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Adinkra symbol: the crocrodiles

Publié le 02 octobre 2012 par Busuainn_ezilebay @BusuaInn_Ezile

Adinkra symbols of the Akan, whether Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, are considered. There have been some articles right here, such as  Aya,   Sankofa and Besaseka or even [3] Adinkrahene and Sram.

Today (funny) we honor crocodile symbols.

First of Siamese crocodiles (!) responding on behalf of:


Adinkra symbol: the crocrodiles or crocodiles that have two mouths filling one stomach ...  They are the symbol of unity in diversity, democracy and the interdependence. At the same time they share a stomach (these are Siamese, do not forget) and the same time fight and compete for food. 
This symbol is very popular, says wisely that infighting and tribalism is harmful to those who engage in it. 
The second is a funny crocro-like turtle ....


Adinkra symbol: the crocrodilescrocodile
It is the symbol of adaptability as you see, the crocodile lives in water but breathe air.
This represents an ability to adapt to the circumstances. 

Adinkra symbols are always ideographic...Aren't they?
Adinkra symbol: the crocrodiles

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