avais envie de renouer avec une vieille tradition qui veut que quand on parle de quelque chose qu’on aime, on le fait dans une langue qui corresponde à ce thème.

Bon, j’vous fait pas une dissertation, cet article sera donc rédigé dans la langue de Willy-le-Magnifique, et on va y parler du dernier épisode en date de Dr Who.

Parce que je vous merde.

Spoiler alert!

The Angels take Manhattan, it’s after all the episode in which we all knew, we dear Whovians, that Amy and Rory would leave Dr Who as the Doc’s companions. Never would I have ever imagined what conclusion to their storyline the Moffster would write. Damn you!

The title given to the episode was a clue in its own way. The Angels, after all, are and will remain until the end of the series the creepiest monsters ever invented. Their unsatiated thirst for time-energy and their creepy way of moving has always been two of the many more reasons for me to hate them.

Farewell Amelia Pond

That moment when you know you’re fucked…

The fact that yes, they have indeed taken Manhattan, is even creepier.

One of the few good points of this episode is the return of my darling, Mrs Doctor, River Song herself. Being the first episode we see her again in since their wedding, the flirtatious way of the two around each other has changed into something more like longing, because of course the two lovers aren’t living together so to speak.

Farewell Amelia Pond

I just love the way these two interact when they are in the same ep. The Doc needs to feel intelligent and funny, while she does everything she can to prove him wrong. They so complete each other it’s sickening.

Now for the worst part. Rory being zapped twice was already something I sensed as weird. Never twice without thrice they say. So here it is. Rory, my dearest Rory, my last centurion, is zapped one last time, just in front of Amy, his Amy, the beloved wife and companion we’ve all learnt to love since her first appearance in the Eleventh Hour.

Farewell Amelia Pond

Of course she would follow him. Of course she would leave friend and grown-up child behind to follow her love.

Farewell Amelia Pond

I sensed it coming, it happened.

Steven Moffatt killed them.

After Rose, Astrid, Sarah and the Master, I had hoped this regular scene of cut-down farewells would have stopped. But it hasn’t.

Amelia Pond and Rory Williams are dead.

And Doctor Who disappears from our screens until January and the series fiftieth birthday. I do hope they’ll give room to little cameos from all the Docs still down on Earth. I miss Dave more than ever.

Yes, just because once again, this pathetic excuse for an alien loses his bestfriend. You read it. AGAIN.

If you read this, Steven, I hate you.

Or more like, I’ll hate you until January.

Still, I won’t vote for you on BAFTAs this year. You had it coming.

Farewell Amelia Pond

Farewell, Amelia Pond. I will miss you. Already do.

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